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  Webinars nabestellen
  Imedische astrologie in Schilde maandag 24 augustus laatste les
(Aanmeldingen: Jen, Ronnie, Luc, Jan, Lucrece, Anita, Lieve, Ingrid Ver., Peter, Helga, Emilia, Elly, Lieke)
  zondagmiddag 28 september, workshop electiehoroscoop (Lochem13.00-17.00 uur), zit vol.
  Schilde, zondag 7 september: Lezing/Workshop Saturnus transit cycli in de horoscoop. KLIK HIER
Schilde, zondag 12 oktober: Lezing/Workshop Gabriele van Daele over het pentagramaspect. KLIK HIER
  Amsterdam, vrijdagavond 7 november 19.30-22.00 uur, lezing Alan Oken. KLIK HIER
Hilversum, zaterdagmiddag 8 november: WVA -experimentele workshop Joyce Hoen: Saturnus cycli  KLIK HIER en dan op de knop bijeenkomsten
  IN YOUR OWN HOME Nov 14-16 2014: Breaking Down the Conference, international, English language- Webinar Conference. I will be speaking Nov 15, 1700 pm MET on ADHD & the role of Chiron:
"ADHD is rampant ever since Chiron was discovered. What does Chiron have to do with ADHD? And why are non-ADHD youngsters taking Ritalin to get high? And why are there statistically less ADHD persons in France where medical doctors do not use the DSM/IV (Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental disorders).
In this session we will explore not only the role and function of Chiron in ADHD cases, but also the relationship with the charts of the mothers of ADHD - we will give the "astrological symptoms" in charts of ADHD-diagnosed persons and maybe some alternatives to look at this entire problem, which is not only a matter of non-concentration."

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