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  In het seizoen 2013-2014 vinden er
twee cursussen medische astrologie

*voor het pdf- programma in Schilde klik hier. (Aanmeldingen: Jen, Ronnie, Luc, Jan, Lucrece, Anita, Lieve, Ingrid Ver., Peter, Helga, Emilia, Elly, Lieke)
*voor het pdf -programma in Doorwerth klik hier (Aanmeldingen: Helma, Suze, Mirjam, Gea, Eeke, Yvonne, Lia, Louise, Marjan, Iris, Marga,wachtlijst Els)

  VAK vergaderingen:  future: zaterdag 24 mei 2014
Schilde, België, zondagmiddag 30 maart 2014: LUSTRUMVIERING Klik hier
vak lustrum 30-3-2014
  Zaterdagavond 3 mei: webinar Jupiter transit cycli
  Bladel- zaterdag 17 en zondag 18 mei 2014, De Tipmast 48A; organisatie Aquarius klik hier, weekend The Transit Experience
za 11.30-13:00 : de transit indeling in de horoscoop, transits van Neptunus en Pluto
za 14:00-16:00 : Saturnuscirkel
za 20:00-22:00 : Mercuriustransits en Venus of Mars ervaringen

zo 10:15-11.45 : Uranus transitcirkel
zo 12.15-13.30 : Pluto transits & het wereldtoneel.

PDF flyer van dit weekend: klik hier


  EMSLAND- maandag 20-vrijdag 24 oktober 2014: STENENMIDWEEK & ASTROLOGIE (Hunebedden & planeetknopen). Klik hier (Bij deelnamebelangstelling email chta at astrologie.ws)

  IN YOUR OWN HOME Nov 14-16 2014: Breaking Down the Conference, international, English language- Webinar Conference. I will be speaking Nov 15, 1700 pm MET on ADHD & the role of Chiron:
"ADHD is rampant ever since Chiron was discovered. What does Chiron have to do with ADHD? And why are non-ADHD youngsters taking Ritalin to get high? And why are there statistically less ADHD persons in France where medical doctors do not use the DSM/IV (Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental disorders).
In this session we will explore not only the role and function of Chiron in ADHD cases, but also the relationship with the charts of the mothers of ADHD - we will give the "astrological symptoms" in charts of ADHD-diagnosed persons and maybe some alternatives to look at this entire problem, which is not only a matter of non-concentration."

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