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The US-Elections 2016


Recently I looked for the first time at several charts involving the US-elections November 8th and what I saw or thought I saw was rather worrying, I must say.
First, the chart of the USA itself, with 13.02 Sagittarius rising. On the day of the election Saturn transit is on 15+ Sagittarius and thus entered the first house after a long period of it being in the 12th: making the USofA unable (as if they were being held hostage) in dealing with matters at hand. And where they did deal with things it was totally inadequate. Where human beings tend to become more spiritual and self-sacrificing with Saturn transit in the 12th, the USofA resorted to another 12th house expression: a hell of a lot of lying / cheating to the public if you ask me. So, november 8th with Saturn in the first, one thing can be said: there finally will become more clarity on the course to take in the future. And an entire period of focussing on the entire world outside of them comes (or should come) to an end, as Saturn transit below the horizon is about dealing with internal affairs, no longer external.

To look at elections I primarily use the charts of the parties, not of the persons; in the past this has served me extremely well. Of course, for the USofA there is astrologically a simple choice then, either the Republicans or the Democrats with 50% chance that the outcome is correct. This year however, both of those parties winning is such a horrible idea that, not hindered by too much political knowledge, I started to look at a third option, ANY third option:-) There are two other candidates, one is of the Green party which unfortunately according to the internet stands no chance whatsoever with only 1,5-2% of the votes in the polls. Another party is that of the Libertarians, never heard of them before and I don't have their birthhour but this is the  noon chart

Together with the charts of the parties I look at the horary chart of the closing of the polls November 8th, with Washington DC as place and 23.00 hours (11 pm) EST (according to the internet) as time. It is possible that at that time one can still vote like someplace in Hawaii or something but at 23.00 pm EST apparently California and the West Coast have voted, so I will take that hour

Immediately after the Elections Mars will enter Aquarius, which can bring some unrest, or change. The outcome of the elections itself (chart below) shows the Piscean South Node conjunct the Moon exactly on the 8th house Koch-cusp, which probably means disappointment all over the place. One could almost say that the idea is to stop misleading others and (Northnode/ ruled by Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th) start to transform things in one's own house.

If we compare this chart to the one of the Libertarian Party (see part 2) there is a Pluto transit conjunct Venus coming up with them as well as Saturn t in the 10th conjunct Jupiter (great for managerial things). It could mean that the Libertarians get far more votes than expected with voters at a loss who to vote for, but over all the chart shows too little strength to win the election.

Obama won the elections with the start of the creditcrunch and was president for the entire period that Pluto passed through the first half of Capricorn. Now Pluto is starting the second half and at the end, when Pluto hits the 27th degree of Capricorn, America will have its Pluto return, indicating a totally new cycle of (economic) power (with Pluto in its 2nd house).

Currently there are ideas on FB that Hillary Clinton is born at quite another birthtime than most people used for some time. These new ideas are however not convincing (to me). What is convincing is the birthchart as per below, where Saturn in Leo in the 9th is the dominant planet squaring her Scorpio ascendant. It tends to give the idea of another "Iron Lady". (Margaret Thatcher had a similar situation in her chart).

Hillary's Mars/Pluto conjunction is exactly conjunct the 9th house cusp of the chart of the USofA indicating her involvement in US-politics. Her Mercury/Ascendant is exactly conjunct the 12th house cusp of the USofA, indicative of her secret emails which came out, as well as her involvement with the US healthsystem as well as her link to Monsanto. If she were to become President, she would truly be a 12th house president. Here is a shocking video that ties in with this placement:


Barack Obama has Saturn on the 25th degree of Capricorn in his chart, which is quite close to the Pluto of the USofA (27 degrees). It indicates the difficult times he had coping with the creditcrunch. Furthermore he has Venus conjunct the US-Venus giving hem some popularity but unfortunately he has Mars at 22 Virgo which is exaclt conjunct the Neptune of the USofA, and this indicated that he was maybe idealistic but also incapacitated of doing anything being put on the sideline by other political influences.
Pluto is currently nearing his 12th house cusp (18 degrees of Capricorn). (Barack Obama: August 4,1961, Honolulu, HI, 19.24
pm AHST, asc 18.03 Aquarius)


What could we expect if Mr. Macho himself were to win the Elections? In his own chart the progressed Moon conjuncts Saturn on Election day and winning would not make sense with this aspect. As far as transits are concerned, there is not much going on, with sooner an emphasis on the 4th (staying at home) than on the 10th house (being visible in the public). But if he were to become President, what would that mean for America? His Sun is almost conjunct Mars-in-Gemini in the chart of the USofA, (and his Moon opposite it) , thus creating heated debates all over the place. This already occurred, still occurs, and would continue to occur if he were to become President. And his Venus-Saturn conjunction is conjunct Mercury in the chart of the USofA. Thus it looks all in all America is doing more for him than he does for America. Based on his own chart, I give him little chance on Election day. However, as I mentioned before, I tend to only look at the charts of the parties for the outcome of the Elections.


If we compare the chart of the Democratic Party  with the transits of the day of the Elections, (see closing of the polls chart below), there are very few exact transits; some are within orb: Saturn, ruling the 5th (the leadership), square Mars (ruler of the 9th: vision) Besides, Saturn transit is in the 4th house meaning that the job at hand for the Democrats lies in their own house, to create a new foundation for the future.
They were "born" with a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Libra (very democratic in the sense of opportunistic) opposite Saturn in Aries on the 9th house cusp: and Uranus transit is opposite Jupiter, which points to a change of vision in this timeframe.
If the ascendant of the chart of the closing of the polls would be correct, it is right on top of Uranus (within orb) in the chart of the Democrats, and Uranus rules its 7th house: the voters. They may be in for a surprise then November 8th in the late evening. There is one exact transit: Mercury, exact on the 4th house cusp, (and conjunct the Sun/Mercury of Hillary). All in all there is very little reason for festivities to be found in the chart of the Democratics


The Republicans have Saturn transit in the 3rd square Neptune in the 6th, but natally that same Saturn trines the Sun in the 10th. This can mean two things: or it will work out, or their expectation and hope, with this natal trine, falls apart because of this Saturn transit. On top of that there is a "double whammy", because Neptune itself (conjunct the South Node of the Moon) squares Saturn in the 9th. Add to that the not too fortunate aspects of Donals Trump November 8th, one would think that the Republicans won't win the elections either. HOWEVER, if the ascendant of the chart of the Republicans is anywhere near correct, they have Jupiter transit conjunct it on Election Day and of all the charts looked at so far, this is the strongest indication. It indicates winning the Elections....



Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, October 2016