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Are you a consulting astrologer, working in the helping professions or a student becoming a counselling astrologer? Maybe you can recognize yourself in the short descriptions below:-)

Libra Rising or Mars in the 7th house:

Your power: stimulating others.
Your pitfall: taking too many decisions for others (who consequently can be too Libran and then not make decisions for themselves).

 Taurus Rising- Scorpio on the Descendant or Pluto in the 7th house:

Your power: providing stability to clients who go through emotional upheavals.
Your pitfall: get too locked in on yourself as a defense mechanism towards clients who wish to go deeper and deeper or who dominate the conversation.

Gemini rising - Sagittarius on the Descendant or Mercurius in the 1st or Jupiter in the 7th:

Your power: ability to listen
Your pitfall: too airy about things, too verbal from fear that the other knows everything already and you don't know anything.

Cancer rising - Capricorn on the Descendant, or Moon conjunt the Ascendant, or Saturn in the 7th:

Your power: truly serious and indepth consultations.
Your pitfall: to mother over the other and create dependency (from own insecurity in consultations)

Leo Rising - Aquarius on the Descendant or Sun near the Ascendant:

Your power: to radiate vitality and living force towards the other who may be too much "in the head"
Your pitfall: self-importance, talking too much of yourself.

Virgo Rising - Pisces on the Descendant or Neptune in the 7th:

Your power: to offer practical solutions to people in distress
Your pitfall: to affirm people in their role of being a victim (and to constantly attract victims)

Libra on the Ascendant or Descendant or Mars in the 7th house:

Your power: to help people in their relationships (i.e. harmonization with surroundings)
Your pitfall: not being aware that you project Aries onto the other who may consequently start to fight with you.

Scorpio rising - Taurus on the Descendant, or Pluto rising:

Your power: to offer the other a sense of stability (i.e. projecting Taurus), thereby attracting people in emotional distress easily who trust you.
Your pitfall: to continuously wish to transform others, i.e. also those who never asked for it.

Sagittarius Rising- Gemini on the Descendant, or Jupiter in the first house:

Your power: to provide insight.
Your pitfall: not listening and already having all the answers. Or teaching rather than being in a consultation.

Capricorn rising- Cancer on the Descendant, or Saturn in the 1st, or Moon in the 7th:

Your power: knowing what you are talking about and being sensitive in a conversation.
Your pitfall: being too much the authority and making the other feel vulnerable (and dependent getting dependent people on your path)

Aquarius rising - Leo on the Descendant, or Uranus in the 7th or 8th:

Your power: to offer a wider perspective, the power to decondition others from negative patterns.
Your pitfall: shocking others with too many new ideas, liking surprise techniques too much.

Pisces rising- Virgo on the Descendant or Neptune conjunct the Ascendant.

Your power: endless compassion and empathy
Your pitfall: not being clear so that the other starts criticizing (or you may be evasive for fear of criticism from the other)

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007:  this is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced without permission. In Dutch it has been published in "Astro-Time".

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