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-by Joyce Hoen-
(This text was written somewhere in 1991-1992 prior to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1993)


I remember well the day that Saturn conjoined Uranus, back in '88, and I can still hear myself saying to a friend how this particular transit was not going to effect MY chart. And with that I meant my life and my person, not just my chart. I was sound asleep still. Because in the summer of the Saturn/Uranus conjunction I had a vision, and woke up, prior to the conference of Astrokring's "Visions and Realities" which was meant to celebrate the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in 1989.

It is my intention to partially share the impact of this vision. In fact, this article was part of the vision as a symbol of astrological unity in diversity, be it that in the vision the form was somewhat different, which is the way it goes with visions.

Symbolically, the Astro-Kring Conferences which were held in the Netherlands ever since 1986, have portrayed the evolution of astrology as a whole, so I will not only turn back to 1988, but to 1986 even, where it all started. Though, in fact, where it all started could be the 70'ies, and even before that. Because in the 70'ies a Voyager got launched into the heavens to explore a few planets, which were lining up nicely in the years to come, and in the early 80'ies the Voyager first went to Jupiter. And I think that Astrology as a whole, grew, and grew, in those times. Uranus was conjuncting Jupiter anyway, and so was the Voyager.

Then, as the Voyager went to Saturn astrology turned "scientific" for a little while.

But after Saturn the Voyager flew on to Uranus, the planet signifying astrology to a large extent. And something happened. There was a challenging disaster in space at the time that the Voyager neared Uranus, in January 1986, and all of a sudden awareness rose, that Techniques could not always be relied upon. This was so for the Challenger, exploding in space, with people aboard. This was so for astrology, as this first Astrokring conference, which was held a few days just before the Voyager conjuncted Uranus, was much like a disaster as well, reported as such even about in the newspapers. It was a disaster because for the most part, we, as astrologers, were fighting each other, fighting each other with techniques and techniques. And something happened. We could look at ourselves that day, and see where all our techniques had gotten us. Hatred and jealousy. Gloom and Depression. Death in the Challenger. Explosions. What had happened?

What, for Christ' sake had happened to this Sacred Art of Astrology? Meant to be a pathway to Starry Visions and Cosmic Consciousness?

We all went our own individual ways after 1986, returned back to ourselves, did not meet but the death and the dying and an astrological literary inheritance, and then, 1988 happened.

It is not entirely truthful to say that I had a vision in 1988. In fact, I had the vision in January 1971. But it was not until 1988 that I understood the vision, for: I had become the vision in 1988, that same vision that I had seen in 1971, and a painting still witnesses the vision of Those Days, at the end of the 'sixties' and the beginning of the Seventies: the painting portrays a lot of planets lined up to meet Earth. The lightning of Uranus was thundering over this little planet, and underneath it are people who by their united love were able to protect the planet and not be struck to be finished. It is so odd that in the Netherlands the AIDS-funding tries to impress us by: "where do we go to if this world has to be frightened to die of Love?"
In this one little sentence, meant as a commercial, the secret of the cause and maybe the healing of AIDS can be found, and this is part of the vision, it is part of this pattern of the Astrokring conferences, it is part of the symbolism for Astrology as a whole.

In the summer of 1988 I all of a sudden understood the Uranus/Saturn conjunction as the most important starting point of a whole new era, a starting point for 2 other conjunctions: the Saturn/Neptune one and the Neptune/Uranus one. It became almost eerie, as in February I had not even realized that the Saturn/Uranus conjunction was important, and in the summer I was struck by the lightning importance of these three conjunctions together, and how this world was to be changed. For once. And for all. So, where in February I hadn't even understood the Saturn/Uranus conjunction, by the summer I had started to understand the meaning of even the Neptune/Uranus conjunction. And it all became so clear, so clear as glass, that I could hardly understand why my colleague-astrologers could not see it. And then I heard a taped lecture by Dane Rudhyar. Which he gave in the 70'ies. To me near unbelief I listened to his insights on exactly these three conjunctions, and my awe for this great visionary grew to quite some proportion. Where my living colleagues were not able to be very enlightened about these times, give or take a few exceptions, Dane Rudhyar, already in the 70'ies had understood these times. He didn't even have to live in these times to understand them.

As to the meaning of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction: naturally and at least to some extent all that we astrologers seem to do is speculate about it. We will come with a whole diversity of meanings and there are many different angles from which to approach this conjunction. But what does it really mean? This conjunction? We can approach the subject from the various varieties of meanings and slowly but surely crawl up to one gigantic holistic meaning (if that is possible when we work in this direction), but we can also start with the universal meaning and then see the various aspects all belonging to this universal whole. Besides, what Uranus/Neptune is going to mean exactly is hardly the point: if we work in that way, it is astrologer's speculation, much the way that astrologers usually work. The point actually is not what Uranus/Neptune is going to mean, but what it is SUPPOSED to mean.

Of course, each individual gives his/her own meaning to life and to the astrologer's conjunctions. And so will this article, no doubt. In 1986 Astrokring called her congress "Unity in Diversity" and now the key is "Freedom in Unity". Perhaps 1986, with the Challenger disaster, showed us that in the Western World there was so much Diversity, that Unity was needed, and in the years thereafter, we saw that the diversity in the Western world really did get unified with the help of Uranus/Saturn and Saturn/Neptune: Russia and America conjoined, Europe started her unification process, and so did the people. The miracle had really happened!
But the Collectivity in the East started her diversification from that point onwards.
So "Freedom in Unity" is approaching the paradox of conjoining Diversity (Uranus) and Unity (Neptune) from another angle , even if the endresult might be the same: the angle now is that the unified parts of the whole should not loose their individuality and freedom: and so we see unified countries or parts of countries struggling for their freedom all over the world.

Ideally, every society, every whole, is both a unity and an individual in freedom. All through history we can see but motion towards the one: freedom, or the other: unity. Because in a flat sense:: bringing together unity and freedom is a paradox, and seems contradictory, and the cause for the ideal never to happen.

However, there is a way, to bring this paradox into the field of practical realisation, if we move beyond the "flat" sense of this idea, and come to grips with the real meaning.

In some sense, "the sixties" had a preparatory function for what is happening presently in the world. "The sixties" were idealistic, romantic, and gave us the feeling of sharing in communitive "wholes". We joined groups, whether religious or social, and thought it would all change the world. The great disappointment set in soon afterwards, because what in reality happened with this sharing in groups: this 'unification' process, was that each individual lost their individuality. In joining a religious sect, some gave up their identity. The Neptune in Libra generation had this ideal of sharing and unity and got disappointed. Those who did not join the flower power groups, the musical bands, the drugscene or the political activist groups, where perhaps the people that gave up their identities for a family, and just got married. And also there disappointment set in.

So, why were these "sixties" preparatory? Well, they learned us, that unifying processes just do not work when individualities are given up, when these merge into a whole, because something 'false' is happening then, which will take its toll.

Imagine yourself in the following situation, it is Monday. We meet. You've just spent the weekend influenced by a movie you've seen which impressed you tremendously, and about which you are very enthusiastic. You talk to me about the movie and discover I've seen it as well. You immediately assume that I liked the movie as well, but are finding out that I couldn't care less.

You start talking to me to convince me how great the movie was. But I really didn't like it. And a shadow starts falling over your enthusiasm. You feel that I do not recognize you, and in fact you feel a little rejected on the emotional level, and as a consequence you henceforth reject me and my different opinion. Because I am that stupid person who was unable to see the genius of that film you liked so much. So I'm different than you are and that hurts.

This is what happens in the world: if we agree on our likes and dislikes, all is fine, but the moment that one person shares another opinion than our own, what in actual fact, on the feeling level happens, is that we feel rejected.

We like people, books, philosophies, which reflect our own, and we do not really like people, books or philosophies which are contrary to our own.
Think about it a little and you will find this to be true.

After having thought about this, what is the conclusion we can draw from this: the conclusion is, that we only like things, people, books, and philosophies that we like ourselves, and that we have a hard time to emotionally respect different ideas, people, books and philosophies.

And one step further, this means in actual fact: that we have a very hard time emotionally to accept other people for what they are if they have a different opinion, idea, philosophy, dress differently, etcetera.

And this again means, that we do not accept any one else's individuality (Uranus), for we are looking for similarities (Neptune), similarities to our own ideas, philosophies, books, etc. And that is why the world is in such a mess.
For not allowing another individual to be another individual, we do not really allow freedom in the realm of ideas. We subconsciously only are drawn to ourselves or projections of ourselves, as in : CONFIRMATIONS of ourselves, for people who share the same ideas as us: in actual fact confirm us. And we need so much confirming, for we are so insecure, and basically alone on a deep level.

If Uranus/Neptune is an impulse from the heavenly regions to learn something, it is the impulse of learning, perhaps for the first time in our lives, that true unity and peace - Neptune being the higher level of Venus - can and only will happen if we do not have to submerge our individualities (Uranus) into a whole: but have an individuality which is allowed to be different: the only way to true unity and peace.

So the promise of Uranus/Neptune is that by being an individual, we can learn to accept the fact that if other people like different kinds of movies, that that is ok, and if they practice astrology differently, since truth is subjective anyway and truth changes at the appropriate time for each single individual anyway, and that we do not have to feel rejected, nor reject the other, and then we can feel more united in a universe with an endless variety of expressions of likes and dislikes. All that is needed for that is not to feel so rejected if someone has a different idea. And that is why Saturn had to conjoin Uranus and Neptune first in 1988 and 1989. To change our Saturn from the fear of rejection of the external authority into the knowing of security in the inner plane.

So, what in fact is happening is that we get a clearer view of what unity means and what diversity means. And that we get a clearer perspective on the levels where these energies are at work. As a matter of fact, the basics of these are rather simple: unity works on the level of spirit, and mind. Diversity works on the level of form and manifestation. One could even call this a basic law of nature.

A group can function very well together in spirit and in mind, when their spiritual ideas are similar, but in this world, on this planet, each single individual of the group needs to have the freedom to express the ideal into a unique FORM, on its own.

It is absolutely useless to try and want to UNIFY form: as in all the same clothes (uni-forms), as in all the same houses, as in all the same this and the same that.
As in that antiquated religion of communism or any other too formalized religion.

It is absolutely essential that unity is seen at the level of invisible spirit, not necessarily showing on the outside.

In fact, we humans must learn to accept each other's individual freedom of expressing form, if we are ever going to manifest unity in the highest sense of the word, and for humans to learn this essential truth, it has, in fact, been necessary for Saturn and Uranus to have made their incredible movements together in Capricorn, for we have been able to learn a few lessons in these years prior to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction.

In fact, when the Uranus/Neptune conjunction happens, by then, it will all be over: we will be stuck for 172 years with the energy of what in essence will be born then (the next Uranus/Neptune conjunction being in 2165 on 6 degrees of Aquarius), and the prenatal influence of these years from 1988 to 1993 have been the primary stagesetters.

Just like babies who are born: once they are born, they have to live with their potential for a few years, to express and learn to manifest the potential of their birth and their prenatal energy. So when Uranus/Neptune is happening, the stage is set already, and the potential no longer is potential, but an actuality-in-the-becoming. The basic themes can no longer be changed, altered and uplifted.
Thus, what remains to be done, in these prior-to-Uranus/Neptune times, is to word the potential of the 'unity-in-diversity' theme which is the highest expression of Uranus/Neptune, and therefor I need to look back once more to 1988 and 1989. Because it all started in 1988 with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction.

1988 gave all of us the dilemma or the solution (depending on one's consciousness) to either integrate or experience the contrasting energies of freedom and responsibility. Uranus was able to set free the karma of Saturn's past and most us were thrown into a new kind of existence, creating new karma and leaving the karma of the past behind, which was in fact quite emotional for some, as human nature seems to have a habit to cling to the past. Even in cases where the past is painful, we are in fear of letting the past be and move to an unprecedented future. We bring our pasts with us, and that has been the main cosmic trouble of 1988 : all these humans who were so eager to cling to their pasts and were totally unable to move renewed into the future, without prior conception of how things should be.

Karma is in fact responsibility: it is the responsibility we have to our inner knowledge. As most astrologers are aware Saturn is often experienced in this world as an energy to do with outer authority, by which our feeling of freedom gets upset. 1988 gave is the key to changing the outer authority to inner authority, which was also visible in all the literature being published about inner voices, inner guides, and inner light. What it in plain experiential language all means though, is that we were turning around (Uranus) from outer to inner authority, and we were trying to learn to discipline ourselves because we started to understand something: we took the freedom (Uranus) to engage in responsibility (Saturn) and no longer was our responsibility one resulting from outer authority repressing our sense of freedom, but it was from accepting our freedom to deal with our own responsibility. We were set free by understanding our own responsibility (potentially).

In depth, this was the human theme, even though its consequences might not have looked too popular to the majority, because its consequences on the surface of it look like loosing freedom. Because we used to not understand freedom, and thought that freedom means the freedom to do what we like. We did not understand before 1988 that true freedom is the freedom to do what we need to do. Thus, if on the outer it looks like a few people have turned in their freedom, it in reality is so that these are the people who have found their true freedom, living their soul-quality (not the inner guides, not the inner "voices", not the external masters, but simply the inner soul).

1989 was an experiment in turning the truth of the soul and matter around, and seeing them come together: Saturn and Neptune were bringing us all in a haze of confusion as to what reality actually means. We all became more subjective and found out in fact that our deepest subjectivity parallels truth. What this means for science is the problem of science but an interesting problem it surely is! Exteriorized we saw the great movement towards even more holism and in astrology the experiential and not the technical leading the way: the yin-way of socalled subjectivity. Collectivity is a political word for the same energy.

The West turned more collective, the East more individualistic. And all of us are trying to get a little more n balance, for in the end we will move to holistic beings ourselves. Uranus and Neptune are superior yang-and-yin qualities, on the level of the mind, not on the level of form. Formwise, we are all confined to either being male or female, but mentally, we are moving towards more wholeness within ourselves.

Since all of this is happening primarily on the level of the mind and of spirit, we tend to discover a greater gap between the formworlds and the world of spirit to some extent, because we are noticing that they are two different worlds. We needed to learn to distinguish between the two and we also needed to accept the fact that time moves slower in the formworld than it does in the world of mind. To make this very clear: I am able to clean up my house within 5 seconds flat if I do so in the mind, but if I need to do so in the formworld, it will take me perhaps 5 hours!
The thing is though, that my house will not be cleaned at all if I do not first clean it in the mind in these 5 seconds flat. Think about this, and you will notice that this is the way that the formworld is taking shape: first we form ourselves an image of it mentally, before we set our bodies to work on it. It IS mind that starts to move matter, and not the other way round.

This and other expansions of consciousness are happening both consciously and unconsciously. In fact, it is quite possible for expansions of consciousness to happen unconsciously! It is what is happening to a lot of people because humanity as a whole is shifting to new horizons, unprecedented. The collective mind of mankind is shifting and a lot of people are influenced by it unknowingly, as a reflection of what is happening on the causal level. For all the people who cannot always deal with the quickening of the mind (for instance because the Ozone layer is thinning out, or for being caught up in drug-abuse or paranormal manipulations) it is necessary for astrologers to see that Saturn has ever been and will always be the key to handle all of this. That is the reason that Saturn and Capricorn are such a large part of this cosmic motion. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can only work through Saturn, and the quality of our Saturn sets the key for the quality of our Uranian, Neptunian and Plutonian experiences. If this is understood, it is easy to see, where WE need to work, and where the work of the Divine starts.

Uranus will set free a lot of Neptunian energy, the energy of pure love. On the level of spirit, not to be confused with the formworld. Though the formworld will eventually be the outcome of the thoughtworld. Five minutes of thinking in the mind, will take a little longer on Earth. But we should not look for it on Earth, in the formworld., but subjectively in the mind. What we should do on Earth is work on Saturn.

To upgrade its inner quality so that the high vibration of pure love can eventually tune in with it, without our tumbling off our feet! In order for the unconscious expression (Neptune) of consciousness to become the awakening (Uranus) of the Divine (Neptune).

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