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CHTA now offers the very popular Dutch Online Astrology Course (ninety students) in ENGLISH! Currently only the first year beginnerís course is available in English. The second and third year are in the process of translation and are scheduled to go online in the beginning of 2018 (all consisting of twenty four lessons each).
Studying online and receiving individual feedback by email has great advantages: you receive excellent astrology knowledge and tuition as well as being able to study in your own time!
The online course consists of twenty four lessons per year. A 'year' however is a flexible time scale. The average student is normally able to grasp the material in this time-frame. Some online students manage to do this in three to four months, sometimes taking a lesson a day, others taking longer, depending on the time they have available. With each lesson you will receive a set of questions and are asked to email the answers back. You will then receive personal feedback and the next lesson, usually within three days.
During the first year you will learn all the basic elements that a horoscope consists of, from both a practical as well as a spiritual perspective. You will receive your own birthchart (not interpreted) by email after your subscription for the first year. Over the first year you will learn to calculate horoscopes yourself, either manually (optional), or with a computer programme.
The course is designed by Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, (Diploma: Faculty of Astrological Studies), who has taught Astrology and Medical Astrology since the eighties, in her own school in Holland (Europe) as well as for an Academy for Natural (Holistic) Health. She has published two bestseller books (on medical astrology and Transits, in Dutch only) and a number of articles on aspects of Astrology. She also gives regular lectures and retreats on a diversity of Astrological subjects.
You will receive twenty four lessons over the first year (the frequency will depend on your own pace and free time). After completion of the first year you can continue with the second year online which is currently in the process of translation. We expect, however, that by the time you arrive at this point, the lessons will be available in English. Many Dutch students, where this course originated, have started with the second year after having studied elsewhere previously. This option is not available yet in the English section but will be offered in the near future.

In the first year you will learn all basic details of Astrology. In the second year horoscope delineation and transits (lifecycles) are the main focus of study. The third year consists of more in-depth material and techniques such as counseling, relationships and midpoints. An additional course, post-diploma, is an intensive on Medical Astrology for Non-Medical Astrologers.
After completion of the three years it is possible to obtain the CHTA diploma. This will certify you as an Astrologer who will practice Astrology in a meaningful, positive and non-destructive way to your clients. As with any diploma in Astrology, these are not officially recognized. However, having taken a course and obtained diploma, this will satisfy yourself as well as your future clients. And more importantly, it gives you the confidence from the feedback you have received over the three years to engage professionally with those clients.
The fee is USD 460.00 or Ä333.00 EURO per year, or in POUND STERLING 300 per year, inclusive of creditcard-and banktransferfees. Payments can be made by bank using IBAN/BIC or with a creditcard thru Paypal.
All coursematerial is copyrighted and for your own private study only.
For more information, or for receiving a first lesson to see whether this is material you can align with, feel free to email


about the tutor: Marcia Stoelmann Leysner

Marcia has self-studied Astrology for over fifteen years and consolidated her knowledge with the three year online CHTA course. She moved from England to Ireland, West Cork, in 2015 where she and her partner are running a practice as an NLP life coach and Astrologer. Marcia is Dutch and has previously worked in health care as as Physiotherapist, Holistic Healer and Life Coach for more then twenty five years.

the small print

This course is relatively cheap in comparison with other courses offfered. It means though that NO restitution of paid monies will take place under any circumstance should you decide to stop with the lessons. You also need to send in AT LEAST one lesson per year in order for the course to remain available to you, if not, you will be forfeiting all rights to continue with the lessons at a later stage, and need to pay it again should you wish to pick it up again. That should not be too demanding: sending in one lesson per year:-)  The average speed is one lesson per week btw, but this is entirely up to you.

Email us to receive lesson one (at no cost and without any obligation)!

Birthchart of the emailcourse (5-12-1995)
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