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The Moon in relationship to the Moon's Nodes



In humanistic Astrology (more specifically in Alexander Ruperti: Cycles of Becoming,) the quality of the timeframe of the Moon having Northern latitude (which is all the time between a Conjunction of the Moon with her Northnode up until the subsequent conjunction with the Southnode) is such that we could well attune our activities to our inner spirit guidance. It is a period of an EVOLUTIONARY MOON: an energy connected with the "return to Source".

In the timeframe thereafter, when the Moon has South Latitude (each time when the Moon conjuncts the Southnode and then up until the next conjunction with the North Node), the quality is more of turning one's back to the Source and focus more on material goals. It is also a timeframe where that which was received in the Evolutionary period can be released in the world of concrete reality. We are talking about an INVOLUTIONARY MOON here: a lunar energy trying to bring to earth the message of spirit.

In the same way the Moon can be in her Evolutionary phase or Involutionary phase in the birthchart. When Evolutionary (when the Moon has passed the North Node and is moving towards the South Node): one's life is automatically geared to the return to Source: you are a "seeker". You come from a place accustomed to being on this planet as it were, and you identify more easily with the material. When the Moon is in between the South Node and moving towards the North Node she is in her INVOLUTIONARY PHASE: one's life is automatically dedicated to bringing into concrete reality that which was subconsciously received from spirit in the past. Those of you having trouble to "ground" may well have been born with an "involutionary" Moon. There is a need to come down to the world of matter.

Similarly, these phases can vary according to the progression of the Moon.

Perhaps it is a nice and new idea (suitable for a new millennium) to have a look at the differences of these two phases of the Moon transitwise: the one with Northern Latitude, and on the evolutionary path: open up to inner guidance and attune your activities with that), and the Moon with South Latitude (Involutionary Phase): making concrete and releasing in real, practical, material life that which was received before. This phase is more oriented towards materialization.

Both phases, the spiritually oriented one, as well as the materially oriented one, are needed and represent the polar nature which is the basic law behind all manifestation on this planet.

It may also be an idea to attune to those specific moments in time where the Moon is without latitude, i.e. is conjunct one of the Nodes, and maybe tune in with the symbolism of the zodiacal degrees these occur on using Rudhyar's Astrological Mandala.

Below please find a table indicating when the Moon will hit the North- and South Node during the year 2003. The Moon will be in her "Evolutionary Phase" from the dates in the lefthand column up until the dates in the right hand column. When the Moon will touch the Southnode (right hand column) she will change to Southern latitude and will be in her "Involutionary" phase: less grounded, more attuned to Spirit.

= Moon conjunct North Node = N latitude = Moon conjunct South Node = S latitude
Spiritualizing the Material (the seeker) Materializing the Spiritual (needing to ground)
January 14 at 7.53 Gemini 13:37 GMT till: January 27 at 6.56 Sagittarius at 15:23 GMT to:
February 10 at 5.27 Gemini 17:38 GMT till: February 23 at 4.05 Sagittarius at 15:47 GMT :
March 9 at 2.20 Gemini 19:21 GMT till: March 22 at 1.15 Sagittarius at 17:37 GMT to:
April 5 at 00.07 Gemini 21:39 GMT till: April 19 at 29.32 Scorpio 00:24 GMT till:
May 3 at 29.25 Taurus 02:17 GMT till: May 16 at 29.28 Scorpio 10:51 GMT till:
May 30 at 29.31 Taurus 08:32 GMT till: June 12 at 29.25 Scorpio, 21:16 GMT till:
June 26 at 29.10 Taurus 14:32 GMT till: July 10 at 28.29 Scorpio, at 04:17 GMT till:
July 23 at 27.33 Taurus 18:45 GMT till: August 6 at 26.15 Scorpio, 06:49 GMT till:
August 19 at 24.48 Taurus 21:07 GMT till: September 2 at 23.25 Scorpio, 07:23 GMT till:
September 15 at 22.06 Taurus 23:27 GMT to: September 29 at 21.16 Scorpio, 10:34 GMT to:
October 13 at 20:37 Taurus 03:40 GMT till: October 26 at 20.28 Scorpio, 18:43 GMT to:
November 9 at 20.26 Taurus 09:47 GMT till: November 23 at 20.29 Scorpio, 06:02 GMT
December 6 at 20.27 Taurus at 15:59 GMT to: December 20 at 19.57 Scorpio, 16:06 GMT


Those of you of who have the Pathfinder astrology programm have an easy way of creating a list for this purpose, indicating those moments in time where the Moon conjuncts the North or South Node. Just click on Moon and Node on the left column in 'hitlist', leave all the others out, take out all the aspects, click on current to current and on exact, and click on the time frame you want the calculations done for.

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