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On Astrology and tracking some lifepatterns (introductory level)

text originally written for a Company magazine


Even if the planets orbit the sky eternally in fully predictable rhythms, their meanings do depend on the culture and time in which astrology is practiced. Western astrology at this moment in time is strongly geared towards the evolution of each individual and stresses the uniqueness of the individual.

Chinese astrology on the other hand uses its symbolism to make sure individuals are not too unique and fit in with the collective. Astrology is being used by people and its existence can only be validated if it is meaningful in a certain culture. The meaning of astrology however is not solely based upon the fact that it can indicate the best times for action (and which actions) for individuals, but also because astrology offers a language of symbols, by means of which we gain insight in the realities of our existence.

After all, the reality in which we live is not what it seems. Quantum physics offers a view of reality which is strikingly in conformity with the model of reality which astrology offers. Quantum physics confirms that everything is connected to everything, and the images and use of astrology literally confirm this.

Translating astrological symbolism to our daily realities is because of this reason not always a very simple matter, and may lead to many misunderstandings. Astrology's greatest power is not manipulation of our daily life, or prediction, but simply confirming and empowering our inner truths.

All people have an inner spiritual truth, it is the source from which we sprang and the unseen motor behind our existence. If astrology maps this including the processes through time, the result is a conscious cooperation with this inner truth. One of the more important planets to this effect is Saturn: a planet with beautiful rings, and the planet which is the one furthest removed in the solar system on a physical level: the last planet we can view with the bare eye, without the need for a telescope.

The astrological meaning of the planet Saturn

Analogous to the fact that Saturn is the furthest away planet to be seen with the naked eye, this planet signifies the phenomenon of "time and space" itself. Saturn is the symbol of manifestation of form, structure, management, organisation, and on a deeper level: that which is our duty in the here and now, thus in the time/space continuum.

This means that Saturn forces us to concentrate on certain factors during certain timeframes, and without always being fully conscious of this, we generally do this of its own accord anyway. Saturn orbits the Sun in 29,6 years, a cycle which can be divided in four periods of a little over seven years. Each seven year marks a time for reconsideration of the original goals, and sometimes of reorganizing our life, depending on the sign Saturn is in during such a seven year period. The sign in which Saturn is placed (which changes each 2,5 years) in general will shed some light on the qualities we humans concentrate on on this planet Earth, even if we will do so each in our own manner, in conformity with our individual birthchart.


1994- March 1996: in the sign of PISCES:

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac: in this phase of the cycle a vision is developed based on the totality of the previous cycle, in order to start a new cycle. It was a visionary time, and a time in which old structures gave way. Pisces also is a very spiritual sign: and spirituality (Pisces) really found form (Saturn) during this timeframe.

April 1996 - March 1999: in the sign of ARIES:

A new cycle was started at least as far as the structuring planet Saturn was concerned, when it moved again through the first sign of the zodiac, between 1996 and March 1999. Aries is a sign full of initiative, new projects, and new plans. Renewal, pioneering, starting one project after the other, and building new (Aries) foundations (Saturn) was an important keynote in this timeframe. Economically it was specifically the building world which profited from literally creating new buildings everywhere.

March 1999 - April 2001: in the sign of TAURUS:

The second sign of the zodiac: Taurus, requires CONSOLIDATION of that which was started earlier. Taurus is the most financial, but also productive sign of the zodiac, and in general economy flourishes during this timeframe, specifically because of an all time high in productivity.

April 2001 - June 2003: in the sign of GEMINI:

Gemini is the archetype of communication. Between April 2001 and June 2003 the importance of telecommunication will be ever stronger. It will be necessary to restructure (Saturn) a few things, especially there were things were not properly done in the past. Saturn in Gemini can definitely mean inhibitions in the free flow of communication, as well as serious blockages, both trafficwise as well as in our telecommunicationsystems. This is the time to seriously focus on putting this right.

June 2003 - July 2005: in the sign of CANCER:

Expect nations to become slightly more nationalistic during this time frame as a reaction to the globalization of the years before this. Cancer is the sign of nurturing and protection, and we may collectively want to close off (Saturn) that to which we feel we "belong" (Cancer). Real estate is focused on in these years and great fluctuations in prices can be expected. Travel will be less, homelife will be more important during this timeframe.

Joyce Hoen, 2001-2008


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