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The Composite between Israel & Palestine

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-by Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S -

In March 2002, with Saturn opposite Pluto I wrote a weekahead about this opposition and looked at the composite between Israel and Palestine. It seems that in the meantime, things are going as foreseen in that composite in March 2002 which I reproduce here: 

The Pluto-Saturn situation up there in the skies correlates for many people on the planet oftentimes with desperate feelings of hopelessness, blackness, powerlessness, especially there where one is dependent on outside powers --- there is a struggle as in a true opposition down here on the planet as well, such as between Israel and Palestine. In his Forecasts books Ray Merriman has often mentioned how Saturn-Pluto aspects tend to correlate with the worst outbreaks of enemy-ship between Israel and Palestine. And certainly, oppositions between these two planets up there in the skies correlate with opposing points of view down here on the planet Earth, they are the most difficult aspectsituations between these two planets of all. "As above, so below". It seems for some an almost impossible situation, as at this high point of the opposition in the cycle things get completely stuck and viewpoints 180 degrees removed from one another arise between any two parties. 

In this situation one wonders who plays Pluto and who plays Saturn. Of old Saturn is related to the god Jahweh, so in some ways Saturn could represent Israel and Pluto Palestine in this case. A new iron wall seems to have been built between the two countries just of late, although they say we're not supposed to look at it this way. When Saturn and Uranus opposed one another the Berlin Wall was constructed, and when these two planets conjuncted again the next time in the skies, the Berlin Wall was on the verge of being removed: the two countries became one again (a conjunction). 

The people living in these areas are quite desperate. Although the Saturn-Pluto opposition touches all of our lives in so many different ways, I was touched by an interview with one of the utterly desperate women living in that highly stressful area: --she lived somewhere where there were good relations between Israeli's and Palestinian's only a few years ago, but right now, they have started to fear one another. Fear is the weapon of war, and Pluto-Saturn is about fear and the consequent raw actions of people against other people. This woman (and I don't even remember whether she was Israeli or Palestinian) was crying desperately and telling the journalist on television how the Western world (Europe and America) don't even care, how our countries in fact rule the world from totally shallow and materialistic viewpoints, doing only what serves our own purpose and how empty our inner lives are. She touched a cord within me mentioning that -- & I decided to have a look at the relationship between Israel and Palestine to figure out what's going on there ever since these two states became born. 

Although I believe this woman was totally correct in her description of our shallow western materialistic and egoistic lives, I have this idea that the rest of the world is as stuck with this situation as they are themselves. Isn't there a feeling of powerlessness (Saturn/Pluto) all the time when people outside of these areas look at the devastating things going on there continuously? Children being brought up in warlike situations continuously?

Looking at the charts of Israel and Palestine, these pictures don't speak so much to me, they don't tell me why these two countries are continuously fighting with one another (beyond the political side, but astrology is really beyond-politics, it tries to understand cosmic factors). However, when I made the composite, i.e. the relationshipchart between Israel and Palestinie, the picture became apparent at once:

Israel was 'born' May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv, at 16.0 pm EET,

Palestinia was "born" a few hours later, not in fact because the country was born, but the end of the Mandate was there and Nicholas Campion in his book World Horoscopes (where these charts originate from) , says the following chart can well be taken for the chart of the intention of the Palestinians for self-rule: May 15 1948, 0.00 am EET Jerusalem.

But now their relationship chart, the composite:

The composite chart gives us a clue as to the WHY, the reasons for these two countries and peoples to be so dreadfully at odds with one another. What is the karmic reason for their wars? The position of Pluto and the South Node tells the story (as per Jeff Green's book on Pluto, the evolutionary journey of the soul, see this page) - Pluto in the 8th house points to the fact that on the deepest level there are lessons to be learned (eventually) about THE RIGHT USE OF POWER. The wrong use of power is killing (8th house), dominating (8th house) , power from hatred (8th house/ Scorpio South node) , wanting to boss another one around from fear of the ego (8th house), and plain misuse of power (8th house). It is a struggle for life or death (8th house), and oftentimes, when one sees Pluto in the 8th house in a composite between two individuals, these two individuals touch each other to the core of their existence, sometimes also because of the wrong use of power, sometimes because of the wrong use of sex (in the case of individuals), and sometimes because one of the two individuals is totally osmosing with the powerful process of the death of the other person and going through feelings of powerlessness, despair and being sucked into maelstroms beyond control (all 8th house at its worst). The true essence of the 8th house is the Crucifixion of the Ego (nice word, but ai, what processes we go through here---however are you going to get to that state of forgiveness of your worst enemy which you hate? Just to understand how difficult transcendence in reality is...), rather then becoming a victim consequently being hateful oneself (so the vicious circle is started) but transcending that for the truth and love which are inherent in the Soul. 

Well, that's hard enough for an individual, and a true masterpiece if any individual can access that transcendence, but two countries? Know however, that each individual who can do this, in fact helps the countries as they shift energy and worlds within: they then shift energy and worlds without!

Hitler by the way was born with an 8th house Pluto as well (talking about the wrong use of power), but many great individuals who did address their own ego's and consequently became influential occultists  (for the good and benefit of mankind), true healers and Masters of themselves, were also born with Pluto in the 8th house. I.e. it is continuously a struggle between the wrong and right use of power, with Pluto in the 8th house. 

The South Node in Scorpio tells the story of the past and the pattern these two countries seem to repeat and repeat ad nauseam: Scorpio on the 12th and the South Node in the 11th: the spiritual need (12th house) to feel save somewhere on the planet as a group (South Node in 11), as their safety is continuously being threathened (Scorpio, Pluto in 8). The North Node points to the resolution of the conflict, it is in Taurus and ruled by Venus in Cancer in the 7th. The moment people start to think about PEOPLE rather than about a forlorn victimized country, & interact on a more personal basis, this will be the idea that will touch the heart and allow more protection. Protection of PERSONS's rather than protection of whole countries is the idea. This Venus position  is quite difficult to get at however,  because Venus is practically un-aspected in this composite chart. All it shows is a weak square to Neptune.

Mars represents the macho content in the relationship of both countries: it is in fiery Leo (therefor I use the term macho), and trines the Jupiter/Uranus rebellious opposition. It is easy for the male ego to flare up here. The women and children however, symbolized by the Moon, are in the real situation of powerlessness, stuck in the 8th house so to speak and sitting on their anger no doubt: repressed by Pluto and Saturn in the 8th house. Although right now we are seeing all the manifestations of the current Pluto-Saturn opposition, it will not be long before the transitting Pluto hits the Ascendant of this composite chart, and then all hell might break loose.  If this chart is in any way correct, the first hit will be in January 2003. All hell already broke loose one could say. Pluto is still transitting the 12th house: issues of a past collective unconscious and uncontrollable nature are still being fought out. With Pluto in the first house after 2003, the idea is autonomy, and the true use of power in the direction of autonomy. The only thing that may happen for the future is to give the two countries their own autonomous rights in their own places, and this might well be the eventual outcome of the dreadful powerplays right now. (And just after I wrote this I learned that already now there is discussion about indeed creating two separate (i.e. autonomous) countries. So Pluto transitting the Ascendant of this relationship between Israel and Palestine could well be the change around, eventually for the better! (But it may take a while still). 

The Ascendant is on 18+ Sagittarius. If one looks at the symbolism of this degree (Rudhyar/Astrological Mandala), it seems only too obvious that this composite chart is based on two correct charts, because it reads: "Pelicans Menaced by the Behavior and Refuse of Men seek safer areas for bringing up their young".

"The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings".

Rudhyar comments on this symbolism as follows: The evident reason for using 'pelicans' at this stage of the cyclic process is that tradition tells us that these birds are so concerned with their young that they give their own blood and flesh to feed their progeny. Whether this is fact or symbol, the meaning of this picture refers to a situation that lately has acquired great urgency. Our technological society is polluting not only our global environment, but the mind and feeling-responses of new generations as well (bear in mind, b.t.w. , that the world will collectively go through a Pluto transit process on this degree of the zodiac in 2003). The search for a new way of life is seen by many people to be imperative. The SURVIVAL of the race has become a matter of extreme importance. Whole animal species mayb e destroyed by our civilization; mankind itself is in danger. Going to distant planets is hardly the answer. A generation may have to sacrifice itself for the sake of its descendants. Pff, In view of the Israel/Palestinian situation, this is a gruesome symbolism indeed.

But in the meantime, it seems that separating the two countries is happening, true to Pluto now being in their first house. 

Re: the chart of Palestine, from weekahead vol 452, June 16 2007: 

In Palestine the Sun-90-Uranus and Moon-90-Uranus and New Moon conjunct the midpoint of Uranus/Pluto last week (June 14) took care of the government being sent home.  And what do we see in the chart of Palestine ( May 15, 1948, 0.00 am EET, Jerusalem): an Aquarius Ascendant with Uranus on the 24th degree of Gemini in the 5th house of leadership. Exactly the degree on which the New Moon last week fell! 


CHTA - Joyce Hoen - 2002-2008


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