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The Void of Course Moon & The Saturn/Uranus interface

-by Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S-
This article appeared in The International Astrologer, Volume XXVII, Number 3, 1998 and for Dutch readers: appeared in CHTA's Astrokrant, 1998

The Void of Course Moon is a Moon at the end of a zodiacal sign, in which she makes no further aspects from that same sign; any new aspects formed will only occur after she has passed the threshold into the next sign. I almost said: "in which He makes no further aspects". How many people still refer to the Moon as if she were masculine? In fact, in Germany they all do: "Die Sonne, Der Mond".. but the Moon is feminine (or human...). The night. The dark. The unconscious. The other side. Invisible. The Astral, too.

American astrologer Al H. Morrison was the one who introduced the concept of the Void of Course Moon to the astrological world. According to him, each period of a V/C Moon (and this occurs once every 2,5 days) promotes the oddest of circumstances, time-frames best used for spiritual and not for material goals. For meditation. Or for sleep. Decisions in such a time-frame are decisions without any reality, and will result in nothing.

It is easy to track down V/C Moon periods In the American Ephemeris from the tables at the bottom of each page. Where it says "Last Aspect" (of the Moon) you will find the time at which the Moon makes her last aspect, to then enter a V/C period.

Meanwhile, it has become clear to me that the nature of the last aspect is very significant for the V/C time-frame, thereafter. And when the Moon enters a new sign, for which the time is given under "ingress", this marks the end of the V/C period. The Moon will most likely be between 26 and 30 degrees of a given sign, meaning that she is then at either the Aquarian or Piscean phase of a sign. Indeed, the V/C Moon shows much of an Aquarian/Piscean nature, even when she is V/C in Taurus, for example. Apparently neurotic tendencies and strange results with ESP experiments happen in the V/C Moon timeframe. Morrison also found that the first 24 succesful speed flights occurred at such a time!

The first thing that we as astrologers usually learn is that the Sun and the Moon may not be planets, but in astrology they are simply viewed as such. On a certain level this is one of the gravest errors that we as astrologers make. The Sun and the Moon are the LIGHTS in relationship to our Earthly experience, to ourselves, and to the Earth itself, which is the planet here. The Sun is the center of "our" universe, and the Moon the factor of "protection" around Earth. Like an aura around it, a protection especially in the night when we are in the dark - alone, and without the Sun's guidance. When we don't see the other because it is dark, and only meet ourselves, we helplessly call out for a Mother. The Moon and Earth belong to one another, they are a unity. Together with the other planets we, this Moon and Earth, revolve around the Sun.

Now imagine, that by means of the Sun and the Moon, by means of these lights, all planetary activity is reflected. This planetary activity simply is the projection of the next dimension of our being, of our Moon-and-Sun beings.

  • The planetary realm out to and up until Saturn can be regarded as a matter of fact as a kind of next extension of the Moon (Prakriti).
  • The planetary realm from Uranus onwards can be regarded as an extension of the Sun (Purusha).

The Sun we regard as Self, whereas the Moon is seen as Not-Self, learned or conditioned behavior, purely a means for survival on this planet. In our experience of the world and of ourselves, especially in experiencing ourselves as astrologers, we struggle with the duality of Free Will and Fatalism. This is the same duality as the duality between Sun and Moon, between conscious and unconscious and is the same as "the individual" and "the collective".

On the earthly level the Sun is the function for the free will within us, and the Moon the function of fatality. Because it is our emotions which reflect the collectivity of a moment in time, even if we are not aware of that. And our emotions rule our lives, and hence "fatality" and "fate" seem to be matters coming at us from the outside, whereas in fact they stem from our unconscious energy fields, which evoke these "fatalistic happenings". A particular unconscious energy-vibration will call forth exactly the same vibration in the external world.

It often seems as if our unconscious has an autonomous quality, a quality living us, rather than the other way around, giving each thing which is unconscious a life of its own, precisely because it is unconscious.
It is not that illogical to suppose that the Sun and the Moon symbolize the right and left hemispheres of our brains, however, Saturn and Uranus do so in a very similar manner on a different level. The Self, the Sun and Uranus, and the conditioned not-self, (the collective): the Moon and Saturn. It is fascinating that Leo opposes Aquarius in the zodiac (ruled by the Sun and Uranus) and that Cancer opposes Capricorn (ruled by the Moon and Saturn.

There, where we are part of the collective in time, or part of a family, in ourselves we are reflections of a larger whole (the Moon) or Saturn (reflections of the status-quo. There, where we are self, we are the Sun. There, where are an individualized Self, we are Uranus and the Sun in combination. And both of these together is holism. Saturn & Uranus together means for us people on this planet, an evolution to a more holistic world-view, a more holistic view of humanity. Much like a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, as in a New Moon.

Now, think back for a moment to 1988, when Saturn and Uranus were conjunct. Maybe now you can understand why you made such an enormous turn in 1988, from maybe too much yang, to more yin, or vice-versa. Your entire life was turned around. Maybe you became a mother or a father, maybe you changed from rational to intuitive, or vice-versa. Your entire life was reversed, because all of the energy streams within started to cooperate. A planetary "New Moon" calling forth a new cycle in time is what occurred at that time.

1999 will be fascinating in this connection, because the first square between Saturn and Uranus (at the August 1999 eclips-time) will mean the struggle with that which was in fact born in 1998 collectively, where countries and borders of countries for a new world were concerned. And also for our own new world within ourselves, which was born at that time and is reaching the period of 7 years of age (brought back to the dimensions of generic personal growth).

Humanity as a whole is involved in entering the Aquarian Age (or in any case, the Western World as a whole). I personally think that the Aquarian Age started in the month of May, 1988. The generous thing about Aquarius is that it allows each single individual to have a different opinion of this. And so it is wholly acceptable to have a different view of when, exactly, this Aquarian Age will start. It is a different moment in time for each of us maybe. In fact, it is that moment when an individual has passed the threshold of Saturn, and evolved from a collective being (Moon) and member of the Status Quo (Saturn), to an individalized person, free of restriction resulting in acceptation of restriction: acceptation of the Moon and of Saturn...

The month of May 1988 was precisely 9 months after "The Harmonic Convergence" of August 1987. Why would a spiritual process, brought back to the dimensions of earthly time and space, not need 9 months to become born? And isn't it fascinating that 9 months after the eclipse of August 1999, there will be a conglomeration of planets in Taurus (May 5 2000), and a new Jupiter/Saturn cycle being born at that time, too? So many people in the new age movement (notably non-astrologers) think this May 2000 happening is going to be really something - a new time for planet Earth will certainly happen 9 months after the eclipse of August 1999, and maybe it will be an initiation especially for those people who did not experience 1987 and 1988 as such as yet.

The Aquarian Age teaching is that the Masters and Gurus of the Piscean Age have been transformed into the Masters and Gurus within us. In fact, this is really nothing new, at least not for the East, yet maybe it is for the Western world, for which western astrology is more valid. The most important message of Aquarius-rising "Master" Krishnamurti was precisely this one: it was okay in the Piscean age to seek outside for a guru, a wise person, or even a spiritual helper that we would channel. It is as if we would in fact not channel our own higher Selves, but make them into entities of external constellations, such as Sirius, Orion, or the Pleiades. As long as we in the western world do not say that something is coming forth out of ourselves.... In an Aquarian Age it is we ourselves (without the ego becoming inflated, hopefully) who are special and unique and full of wisdom in our own ways. Our egos and our own Souls, or Higher Selves, is the relationship that matters. At the moment that I speak of myself as "I", I speak from the point of view of ego and then I have a relationship with something that apparently is outside of myself: this Soul or Higher Self. And so I would call it maybe channeling, or a Christ-like figure, or a Guru. And ah well, maybe this is not such a bad idea for our mental health -- even Ramakrishna kept the relationship he had with "the Divine Mother" intact, because the moment he realised it was he himself, he no longer was able to relate to people, or relate at all (no longer being separated from "It") and would fly out of here...

So back to the Divine Mother, to the Moon, to the Earth. Thus far in astrology we were mostly concerned to divorce ourselves from here, as if we collectively have a Void of Course Moon. We want to go to Uranus straight away (super-technology, space, centering ourselves abstractly in our heads, etc). By denying an energy (the Moon) only because this energy operates in the night, and we being asleep at such a time, of course such an energy is precisely the one that is being lived. Autonomous and unconsciously. The Moon is the sole ruler of the night. In the end the themes of masculinity versus femininity are the same themes as the Sun and the Moon, are the same themes as rationality versus emotion, and are the same themes as objectivity versus subjectivity. And for a very long time astrology itself was pretty "void" with regard to any emotionality, the feminine, the feeling, the subjective and even the physical. This subjective is being reflected in the collective.. Truth is the ultimate subjectivity. Truth is being experienced within, and cannot be found in the outside world.

Such a notion needs communication in a rational way, not the other way around! An astrology that will only concentrate on Sun-signs will tell us that the Moon-signs are nothing but reflections of emotional conditioning, of behavorial patterns from the past, and maybe even of past lives. If we browse through a book full of charts and concentrate on the Moon-signs, we would find that those tell us as much about any person as the Sun-signs do. If the Moon reflects ego, and the Sun the Self, religious people in all times and all cultures may have tried to reach the Self and subdue the ego. Since the Moon also reflects the feminine in each of us, men have, for centuries, denied both women, as well as the feminine within, and made women suffer instead of their own ego's. Even if the ego is the servant of the Self, this does not mean that the ego of one person (a woman) is supposed to be the servant of the ego of another person (the man). We are all to serve the higher within ourselves and at the same time treasure and respect the lunar level, that is OUR servant!

In fact, the Void of Course Moon is a Moon that precisely by distancing herself from the lunar powers "discovers the Moon". I was amazed to find out for instance that some researcher who had devoted his entire scientific life to the Moon, was born with a V/C Moon himself. And that many young children, who already were famous at an early age and on stage (childstars), and thus were denied a normal family-life, were born with a V/C Moon. Yes, it is possible to discover a principle by going into an opposite direction, the "Via Negativa" of the mystics. Souls of all people distance themselves first from their divine origins, incarnating on this planet, because otherwise they never would discover their inborn divinity.

In this connection, it is understandable that the first 24 succesful space flights occurred during a V/C Moon, and that Neil Armstrong, the frst human being ever to set foot on the Moon, was born himself with a Void of Course Moon.

And what did we collectively discover after that incredible moment in time? Planet Earth.

CHTA 1999/2008

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