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Do transits have an intention or even a morale?
-by Joyce Hoen-

Translated from Dutch, 2nd part of 1st chapter of "Transits as a spiritual process of growth"

This title is the outcome of various reactions I have received in the course of the years from people who greatly resist the idea that planets such as Saturn may have a meaning or even a morale. Given the times we live in, it is even amusing to think that people do not accept any authority outside one's own opinion (the ego) any longer. The thought that something could exist higher than ourselves (even if this is to be found within ourselves), which has "certain intentions with us" is absurd for that mind. The ego does accept the thought that all truth is within the self, and thus God as well, (whatever one may realize God to be) but that there are powers knowing "better" than mankind itself, is so contrary to the all powerful ego within is, that we tend to heavily protest against such assumptions.

The truth is, that planetary forces are not only present outside of ourselves, or that they "know better", but that these outer planetary forces are a reflection of our inner planetary forces. For sure we have something like a "consciousness" within us, symbolized by the planet Saturn, and indeed, most of the time knows better than we would like to be so. It is precisely our "consciousness" as well as Saturn, which does not always make our life easy.

The philosophy with which I practice astrology is based on the premise that we only have one kind of free choice, that is the choice to go against ourselves (and the outer and inner planets), or flow with them, to really become ourselves. In this vision planetary transits have precisely the intention to make us conscious of our inner selves, and that is also exactly the reason why one person will experience a certain transit as very difficult, and the other as quite simple. If we were to consciously live in unity with our inner being, a transit can pass relatively unnoticed even. But if we are totally alienated from ourselves, by whatever understandable circumstance, a transit can hit us like a storm, with in fact only the intention to bring us back to ourselves.

The eternal and only real struggle of mankind is the struggle between ego and soul. The ego is a treacherous advisor, talking you into fear and selfishness. Planetary transits are experienced by the ego! But they come from the soul (at any rate in the case of transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). T he ego knows no master outside of itself. That is simply the nature of the ego. It thinks itself the best thing there is, even in those cases of people believing themselves to have a weak ego or a minority complex. Because also those ideas come forth from the ego, which seeks recognition always, which seeks recognition in fact of nothing other than "the false self".

Most people at certain points in their lives proceed forward on the spiritual path, and are brought in contact with philosophies and ideas, which are quite hierarchical in nature. If there exists something "higher", than also something "lower" must exist. In many esoteric or spiritual groups the strange notion can be found that "he or she is further on the path than another", or "I am further on the path than the other". Everybody needs to be special in something. That is by the way also a characteristic of the ego.  Just like each child needs to be found special in something, so the ego within us, which is practically the same thing as the inner child, needs to be found special or "chosen". Equality is (and rightly so) a human right in our present cultures. But equality does not mean that everybody is the same. Astrologically seeking everyone has the same potential and access to all the existing states of consciousness. Every human being has within themselves the higher and the lower vibrations. Via these we resonate with our surroundings, and if our environment inspires us with higher vibrations, we resonate with those. But if the environment tries to lower our consciousness to bring it on the same level as existing in that environment, than we resonate with that as well. In that sense it is not that grand what the television shows us so often these days or what the internet makes so accessible in the spirit of "openness and anything goes".  It doesn't raise our consciousness, and on the contrary brings everyone in states of desire and dissatisfaction with their own outer conditions. But beyond that, all thoughts of "I am further than he or she" of vice-versa, are nothing but thoughts of the ego, whereas the higher self within each of us eternally is what it is, and untouched by such thoughts of the mind proceeds according to plan creating its own intentions. And sometimes there are moments in life where the soul takes charge (such as with Pluto transits) and brings us on to our own path again. And sometimes there are moments where the higher self just leaves us be and we can do whatever we fancy, even if it is quite contrary to that higher self. In this philosophy the planetary system functions approximately as follows:

THE MOONit is the closest body in the sky and reflects the ego within us, that part of us which is needy and needs it needs fulfilled.

THE SUN:  symbolizes the higher Self within us -- For instance during Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite to one another, the true struggle (but also awareness) of the polarization between our lower and higher natures take place, even if we do not experience them as rows with others in our environment. In contrast we are at New Moon much more attuned and in balance, when the Moon and Sun are in conjunction, when potentially ego and soul are inconjunction for a split second in time, and where higher and lower self are one.

MERCURY, VENUS AND MARS symbolize attributes of our daily personality (the ego) in this world: the mind, our fancies and our personal will.

JUPITER is the function, which helps the ego (which is ALSO necessary in the outer world at times!) and brings success to the physical self and in the outer environment.

SATURN does the reverse: it tries to turn the ego within, to stop it in its ever-forward motion of external growth, as the next step is inner growth and with this our spiritual journey starts. Just like our earthly development stops with Saturn, so our spiritual development starts with Saturn. It is not without reason that Saturn can bring greatly diverse reactions and can cause much pain and sorry (to the body and or ego), of bring the most wondrous insights and consciousness beyond the state of the ego, i.e. true realization.

If we pass this threshold of Saturn, the first spiritual longing has awakened (it starts with facing the consciousness). Then the next three planets take their turns, with each a unique function with regard to our evolution. The ultimate purpose being the attunement of ego to soul, and the increasing transparency of the ego with every larger consciousness, so as that the soul can function  through that ego and thus we ultimately are intended to become God-people on the planet Earth. 

URANUS is the function of the next step; the individuation (Jung) after the consciousness has spoken after we started to listen to our inner knowing. Then one day all of a sudden we are struck as by lightning and "wake up. At that moment we alienate ourselves entirely from our surroundings, and from our old self: we individuate and are all of a sudden no longer part of the status quo (70% of us, as 70% outside of us, functions via attunement to the external world and the needs of the personal ego therein). 

NEPTUNE is the function, which takes care of us not alienating ourselves too much, by giving us compassion. Compassion for others and for ourselves and past. And when this step has been completed - and who will say how many attempts we make to reach it and how long it will take? - the next and final step is.

PLUTO  symbolizing the entire new rebirth of the new man or woman now born, who totally and forever, has been transformed at a cellular level. Pluto also symbolizes the evolutionary power itself to reach this goal.



Summarizing: it is Saturn's intention to bring us back to ourselves, and learn to attune to our inner selves and consciousness. It is Uranus' meaning to wake up, individuate out of the consensus, where we fall asleep. It is Neptune's intention to develop compassion. It is Pluto's intention to make the process total: the process of our ultimate struggle between ego and soul. The ego can be damaged entirely by transits of Pluto, which unfortunately sometimes is necessary before an opening to the soul impulse occurs. The only one thinking that it will die, is the ego, but isn't it strange that in times of truth, purity and pure love, we actually get the feeling of being truly alive?

So ask yourself, when having a transit, what the meaning of the transit is, rather than waiting for "what could happen". You become a whole lot more creative that way!

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