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Computerized reports:

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in person: in Holland  or Belgium:

If you are living near Antwerps or the Netherlands:---- just across the border in Belgium (20 kilometers below the border near Breda) or on some weekends in Zutphen, personal consultations can be booked  at 89,00.The sessions  lasts approx. 1- 1,5 hour and will be taped in MP3 format (on a cd)

with Skype:

Consultations by telephone (Skype) can be arranged as well if you live in the States or any other other country: they cost $ 100, for approx. an hour. The session will be taped on on a cd (MP3 format) and will be send to you by snailmail after the consultation. Payment is done beforehand via creditcard (I will send you an invoice  via Paypal, payable  with any creditcard). 

phone  +32-36638378 or send an email :


Mercury Appointment Calendar: 

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S

Oudewand 19, NL 7201 LJ Zutphen, or
P.O.Box 38, 4645 ZG  Putte, the Netherlands

tel.:  00-32-3-6638378  - email : chta@astrologie.ws


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