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and 9/11/2001 (addition below)

There are many different charts used by astrologers for the United States, and there is much difference of opinion. Newer findings re the history of the birth of America and speculations that the USA cannot have been born in the middle of the night combined with this, result in charts that to my astrological mind are impossible. In The International Astrologer Vol XXVIII No. 3 (a publication of ISAR), some of these charts were discussed by the various advocates. Below my contribution, edited meantime just a little.

In most publications astrologers use the 7 or 13 degree Sagittarius rising chart for the USofA or the 7 degree Gemini rising chart. Indeed, other charts have been proposed with Aries, Scorpio and I believe even Virgo Ascendants..... Now to me, such ascendants are incomprehensible for the USofA, since they do not reflect the spirit of Free Speech that America considers as one of its basic premises.

In the case of a 7 or 13 degree Gemini or Sagittarius Ascendant, Pluto crossed over the Ascendant either in 1999 or will do so in 2001. I don't think I will know until that time (2001/2002) which Ascendant may be really correct. America is being referred to more and more as the one and only world power, yet it may be that it will be even more obvious in 2002. So I am waiting.

Using the 13 Sag. Ascendant, the following features from this chart are only too obvious for my way of thinking, though some of these traits will also show up in other charts.

Chart data source: Dane Rudhyar, The Astrology of America's Destiny *, Random House NY 1974, page 69 (Koch Houses though), July 4 1776, Philadelphia, 17.13.55 EST, Asc. 13.02 Sagittarius * This book is out of print but you may try Amazon's Out of Print search for the book.

Sagittarius Rising

I believe the Ascendant to be the clothing of the soul. It is the Soul's entry into the world, and as such, the Ascendant of the chart of a country must reflect the clothing of the collective soul of a nation. America as it is today, was born after the emigration (Sagittarius) of many to the new country (Aries on 4), and thus this charts indicates the personality of its people. The agressiveness towards the land as such and taking it from the Native Americans is also depicted by Aries on the 4th. The Sagittarius Ascendant Ascendant beautifully reflects the entry point of the Americans today: they came in the country travelling, journeying, as emigrants, adventurers, and fortune seekers. I don't understand how America can have any other Ascendant, frankly. In fact, all Americans today are foreigners (Sagittarius) compared to the native Americans. Originally these immigrants were seeking a new home (Sun in Cancer), and they pioneered in the environment to find one (Aries on the 4th). For many immigrants from other countries today, this still is true. America is a true intermingling of many cultures and nations, a global country as it were, so fitting for Sagittarius.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Cancer

In most charts of nations, the Moon will be very descriptive of the way a country 'feels', and with Moon and South Node in Aquarius, freedom and democracy are indicated. This Aquarius signature however, also beautifully describes the immigration status, and the feeling of being uprooted (Aquarius is about deconditioning and uprootedness). The Sun/Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer on the other hand, describes the goal or even the American Dream of the Family Home. The past (Moon, South Node) was uprootedness, the future (Sun), the dream of a home.

Pluto in the 2nd house opposite Mercury

Mercury opposite Pluto is a fitting signature for the power of communication, and it is interesting that Martin Luther King's Sun was in conjunction with this Pluto. Pluto is in the 2nd house, so the power is about economical issues too. So much so, that we have collectively come to believe in today's Western world that money equals power. In fact, Pluto in the 2nd house of this chart, ruling the 12th, is a very fitting signature for the basic urge of Americans to survive, as deep down there is the fear of losing everything. After all, this is what in the past (12th house), the collective forefathers (12th house) of the present day Americans did: they gave up everything, and this unconscious past is the motor for trying to control one's own life, especially economically (Pluto in the 2nd).

Jupiter conjunct Venus

When they first enter America, many Europeans feel the openness of the country, the friendliness (Sagittarius/Aquarius) and people in general make you feel at home (Ascendant ruler being Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th conjunct Venus). But after a while, the Cancer signature (being ruled again by the Aquarius Moon) changes into alienation. People want to be left alone, and do not particularly want to commit to promises, after the first emotional (Cancer) yet open (Jupiter) impulse (Cancer). In fact, the North Node in the 8th house suggests that commitment is difficult and going one's own way easier.

Saturn in the 10th house

With Saturn in the 10th house America's dharma is to play the role of authority in gluing the worldtogether (or co-gluing the world together rather, Libra), and this role will not be really challenged until Pluto hits 14 of Capricorn (2015).

The Moon and Food

And what about the food in the country? Holland has a Moon in Taurus, Americans tend to refer to our food as pretty 'rich' (too dairy), but what other than junkfood, astronaut pills, or microwave ovens for the Moon in Aquarius?

Mars square Neptune

Competing (Mars) is primarily on a verbal level (speeches, marches too), with Mars in Gemini in the 7th. With Mars square Neptune competition is not only verbal, it is also a nice indication of illusive advertising. (With Neptune in the 9th, collective dream pictures are painted assertively). Pisces on the 3rd house could be the reason why the Americans are so quick to believe anything and everything which is written in the daily press or on television (television is being ruled by Neptune/Pisces). When a story hits the news everybody seems to uncritically take it all in, and feel a part of it (Pisces). Communication and thinking may be uncritical, and open, but it is also of a very 'positive' nature (Sagittarius rising again).

Capricorn on cusp 2, Cancer on cusp 8

As with all Sagittarius rising charts, with Capricorn on the 2nd house cusp, the organism that is America has a personality that takes responsibility for itself with an attitude of 'don't be weak, you can do it.' In fact, as with all Cancer on the 8th house cusp people: weakness, vulnerability and softness are not traits America identifies with. America is extremely yang. it is a nation of survivors, of conquerors, and it will not allow personal weakness. At the same time drama occurs all the time on the personal level (familiy drama, the trauma of not belonging, the drama of race). This touches people's hearts deeply (Cancer on the 8th house cusp too).

Neptune in the 9th

On the other hand, God is not a forbidden concept in America, as America is pretty religious (Sagittarius rising, Neptune in the 9th). There are a lot of faiths, people easily use words (3rd house Pisces) like 'God Bless'. To the average American reader of this article, this may sound like a pretty weird statement, but to me, coming from a much more atheistic part of the world (Western-Europe) it is a relief to find this openness to spirit (Pisces on the 3rd, and Neptune in the 9th).

Anyway, I love the USofA, especially for short trips. I love the space, the openness, and coming from a country with a Cancer Ascendant, where everything is overregulated and overpopulated, where there is no space, and where one is being overly nurtured 'from the cradle to the grave' ... America to me means freedom, it means space. America attracts freedom lovers from all over the world. And yes, it could have Uranus on the Ascendant but I think I am feeling the Moon and South Node in Aquarius, along with the Sagittarius Ascendant.



from weekahead vol 183

It was reported that the building of the W.T.C. in New York started in 1966: during the time of the prior Saturn-Pluto opposition. The building in stone (and steel) of power made manifest: Pluto-Saturn, and its subsequent collapse September 11 during the next Saturn-Pluto opposition occurring right now.

It 's all about economic power and feelings of powerlessness. It may even be, as one of my friends said: the Power of Fear versus the Fear of Power. What is the "Right” use of power? Maybe that is the test that the world is facing today. But on another level: those who attacked have shown the ultimate Wrong way to use power. We have two more transits of the Saturn-Pluto opposition to go. Will we collectively learn about the right use of power, or will people show their frustrations in anger ultimately leading to the shocking attack on innocent people on and on and on?  

These last two years have indeed been shocking for many people on the planet, coinciding with a peak in solar flare eruptions, and shocked in terms of big explosions with fire: Pluto in the fire sign Sagittarius. We had the fireworks explosion in Holland wiping away half a city, we saw over here the young people dying from fire as they got caught in a pub at New Year's Eve, in short, there are many explosive fires to report all throughout the world. But this one just last week in America, or rather this series of attacks beats it all. It is the ultimate limit of what people can do to one another with their aggression. Aggression and frustration coming from fury. Saturn-Pluto is the ultimate test: how ARE we perceiving our realities. It is a shadow over the world, which is the mark of Saturn-Pluto on a mundane scale indeed and unfortunately so. 

The Pluto-Saturn opposition was  (and is) right across the Ascendant-Descendant axis of America at the time of the terrorist attacks.  Pluto rules the 12th (the focus on secret enemies and the FBI and CIA and so on)  and Saturn rules the 2nd house (the financial institution). It also stopped all flights into America, as Saturn conjuncted the 9th house of the transit chart itself: see below.

This is the chart of the fist attack on the Northerly Tower of the World (Sagittarius) Trade (Gemini) Center.  The USA ascendant sits right on the 3rd house cusp. Mercury is highlighted also as it conjunct Saturn natal on America, (and indeed, the flights in America stopped altogether). 

When sometime later (09.42 EDT Washington DC) the Pentagon was being attacked, the 3rd house cusp moved to 21 Sagittarius, and the 9th house cusp to 21 Gemini which is exactly conjunct Mars natal of the USA chart (its defence systems). 

Transiting Neptune b.t.w. is conjunct the South Node of America.  

In the horary chart of the first attack, the Moon is 5 degrees apart from the Node: this may equal 5 days. And this brings us to Sep. 16, just before the next New Moon. My guess is that flights to the US and from the US will be almost normal again then. 

The New Moon itself, Sept 17, is about a flag being half-mast in front of a public building, it will be the day that all the innocent people who died are remembered and honoured possibly, and this will set the tone for the next lunar month too. 

What can we do as bystanders to help the aggression of the people in the world? Epictetus already said: there is no power you have vis-à-vis the outside world. The only power you have is with your own reactions. Powerlessness comes from being a victim to the power misused by others. But what horrors come up from inside of us when this happens. We're confronted with shadows within as well. The shadow is not something to be projected onto others being the enemy. We are our own worst enemies, the biggest battle in life, really still is the battle within.  


(Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, NL)