Update August 15, 2001 / Vol. 180/BREAK OUT
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles
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August 17-24, 2001

First we have this New Moon (as mentioned last week) August 19 at 2.56 am GMT at 26.12 Leo. But then the big event this week is Pluto going into Direct motion. This will occur Thursday August 23 at 4:07 am GMT at 12 degrees and 32 minutes in Sagittarius.  

One can expect anything on such a moment.  Some people may notice for the first time something of a Pluto-Saturn opposition occurring, because Pluto D no longer "withholds" but goes straight forward. It no longer is occupied with the past, but with the future. And as healing as Pluto events eventually are, this usually does not occur in a very softmannered way. So one can expect shocks from news which impact your future. Of course you may notice absolutely nothing. Maybe you just feel somewhat dizzy as it were on Thursday as one of the energy systems within us as well is "turning around". 

I will return home at any rate, after a long summer spent in the wilderness. There is not much one can really do with a Pluto event, as it is the Soul taking command. Those who are able to attune the ego with the Soul will find their Souls to be their best friends. But we can be our own worst enemies also: in those cases where the soul needs to oppose our own ego's just to align it more with itself. 

Interesting is that Pluto retrograde always refers to the past, and Pluto direct always with evolutionary motion towards the future. And so our lives are turned around towards evolution into the future once more. 

You may have enjoyed what came to you during the summer and now be confronted with the future. Or you may have been occupied with drastically cleaning up and ending the past during the summer, released finally after August 23rd. It is a matter of tuning in, to feel what applies in your life (around the 23rd). 

Pluto will now continue its journey up until 17.37 Sagittarius in March 2002, and then retrograde once more. 

Pluto Rx 2001 Pluto D 2001 Pluto Rx 2002 Pluto D in 2002
15Sg16 12Sg32 17Sg38 14Sg54
(March 18) August 23 March 20 August 25
Transits with natal planets between 12.32 and 15.16 of the mutable signs will not be new. Transits between 15.16 and 17.38 of the mutable signs will start after December 11 this year when Pluto reached 1516 of Sagittarius again and then will continue on its zodiacal path. For a couple of years this already has been the pattern: Pluto transit processes starting in december of any given year. Current processes also started in december of last year.  
Planets between  13.59 and 14.54 Planets between 14.54 and 15.16 Planets between 15.16 and 17.38
1st hit: January-Febr. 1st hit:  Febr./March 1st hit: Dec/Feb 2002
2nd hit: End of Apr/May  2nd hit:  April/May 2nd hit: Mar/July 2002
3rd hit: November 3rd hit: December 3rd hit: Oct-Dec 2002
  4th hit:  July/Aug 2002 Planets between 17.14 and 17.38 will have a 4th 
  5th hit: Sept. 2002 and 5th hit


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