Update August 24, 2001 / Vol. 181/BREAK OUT
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles



August 25-31, 2001

There is nothing special to report about the movements in the sky this week, so some of us can at least have some recuperationtime from the Plutonic emotions last week. Or: from the Soul which stirred our worldly personalities.

Thanks to Plutonic events in my own life and of those around me, we realised while swimming in a lake.. that the placement of Pluto in any single house (Koch method of course:-) challenges you at times in your life to go to the limit for that what it is that you stand for, even if it means crucifixion from others and the loss of outer position. Are you prepared to "die" for the truth of your soul even it it means this crucifixion (gosh, how does one write cruci - fiction in English..) , or are you killing your own Soul?  (This does not necessarily mean a struggle for life and death with the surroundings, but ultimately a struggle within, between your true self and your outer needs, without of course damaging the surroundings when one chooses for the truth).

Let's be aware that maybe we have been working on issues for 20 years already, ever since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which now is culminating with the Saturn-Pluto opposition in these months.  

Maybe the placement of Pluto in any single house in your chart asks of you : are you prepared to "die" (figuratively speaking) for the truth vis-a-vis the issues symbolized by this house once in your life, to let your soul come out? Or are you going to be lived by the dictates of the world and allow your soul to die in these same areas (creating frustration, anger, and sickness in the end).

Pluto in 1: may eventually ask once in your life: are you prepared to walk alone, if that is the sole solution to not violate being yourself (in a loving manner towards others, because  of course soultruth is the truth of love and not of fear, hatred and the need to dominate the surroundings). 

Pluto in 2: may eventually ask once in your life: are you prepared to loose all your outer material securities if this means that only then you can exist according to your highest vocation (in other words: how do you earn your income?) or do you allow your soul to be killed for the sake of outer securities? 

Pluto in 3: may eventually ask once in your life: do you dare to speak the truth (without the need or intention to damage others), or do you keep your soul locked up and have negative thoughts (fear, revenge) tumbling round your mind again and again against the world? 

Pluto in 4: may eventually ask once in your life: are you prepared to build a wholly new existence out of nothing and according to inner securities (without damaging others) or do you keep terrorising your surroundings or keep being terrorised by the surroundings because you have needs of outer safety? 

Pluto in 5: may eventually ask once in your life: are you prepared to die (as it were) in the process of creating something totally new out of yourself, negating the needs of the ego, and instead put the ego/personality to work to serve this creative process, or do you keep longing for outer fame and remain in that state of outer fame and glory even if it kills your soul?  

Pluto in 6: may eventually ask of you once in your life: are you prepared to accept that the process of service and healing means that nothing else heals but the Source (or God) itself and that modesty does not mean shyness towards other people, but knowing that without the Source we are nothing and striving after perfection is only an egoic reflection of this truth and is unneccessary? Or do your keep violating your soul by being too proud to accept some humility (i.e. the crucifixion) in your working environment.  

Oftentimes the result is fascinating: once prepared to "die" for the inner promptings, the reverse happens in the outer world.. 

The other 6 houses will come the next time that "nothing" happens in the sky. It is by the way not the intention to have these texts inspire you to completely forsake the world  and your needs therein:  Give to God what is God's en Give to Caesar what is Caesar's.. with Pluto we ultimately are dealing with inner processes which become activated at times through developments in the outer world. In other words: it is not always necessary to jump on the barricades to pour out your soultruth over the world:-) Your own spiritual processes have nothing to do with the outside world.. they have to do with YOU. There are no worldly certificates or degrees  in the world of spiritual courage, the graduation in spiritual life consists of inner peace and connection with your soul. But sometimes... one must "die" in the outer world for it...

Sadly (hm) the monthly astrocalendars will discontinue starting september- due to an overload of work. Maybe these will continue in the future sometime again, if I notice that it was helpful to a lot of you. 

Past weekaheads can be found  here.

CHTA 2001, Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S