Update Mar. 8 , 2002 / Vol. 207/ BREAK OUT -
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles


 March 9-17

This entire week Pluto will be stationary Direct still, but on March 20 Pluto will turn around (as it were) and retrogade back in the zodiac, from 17+ Sagittarius currently, to 14.54 Sagittarius August 25 this year. Then it will move forward again to reach this same 17+ Sagittarius degree of right now only in December again.

We are in the middle of an enormous turn-around in the cycle of "Power and Organization". In Holland this is becoming quite clear in view of the local elections held last week, but in fact, it is an energy which can be felt distinctively in the personal lives of each single one of us. The cycle started early in the 80'ies when Pluto and Saturn were conjunct -- and because of the "Full Moon" position of this cycle right now (Pluto and Saturn in opposition), it is culminating and turning around 180 degrees. Confrontation, power and feelings of powerlessness are themes influencing our emotional lives tremendously. Everybody who has been 'damaged' during a Pluto transit in the past two decades can attest to that, but does everybody understand that the 'damage' is on the level of ego? Because that is what Pluto 'damages' indeed. Being confronted with sickening processes where people misuse their power in personal relationships, in one's workplace, in organizations and their boardmembers, in politics, poisoning the entire environment, time and time again bring forth our deepest negative emotions and are tests for each single one of us. But beyond such occurrences being true tests in one's life, the question might well be asked: why do we ALLOW other people to take us on THEIR path of negativity so often? Why are we so untrained in dealing with such processes? Why are we not clear about what is right and what is not? Why are we in reality afraid that our own own position will be undermined, so that we act against our own better knowing (or rather - don't act) and continue with the stream of events "in the hope that it will pass?" . Pluto-Saturn in fact confronts many of us with this notion that things will NOT pass, that the time has come to ACT. That the time has come to stop damaging yourself, because in fact, that is what in such cases as described above happens in reality. In all those cases where we give away power, and are, to be honest, quite opportunistic ourselves for fear of our own position, and consequently lose touch with our own inner Selves. We become weak, and in fact, damage ourselves in those poisonous social processes where one person acts as the Pluto catalyser poisoning the system, and all that we are really confronted with, is our own inadequacy to do something about it. If that is al true, then what is the true violence here? Is it coming from all those people who seduce us into their schemes and then create havock? Or is it coming because in reality we violate our own inner selves?

Whatever the case may be, I suddenly realized that those of us who have struggled in the past 2 decennia and almost became 'victims' of negative Pluto persons or processes on their path, probably are feeling within, that a true turn-around is happening on the occasion of the current Pluto-Saturn culmination and turn-around point in the cycle. The whole cycle is reversing! Potentially it is possible to become liberated from all these negative processes by no longer buying into the schemes of others who promise us outer security of our positions and where we know we are violating our own principles. We should become a lot more clear on things (Pluto and Saturn are in the mental signs of Sagittarius and Gemini) and should stop violating our very own souls!

And then pray that the 'victims' of the first half of the cycle will not eventually become the 'persecutors' in the second half:-))

So keep things and keep your power where you truly have it: with yourself. Do no longer accept the fact that other people just poison the environment in your life, do not play their games, do not be so open for seductions of powerpositions (Saturn/Pluto) that others promise: these positions are crumbling in many cases right now, aren't they? This current Pluto-Saturn transformation could well be a true turning point in your life and bring you back to a true point of security within, rather than without. You know within exactly what feels right and what does not. Listen to that voice and become centered and clear.

It is never so, that liberation comes for the 'whole world' at once at such a turning point in a cycle, because the world will ever 'turn around as it always did'. But its energy reverses 180 degrees, People in outer power exchange this right now for inner power, but... the other half of the world will do the reverse and will get outer power in exchange for inner power. They will get into the maelstrom of outer organization and management, and will be tested henceforth.

Thursday March 14 it is New Moon at 23.19 Pisces. Mercury by that time also entered the sign of Pisces. Beyond clarity vis-a-vis your own reactions in the Pluto-Saturn business, this New Moon also asks for compassion. But Pisces is an entirely "inner" signature, not an outer one. The compassion should be within, clear action should be on the outside. This New Moon is on a degree where the Mandala (Rudhyar) states that it is good to accept one's limitations and return to the basis of your life. Center yourself, so that a full life starts on the inside rather than a full life on the outside and emptiness on the inside. Become clear, refocus yourself, and have a great New Moon cycle!

Last weekend I attended a very inspiring retreat with one of the Brahmacharini's from Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship (Los Angeles) here in Holland. it was a truly divine gift and inspired me to update the literature which this organization publishes on the following page: - if you have never read any of Yogananda's works, than start with his "Autobiogaphy of a Yogi"!

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