Update May 10, 2002  / Vol. 216/ BREAK OUT -
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles

May 11-18 - Pluto in the 9th house


In Vol. 181, which was written in August last year, I described the kind of energies that may come to your consciousness with the current Saturn/Pluto opposition if you would have been born with Pluto in house 1/6. In the introduction I said: Are you prepared to "die" for the truth of your soul even it it means this crucifixion , or are you killing your own Soul? Not long thereafter we saw some terrorists indeed being prepared to die and although I DID write:   (This does not necessarily mean a struggle for life and death with the surroundings, but ultimately a struggle within, between your true self and your outer needs, without of course damaging the surroundings when one chooses for the truth), I was a little shocked at the fact that some people were literally prepared to die for their 'truths'. Not long ago we saw the suicide killings in Israel. And last week, just as Uranus in transit hit the Midheaven of the horoscope of the Netherlands (sic) a Dutch politician (formerly columnist) was killed because 'he spoke the truth'. He did not want to die, but he was prepared to go to extremes for the truth: he spoke out on a number of subjects in Dutch politics which people did not freely discuss before. He gained such a tremendous support that it was feared that he would win the elections (in fact, he still might, postmortem..) - some foreign newspapers have reported this man to be very right wing and racist, but that was far from the truth. In fact, Pluto in Sagittarius is what happened. Some people tend to speak out so clearly, that they run against the judgments of OTHER people who are much more narrowminded, who consequently condemn the person who was not afraid for the truth.

This man was born with an Aquarian Sun opposite Mars in Leo, with his Sun being conjunct the midheaven of the chart of the Netherlands. (He in fact mentioned openly that he wanted to become president of this country, he only entered politics a few months earlier... and swept the country as a consequence). He was a pain in the neck for the ruling political parties but in fact, he opened up the debate and discussion and made the bureaucratic system listen. Reluctant as they were (and still are), they no longer had any choice. And just before the elections, which will occur May 15, he got shot by a fundamentalist of the animal defense front. God knows why. But this country got as shocked as America did on September 11. In fact, the chart of the attack shows 14+ Libra rising, just as the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. And everybody said: "what happens to democracy if someone gets murdered for speaking out? Where is the tolerance for free speech? Apparently, one can get killed for speaking out.

And in fact, indeed, this is what happened. This particular person (he was called Pim Fortuyn) was born with Pluto in the 9th house (ruling the Ascendant). It IS the theme of Pluto in Sagittarius: "are you prepared to die for the truth?" However, there is truth and there is fundamentalism: believed-truth. Truth is never about oppressing other people, or terrorism... true, the terrorist attackers in September in America were prepared to die, but not for the truth, but for THEIR indoctrinated beliefsystems. Being prepared to be crucified for the truth does not mean one starts out to kill other people. That is the OPPOSITE of truth. Pluto in Sagittarius brings all this mess to the surface, this mess of what people believe and how they IMPOSE this onto other people. Do you remember how on the DAY that Pluto went into Sagittarius the theme of TRUTH was broadcast to the world? On THAT day there was a Japanese religious group called "the truth" (hm) who started to kill other people in a devastating way.

What this Pim Fortuyn did, was the opposite: he spoke out against the impositions made on the Dutch people by an arrogant bureaucracy. And he created such a following, and gained such a lot of power, that he eventually got killed for it.

If you are born with Pluto in the 9th house, and you are living in these Saturn-opposite-Pluto times,(which of course you are:-) yes, it is true that the question you are confronted with in these times is: "are you prepared to "die" for the truth, i.e. have your ego crucified, and allow your soul to speak out? " But again, let it be known that all things from the soul are not about killing other people. The soul may cry out, against impositions of untruth from others, but it will never become violent against other people, or other life as such. That is not of the soul. I am also reminded of this Chinese religious group Falung Gong, who are condemned by the Chinese government: and members of this very peaceful group are continuously being killed: they are people being killed for their truths. People feel threatened, the government feels threatened, and violence because of beliefsystems occur. What a Pluto in Sagittarius mess. But this is exactly, what Pluto in Sagittarius is about: to bring out into the open the failure and mess of our beliefsystems, and to open things up towards a little more truth, and light. Pluto in Sagittarius is about the truth but truth can arise only BEYOND condemnations with negative thoughtpatterns. As long as there are condemnations of other people, one cannot see clearly, there is no light in one's thinking, no real truth. Real Truth is not dark, it is Light. it shines and makes you lift yourself up to a higher part within, which KNOWS the truth, which does not fool itself, that part, which is of the soul. Pluto in Sagittarius is about "killing" the "truth" (read falseness) of the ego, and bringing the light of the Soul to shine out, no matter what, in some cases. And rather then spreading darkness and fear, it spreads peace of mind.

We will slowly but surely be seeing the finals of the Saturn-Pluto opposition: May 26. Maybe I will even get around to Pluto in the remaining houses 7,8,10,11 and 12, we'll see:-) Mercury is about to retrograde, May 15 at 18.51 pm GMT, and that could be a good time for it. But get this one: May 15 is the day of the elections over here in this country. And do you remember what happened with the USA elections when Mercury went retrograde on the day of the elections too? It was a total mess, with recounts and recounts...

Anyway, have a great week, (and Monday it is Neptune day, by the way, Neptune will retrograde at 12:11 pm GMT).

CHTA 2002, Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S