Update Feb. 3, 2003 / Vol. 249/BREAK OUT
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February 1 2003


An interim-weekahead: NASA is 42 years old apparently, thus in its 'midlife crisis' and the world (certainly the world of astrologers, as astronauts are our brothers on the path, even though they follow a more external path and we a more internal one), is completely in shock, and rightly so, about the explosive loss of 7 astronauts in space.

Both the chart of the launch of the space shuttle Columbia (January 16, JFK Space Center, 10.39 am EST) as well as the chart of the last contact from Earth (= explosion) , February 1, 2003, 09.00am EST, 14.00 hrs GMT, show Uranus in the 12th house. Uranus is the symbol for astronomy, and everything to do with space, and here it points to the space shuttle disappearing into nothingness (12th house in this case). The explosiveness of the situation is depicted by Pluto right bang on the midheaven, and even though the opposition between Saturn and Pluto skywise is behind us, they make a very definite contact here because of these planets grouping themselves around the IC/MC axis. Saturn is at the same time square Neptune of the chart of America, and there could be more relevancy in this than just 'losing hope (Neptune in the 9th) or technical failure (Mars/Neptune) as there might be a correlation with something else alltogether as well (See below).

Uranus itself made a conjunction with the Moon in the chart of the USA this month too by the way (see the chart of America on this page).

After the disaster with the Challenger in 1986 (January 19 I believe it was), NASA's spaceprogramm came to a halt for a longer period in time. In that time there was a notion coming into our collective awareness that 'techniques' are not everything, and this notion also became apparent in the world of astrology, who focussed thereafter more on things like astrodrama, really experiencing astrology rather than just calculating the planets technically. In a similar vein NASA oriented itself more on planet Earth than on outer planets in space. When Uranus, the planet of astrology and astronomy and all things spacy entered its own sign, Aquarius, in 1995, the space programm of NASA started to grow again, with very succesful missions. But Uranus will change signs after its 7 year sojourn in Aquarius this year still! The placement of Uranus in the 12th house may already be a foreboding of this new Uranus-in-Pisces timeframe to come. What does it all 'mean' as a symbolism for the world's orientation, of this somewhat premature tragedy? That techniques are still unreliable when it comes to human lives? And will they ever be reliable especially when there is economic pressure?

We are in the Uranus-return phase right now (after 84 years) of the time when flying itself became a world enterprise. And Nasa was born on the midlife of this cycle and is now itself 42 years old. Apparently (which can also be read from the charts) there was a lot of pressure to launch the space shuttle even where technicians apparently already thought there was something wrong with the thing. But also in astrology, just of late, we (well, "they" ) have become pretty technical with more and more astrologers relying on ancient old 'techniques' which are totally out of date, to see correlations between our brothers on the path and our own profession.

The chances are, that in the 7 years to come oceanography and techniques for controlling the Earth's water are more in the limelight than space techniques. Maybe NASA itself will work more on this level. And co-incidentally, February 1 2003 was exactly 50 years after February 1 1953 when after a Saturn/Neptune conjunction there was a Disaster with Waterflooding in the Netherlands at the time, which was remembered exactly this Feb 1 2003 too over here as well. Thousands of people lost their lives as the dikes broke. The Saturn/Neptune signature for us in the Netherlands is also apparent because the Dutch experiments (small ones) aboard the Columbia had to do with decalcification (Neptune) of bones (Saturn), and what the experiments for the other partaking countries in the world are I am not exactly aware of. But Saturn by transit is squaring Neptune in the chart of the USA too, and we are entering soon upon a timeframe of Uranus in the watersign of Pisces. For astronomy maybe a reorientation towards the control of Water on the planet Earth itself, rather than in space, for astrologers the time may have come where we once again learn that not only techniques are what makes astrology tick, but a connection with the larger whole, a spiritual sense (completely lost in astrology in general over the past 7 years !) needs to be regained. But why 7 astronauts have to die so explosively for such a notion will always remain a riddle. May their souls find peace in space and return to the stars whence they came.

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2003

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