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February 8-13, 2003

Heliocentric Nodes of the Planets

The Southnode (heliocentric) of Neptune is at 11.36 Aquarius. Heliocentric nodes don't change so quickly, they move only very slightly in the course of time. The difference between the South Node and the North Node of a planet is always one of 'involution' versus 'evolution', or materializing versus spiritualizing. The SOUTH-Node of Neptune would therefor possible be more about the classic Neptunian interpretations such as 'failure', 'illusions', 'mistakes' or even loss of hope, or on the other hand, about 'materializing the spiritual', whereas the North node possibly would be about a more positive interpretation of Neptune: spiritualizing the material. On this moment in time, Neptune itself is transitting its South Node. (It will be exact early March for the first time). But each year roughly around January 31 and February 1 the Sun is transitting this heliocentric South Node of Neptune. This suddenly occurred to me as one of the readers of this column pointed out to me that the Challenger disaster which I mentioned in the previous weekahead did not take place January 19 (1986) but January 28, i.e. pretty close to the yearly passage of the Sun conjunct Neptune's South Node. The Disaster I mentioned in 1953, February 1 in the Netherlands with the waterfloods and the storm, was also Sun conjunct South Neptune Node Time to the day.

The SOUTHNode of Uranus is at 14 degrees of Sagittarius. That's where Pluto was September 11 2001. .... and the whole Saturn-Pluto opposition of course.

Sometimes people observe that each year at roughly the same date they go through similar experiences. Astrologers do not always understand this, because the only thing returning each year at the same zodiacal place is the Sun. But what if we were to make a list of the dates each year when the Sun transits the heliocentric planetary Nodes? Maybe we would see it is quite possible that January 31/February 1 are not to be thought lightly of in terms of human mistakes or waterfloodings, disappointments, or, getting ungrounded oneself on another level.

In AQUARIUS then is the Southnode of Neptune at 11.36 degrees. The Sun transits this each year January 31/February 1 (and Neptune itself will conjunct it early March!)

in TAURUS we find the Northnode of Mercury at 18.20 degrees as well as the North Node of Mars, at 19.33 degrees. The Sun transits this each year between May 8 and 10 (and I am immediately reminded of Krishnamurti, who was born May 9, whose work focussed so much on all things Mercurial: how our mind works).

in GEMINI we see the Northnode of Uranus, at 14 degrees, where the Sun transits yearly June 4/5. Possibly that is a timeframe in the year where freedom and new chances abound in our lives. .At 16.40 degrees it is followed by the North Node of Venus , where the Sun transits yearly June 7-8, a great time to feel connected from your heart with new people! (New, because Uranus just went before it).

in CANCER we have the Northnode of Jupiter at 10.29 degrees, where the Sun transits early around July 1/2 and possibly gives us each year a great sunny feeling of wellbeing, followed, however, by the Northnode of Pluto at 20.17 Cancer. (The Sun transits there each year July 12/13) and wasn't Pluto itself discovered at this degree of the zodiac? The Northnode of Saturn is conjunct it at 23.38 Cancer, where the Sun transits each year around July 16/17. Maybe a time in your live where you really do feel a deep sense of destiny by special meetings or quite an emotional moment with your family?

in LEO we see the Northnode of Neptune at 11.36 degrees and the Sun transits this each year August 3/4, possibly giving us quite a contemplative, meditative time full of inspiration! After which, for some time, nothing happens much in this connection but from Scorpio onwards the heliocentric SOUTHnodes of the planets follow:

in SCORPIO we first have the Southnode of Mercury at 18.20 degrees and then the South Node of Mars at 19.33 degrees,: where the Sun transits yearly between roughyl November 10-12, and possibly confronts us with old patterns (South Node) of thinking and acting, to get them in our consciousness for transformation.

in SAGITTARIUS we have the Southnode of Uranus at 14 degrees, where the Sun transits yearly around December 5/6, and next the Southnode of Venus at 16.40 degrees, where the Run is roughly around December 8. So December 5/6 can typically be one of those moments of breaking through old patterns which may have to do with love (December 8). And Pluto transitted this South Node of Uranus in 2001 and 2002, opposite Saturn as well. People weren't exactly having it easy in their love lives around these times, whereas the financial value (Venus) of shares exploded (Pluto transit) as well.

in CAPRICORN we first have the Southnode of Jupiter at 10.29 Capricorn, where the Sun transits each year on New Year's eve/New Year's day! All kinds of plans and projects re the future come to our mind which have to do with the past (South Node) and of which we think too lightly and won't have the discipline to do may occur? (Jupiter). At 20.17 Capricorn we see the Southnode of Pluto followed by the Southnode of Saturn at 23.38 Capricorn, where the Sun transits yearly around January 11-4 (give or minus a day). This could provide us with a kind of realitycheck , or rather: confrontations with the results from the past (South Node).

And then we end the cycle, in this yearly sequence anyway, again with the South Node of Neptune around February 1: a good moment in time to possibly become totally ungrounded. To say the least. Then the Northnodes of the planets have their turn again, from Taurus onwards. At least, where the transit of the Sun is concerned.

The Ascendant of America is situated on the SOUTHnode of Uranus, the Descendant on its Northnode. A more Uranian country than the USA can hardly be found on the planet, it is the true "New" continent. Iraq on the other hand, was born with both the Sun and the Ascendant on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto......and is thus a true Plutonian country... more about this next week. As to the USA chart: February 6 Mars transitted this Ascendant, and February 21 Mars will oppose Mars in the chart of the USA itself: 21+ Gemini. Pluto will make an opposition with the natal Mars of the USA in the years ahead and frankly, that doesn't make for a whole lot of peace, at first. It is martial behaviour up till the extreme, however, Pluto may bring the rubbish to an extreme and clean it up completely, to utterly transform the military apparatus of the United states.

Back to the (geocentric) Nodes of the Moon, but this time in relationship with the transit of the Moon: where you born with an "evolutionary Moon" or an "involutionary Moon?" The article on this has now been updated for 2003. Click here.

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