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This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles

1-8 Maart 2003

It won't be long now, before we will get a taste of the planet of Astrology residing in the sign of Pisces, rather than Aquarius. Uranus, the planet of astrology (and astronomy, and space, and all things spacy) looks from one side in the direction of Saturn and from the other side to Neptune. On one side it looks at law and order and on the other sides it sees nothing but chaos. It is abundantly clear that the planet of astrology, during the timeframe of its sojourn in Capricorn and Aquarius, i.e. the last 14 years, was facing towards the planet of the status quo, Saturn. The cries of astrologers to be 'heard' by the establishment, especially science, but also 'business-astrology'  and trying to become part of the mainstream, has been at the forefront in almost every approach of organisations, or articles of astrologers about the 'state of astrology". It didn't always used to be like that. But thereagain, Uranus itself was n't always in the 10th and 11th sign, which can almost be compared to the 10th and 11th house of the birthchart, i.e. right in the midst of the public eye. But now Uranus is about to move over to the 12th house, leaving behind 'the world' and its 'worldliness' maybe. The other side of Uranus peaks at Neptune. Probably about 70% of Uranus-energy is afraid of the chaos and confusion of Neptune and seeks the security of clear structures, afraid to leave the Saturn world behind. But Neptune is not only chaos. Neptune is only chaos to.... that side of Uranus flirting with Saturn, wanting to be part of Saturn.. i.e. the outer world. I have always wondered why astrologers have never worried about the fact that there is another group of people on the planet who are not in the slightest interested in astrology either: the truly spiritual people, the truly spiritual paths. To them, astrology belongs to the aspect of life called 'worldliness', which is the more apparent in the countries where spiritual life is taken much more for granted than in our western world, such as India. Indian astrologers are mainly concerned with very mundane, worldly things... funnily enough. But to the Saturnian Material western world, Uranus in fact can be the bridge towards a more spiritual life, a stepping stone from the 10th to the 12th. In between Saturn and Neptune, in between Order and socalled Chaos, lies Uranus... turning truths upside down, and awakening hearts and consciousness. Could it be, that this more elevated function of astrology will now find new roots, in the next 7 years with Uranus in Pisces? The 12th sign, and house, deal with stages in life 'away from the world'. The circurmstances where one seeks God. And what do all true spiritual paths tell us? It cannot be found without (i.e. in the externally ruled Saturn world), but only within. There are two ways to turn within: change Saturn around from an 'outer' to an 'inner Saturn, or going immediately to Neptune. One might think. But in the latter case, we would really meet chaos. Saturn itself needs to be adjusted and awakened by the energy of Uranus to meet up with the truth within, in such a way that a higher Order is perceived. What potential there is for astrology in the next 7 years, but... it won't be along the path of the last 14 years, the path of astrology partaking in the mainstream. Astrology, ruled by the planet Uranus, is about to go deepsea diving, enjoy the trip!


In fact, Uranus won't enter Pisces the next week still (but the one thereafter) but if one looks at the smaller aspects, almost all of them point to a combination of Pisces/Neptune and Aquarius/Uranus: 

*Saturday March 1: the Moon conjuncts Mercury at 24.27 Aquarius (16.54 GMT)
*Sunday March 2: the Moon conjuncts Uranus at 29.31 Aquarius, at 2.30 GMT
*and Venus will enter Aquarius at 12.39 GMT
*then it is NEW MOON March 3 at 12.06 Pisces at 2.35 GMT (so the whole of Sunday the Moon is V/C -- void of course --  with a Uranian flavour) 
*Tuesday March 4 Mercury conjuncts Uranus!  at 29.40 Aquarius at 21.14 pm GMT
*and Mars sextiles Uranus at 7.29 GMT after which Mars will enter Capricorn at 21.16 pm GMT
*Wednesday March 5 Mercury will enter Pisces at 2.02 GMT

All this meaning that mentally it could be a surprising week, but with a New Moon, not nearly as hectic or stressful as the weeks just past. In fact D Day (of the past weekahead)  didn't see anything else but an ultimatum on that almost exact moment from the VS, and although, Uranus surprises astrologers as much as anybody else, if Uranus in Pisces is the indicator of a war starting, in fact, it could mean an entire switch around in things to do with faith and spiritual beliefs, with water, and maybe oil. In the long term (i.e. the next two years ahead) there is certainly nothing to be optimistic about, especially not economically speaking, but in the fields of consciousness, the field of waking up and becoming aware, it could be a highly interesting week! And it should be a much more quieter week than it has been... well, we will see.

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2003

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