Update 8 maart, 2003 / Vol. 254/BREAK OUT
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles

9-16 Maart 2003


Venus and Jupiter are in opposition Monday March 10 at 9.12 Aquarius-Leo: it is a kind of culmination phase of Venus/Jupiter things which started at their conjunction June 3rd 2002. if the markets started to glide June , it will culminate now, if you found a lover in another country, it will culminate now, if you just felt wonderful, it will culminate now, and things will change in the Venus-Jupiter area, but frankly, you may just spent a great but strange Sun-and Monday. Apparently all over the world people are placing lights outside on Sundayevening March 9 to re-enforce the peace movement and with Uranus going into Pisces, I am starting to wonder whether in fact the kind of war envisaged in America might not for now turn out to fall into the water and just change. Terrorism after all is Aquarius and Uranus is leaving Aquarius this Monday to move into the watersign (and the sign of 'feeling victimized too') of Pisces. The idea of being a 'victim' could change... However, we have one more week of pretty high tension to come, not this week, but 16-23 March, and even if we do get a sense of change in the direction of the possibility of a new peace and revolution in the religious worlds, it will be a sense that will permeate the entire Uranus in Pisces timeframe but we stil may be in for a few Pluto in Sagittarius shocks next week at the same time.

Whatever changes you may feel, they need adaptation and this time our brain needs adjusment. Some things end, others start. Uranus will enter Pisces at 20.53 pm GMT time, just after which the Sun will square Pluto at 20.53 pm GMT. It's going to be a very interesting Monday, to say the least! And what a great idea it would be to lighten up the world with a light, collectively, borderless (Pisces) Sunday already! All over the globe! The satellites will take notice of it, and we would manifest on earth a collective group effort in a really Uranian fashion! Celebrating the success of global communication that Uranus in Aquarius brought us, just before Uranus enters Pisces for a new timeframe!

The 7 year sojourn of Uranus in Aquarius brought us an incredibly mental renewal with the most obvious outcome of the internet democratically(Aquarius) everywhere in people's houses. What it did was connect people up with groups (Aquarius), and finding friends everywhere. Now a new timeframe is starting, more Piscean. Some of the groups formed may "fall into the water" unless they serve a spiritual purpose. Or unless they serve a purpose for Spirit. I guess that the most external thing we are going to notice of Uranus in Pisces will be in the fields of our minds, and in discoveries in the area of healthcare, as well as new (mental) diseases turning up. AHDH will probably slowly decrease and something else might take its place, to do with rhythms of waking and sleeping. Uranus is electricity and Pisces is very watery and sleepy. Together they create a fuse. You may feel flashes of insight coming into your brain, or have more and more dreams. Thus your rhythms of waking and sleeping could change. Those who slept too much may find they need less sleep and vice-versa. Whereas the world really did make discoveries in space (Quaoar for instance) with Uranus in Aquarius (= space), the new discoveries and techniques will be more to do with the water on the globe, and with the collectivity that binds us all together. A spiritual (Pisces) renewal (Uranus) is in the air.

The smaller aspects in the week to come: Tuesday March 11 the Moon will conjunct Saturn still moving slowly and still at 22 Gemini (22.25 to be exact) at 11.23 GMT, creating maybe a burst of frustration for one or two hours.

Wednesday March 12 Venus will conjunct Neptune at 12.17 Aquarius at 18.34 GMT and will give you another flavour of the Uranus-Pisces timeframe to come. Probably a nice one, but for some a pretty confusing one. (Our brains are shifted from right to left as it were in the Uranus-Pisces timeframe, wasn't it all too apparent that over the last 7 years with all the outer planets in Yang signs, most of us were very tuned into left hemisphere action, where reflection and stillness seemed to have disappeared from the globe?)

Thursday March 13 is a serious day with Sun square Saturn at 11.38 GMT but Saturday March 15 life we feel abundant and great with the Moon conjunct Jupiter at 1.29 GMT (for Europe it's Friday evening already where it is partytime)

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2003

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