Update March 23, 2003 / Vol. 256/BREAK OUT
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March 23-30, 2003

Now that the war with Iraq has started, astrologers come up with one theory after the other how the war can be explained by astrology. And though it wasn't sooo difficult, and many of these are pretty valid theories, more and more come in, of astrologers using comets and what have you, to show the link between 'heaven and earth'. But all I do is feel my way in connecting myself with the planets, feeling what their motions feel like, and thus I have known for years already that Pluto stations are really powerful moments corresponding with many changes in the fates of people's lives. So it wasn't so hard to call out this week (in the last weekahead) as another D Day moment (the first which I mentioned coincided with the first ultimatum of the US)

The chart of the start of the war shows a Piscean Sun and a Libran Moon believe it or not, which is approximately the last thing one would connect with wars. But it was this Pluto station which has been the timer here. (The next Pluto turn-around, but then from Retro to Direct again, will be August 29 at 17+ Sagittarius). Of course there are two of these 'fate-changing' moments per year.

But now the question: how long will it last? I fear, this might be 2 years even, if we count the aftermath as well. The Uranus in Pisces vibration, which gave us the collective (Pisces) revolution (Uranus) of peacedemonstrations without borders (Pisces) all over the world, also seems to coincide with something else altogether vis-a-vis this war: the E-bomb. This is a thing which cuts off electricity everywhere and disrupts computer transmissions, a thing which does not kill people, but silences the operation of computers with vital information. It uses electromagnetic stress from microwave oven techniques.... Unbelievable, but how incredibly apt an expression of Uranus in Pisces as well! (And btw maybe Uranus in Pisces time is the time to throw out YOUR microwave oven, don't you know that you eat chaos rather than wholistic food using microwave ovens?)

Whatever, the transit Mars is in about the same position of the 11 September event, and currently transits the 2nd house of the USA, the area of fighting for one's own values and financial interests. And don't forget, the 2nd house is also opposite the 8th house : action is taken against the 'other'. We will have almost half of year of Mars in Pisces in the 2nd half of this year (and that, at a time of Mars being closest to the earth in 77000 years, they say...) and this will take place for the USA in their 3rd house. Slowly a preparation for change will take place, and decrease in the current cycle of agression, to find a new attitude only December 18-19 when Mars transits the IC of the USA chart at 1.57 Aries. In other words, if this is not going to be an action of very short duration (which is also possible still astrologically), we may be kept busy with this stuff until the end of the year. The chart of Iraq (which is entirely the correct chart if I look at its transits) can be found in volume 251.

So Sunday the 23rd of March Pluto will turn retrograde (5.13 GMT)

Tuesday is a good time for meetings and plans: Mercury trines Jupiter at 09.26 GMT.

Friday Venus conjuncts Uranus (sudden changes in the markets and in your love life maybe).

And Saturday March 29th it is best to work hard rather than quarrel and argue for Mercury squares Mars at 2.12 am GMT.

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2003

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