Update April 4, 2003 / Vol. 258/BREAK OUT
This column is meant for people with basic knowledge of astrological principles

April 5-12, 2003


If I look at the war in Iraq from a distance, and the reactions of the world, it seems as if what is being shown to me is a war between POWER (in a large way) versus HATRED (in a personalized way), in a timeframe in which the planet which rules both power as well as hatred, travels through Sagittarius, the sign of politics, worldviews, and religious convictions. The root of hatred is powerlessness and suppression. With God or Allah it all has nothing to do. My suspicion is, that if you were to speak with God in your own language, and if He/She/It would answer, It may tell us that we need to clear up the wars within ourselves to clear up the wars in the world. He/She/It has given mankind the freedom to think whatever we want, with all the consequences coming from it. Thinking what you like, until wisdom is born and conscious choices are made. Such a thing is called "Free Will" and who would want their Free Will to be taken away? "Free Will" implies the freedom to think out for yourself whether you want to slaughter or victimize people, whether you want to spread hatred or spam and virusses through the computer, we are here to become conscious cooperators with the cosmos, not to be puppets in a system of any God against our will, not to be dictated what to do and never understand something ourselves in other words.

We now see a war between control freaks (western politicians) who seem to act like parents who have difficulty with the consequences that occur when the children have free will and are bullied by one, and who decide to be 'firm' all of a sudden, because of their own powerlessness (i.e. control freak behaviour also stems from feelings of powerlessness) Ah, and were do we, bystanders of the scene have our power? Epictectus used to have true Wisdom, and said: keep your power where you have it: not in outside circumstances which will ever be beyond your control, but in your inner reactions towards them, where you have true power. And what wars are going on in your own life within the family or on the workfloor which you could help to solve?

Now, would the SARS phenomenon also have something to do with Pluto in Saggitarius opposite Saturn in Gemini, because the lungs are involved, and breathing (as in Airways) itself? Maybe. And if so we could even have the Pluto-in-Sag equivalent to AIDS which rose midway during Pluto in Scorpio times. But, I have this hunch that is not the case. Something else may be going on, making SARS equivalent to such a phenomenon as EBOLA. EBOLA broke out just as Uranus went into Aquarius. SARS broke out just as Uranus went into Pisces. The horoscope of the day that the WHO brought out its first reports on SARS: March 18, 2003, taken for 1200 hrs local time at Hong Kong, is maybe giving us a few clues. SARS was detected first in the provence of Guandon, adjacent to Hongkong, November 6 2002 already and apparently came from lifestock. A week before the first official reports of the World Health Organization, an alarm went out by the same organization in Geneva, just as Uranus had entered Pisces (Uranus being the alarmbell, Pisces being the healthsystem). On that day the Sun was exactly square Saturn/Pluto.


On that day a week later, when the official reports were published, there was a Grand Square between Mercury (the report, the virus maybe also), the Moon, Saturn and Pluto. So yes, maybe Saturn in Gemini (lungs) and Pluto in Sagittarius (travel) may have a lot to do with it. However, there is another square in the chart which is pretty relevant here, a square between Uranus, which had just entered Pisces and started a new timeframe for healthcare systems all over the world, and the Nodes. And the 1st degree of Gemini rules the Trachea, which, true, is not the lungs, but we are talkingabout 'transportsystems' of the air, and... transportsystems in the air (the airplanes, Uranus) and maybe even about worldwide transportsystems in the healthcare system itself.

And of course, one could wonder what Asia has to with all of this , apart from the fact that some people remembered the Asian Flue early on in the 20th Century. The reason that I think Uranus just having entered Pisces may have a lot more to do with it then we think, is not only due to the effect it has on airtravel (as in real airtravel). But it is due to something else, which came to my attention in a number of consultations and talks over the last weeks. Apparently, many people right now seem to have lost their 'faith' in the world, or their 'faith' in general. That gives rise to true feelings of suffocation! Some people on the other hand find life a lot lighter all of sudden (duality is always a given). But some find it a mess in the world with the current war or, with new fears arising. Loosing faith can really feel as if one's air (and space and breath) is being taken away. Uranus in Pisces asks for a new clarity with regard to your faith in things. It is only the illusions which are being cut through, not the reality. If you have sought reality in projecting illusory dreams onto the world outside of you, expecting things from outside of yourself, Uranus can bring sudden reversals of fortune and fate. Don't become anxious because of that, but connect with a truer source of faith, allowing you to feel space within, because as your space is within, so your space is without. There are already enough people on the planet suffocating from too little space (and air to breathe). Change the situation within, reconnect with the real Source of true faith within! You may also wish to read up on the first degree of Pisces as given by Rudhyar's Mandala, it's is interesting in connection with the 'interconnective' world of 'commerce' : In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2003

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