Update Jan. 31 , 2004 / Vol. 296/BREAK OUT
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February 1-8, 2004

 February 2 Neptune is cazimi with a Sun-Neptune conjunction at 12.51 Aquarius conjunct the heliocentric South Node of Neptune itself (11.50 Aquarius currently) Last year we noted how on various occasions NASA suffered their greatest losses with this Aquarian (spacetravel) Neptune (loss) south node at work but now it is Water on Mars which is the talk of the day. Or mice on Mars. Mars itself will enter Taurus February 3, which could indicate a time to finish things a little more thorough rather than just start all kinds of new things. Only, we are meeting up with a Full Moon later this week, so it may be a while before the Mars-in-Taurus effect can be felt in that easier way of doing things. 

Friday February 6 it is Full Moon and Venus will enter the enthusiastic sign of Aries this day as well. It may give some hectics in your love life. Maybe you are suddenly in love or maybe suddenly on someone else..  or with something else. The Full Moon itself takes place at 16.54 Leo at 8.48 am GMT time with quite a few good aspects to it.  

It's perhaps not a bad idea to follow the lunar energy once again throughout the coming week: 

THE MOON IS IN GEMINI from January 31, 1:19 am GMT til February 2, 14:04 pm GMTI which says  it is time to call your friends, to make appointments, to bring back your books to the library (and get new ones of course), to network. Communication is at an all time high during these days. You feel more curious for information than on other days and discuss the latest news with people. 

THE MOON IS IN CANCER from Feb. 2 14:04 pm GMT till Feb 5, at 0:51 am GMT and indicates it is time for 'cocooning', visit family, hug someone, and/or spend quality time with your family. People are more emotional than on other days and need warmth and nurturing. Don't be moody, or oversensitive on these days, but be social and warm towards other people. 

THE MOON IS IN LEO from Feb 5 at 0:51 am GMT till Feb 7 at 9:04 am GMT  ---- time for theatre!  Or being extremely creative --Express yourself! It can also be a great time to spend with kids, who demand your attention  during these times. 

THE MOON IS IN VIRGO from Feb 7 9:04 am GMT till Feb 9 15:14 pm GMT days for some order in your life. Clean up, sort things out. It is a corrective time, a moment in time to do really useful things, and to be of service. Do not be too critical, just be of service. In general Moon-in-Virgo periods are not a good time for loitering about, it is time to get to work. It is also a great moment to start a diet or fast or in general pay some attention to healthconcerns. 

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