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 June 26 - July 3, 2004


Tuesday/Wednesday June 29/ 30  Venus goes Direct again  (at 23:16 pm GMT time June 29)  The Sun-Venus conjunction is now passed us and we already started a new cycle in our relational life, or with things to do with our selfworth. Maybe that whish is new, will come out once Venus is D.  Venus will go D at 9.38 Gemini and will pass the degree on which it went retrograde  in the first place a  early August. So we have over a month of Venus-in-Gemini to go still! And maybe now in a more extraverted manner.

Friday July 2  it is Full Moon, at 10.54 Capricorn, at 11.10 am GMT time with a small orb trine/sextile Jupiter. The Sun however will also move towards a conjunction with Saturn (taking place July 8), and the sextile between the Sun and Jupiter will take place July 5. Both energies might already be part of the Full Moon, meaning full of epxansive ideas on the one hand, and reality of our daily private lives coming up next (Saturn in Cancer)

Tuesday July 6 the Sun makes a conjunction with the fixed star SIRIUS, which Saturn conjuncted the last weeks of June. At this time Sirius is situated on approximately 14.25 Cancer. Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in the evening skies, and called the dogstar as well, as it partakes of the constellation Canis Major. (The Big Dog) According to a site on fixed stars where delineations from Vivian Robson onwards are collected (see under resources at my linkspage, and under fixed stars)  in ancient times the dog was not a very favoured animal, unlike the West these days where dogs are part of the Cancerian family. But folkore of ancient times since Ptolemy is consequently not too favourable on the influence of this star either. Sirius was thought to be responsible for plagues and droughts, the things we blame the emission of gasses into the atmosphere for these days. In this "new age" Sirius has regained a lot of its regal influence again though as if many secrets come from Sirius. Sirius is being regarded as the Sun itself of the Sun, shining 23 times as bright as well. In this respect Sirius is regarded as the Higher Self astrologically. In the texts on fixed stars Sirius is also being regarded as the star for honour, fame and glory, it having the effect of Mars/Jupiter. If Sirius is conjunct the Ascendant with Mars, it can give some danger upon one's life (apparently) as well as recklessness, but with Sirius in one's 8th house (as I have, grin) fame comes after one's death:-) A good aspect with Jupiter or with the MC can give riches and succes in trade. 

Not a lot of people work with fixed stars in astrology. A quick look in my database of  charts does not really reveal anything much, but admittedly, it was just a quick look.

The Dogon (an ancient African tribe) think that all of their vast and extensive knowledge of the starsystem of Sirius (which they possess) came from beings who came down in their spaceships ages ago from Sirius. Where the Dogon knew about Sirius B for ages, the western academic world did not discover it until 1862 (as can be gleaned from the site of NASA on Sirius even) 

In the chart of the US of A, the most 'famous' country in the world, Sirius is conjunct the Sun (at 13+ Cancer). Sirius moves forward very slowly (so slow that it is a 'fixed' star on the firmament), but this year, the Sun-Sirius conjunction is on July 6, 2 days after the Celebration of Independence in America. 

Apparently, Sirius cannot be seen 35 days prior and 35 days after the Sirius-Sun conjunction, and in ancient Egypt these were the days were no funerals took place, for it was believed that Sirius was the gateway to heaven, and if would be closed in these 70 days. Sirius equals the god Osiris often depicted with the head of a dog. 



January 1 the Sun each year is roughly at 10 degrees of Capricorn. In the past Sirius was on 10 Cancer (it now moved forward to over 14 degrees) and when at midnight Sirius culminated in the past, and provided a new surge of enormous vitality to the world, this was the ritual of the New Year. From that ancient ritual our new year's day on January 1 came.  On July 23 each year Sirius will rise heliacally just before the Sun that is in the East on the Ascendant, and this is the start of the New Year  of the Dogon. For the Dogon, the number 23 is a magic number. July 23 has a 23 in it, Sirius B revolves 23 times per minute.... and Sirius A shines 23 times more brilliantly than the Sun.

At any rate, Saturn conjuncted Sirius over the past few weeks, and does so each time he is at 14 Cancer of course. 1974 was quite a disastrous year, and so was 1944/1945 in Europe, when Saturn also conjuncted Sirius. But personally I have felt an enormous peace of mind especially during the last two weeks, blessed with much inspiration,  so it seems Saturn-Sirius has changed it tune. I hope for many of you who read this column as well! 

Robert K. Temple, 
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