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   October 9-16, 2004 
Eclipsetime  & US Elections

Thursday October 14 we have a New Moon at 21.06 Libra which starts an eclipseseason. With the New Moon we have a solar eclipse, with the Full Moon October 28 we have a lunar eclipse. It actually makes New Moons almost feel like Full Moons and Full Moons almost like New Moons.  The solar eclipse this week is a partial one, the lunar eclipse October 28 a total one however. The lunar eclipse being on 5.02 Taurus and the Nodes at 2.09  Taurus. Solar eclipses are known to co-incide with the blackening out of current leadership and lunar eclipses are known to be able to cut through past patterns.  My guess is that as far as the US elections are concerned, that it is entirely possible that we will see Bush, the current leader, becoming less and less favoured in the polls, and since we are in eclipse time, strange things could happen still. Because a solar eclipse is quite damaging to our ego's in general and the ego does strange things on its own without the light of the Sun connected to it. It is a kind of Libra ego which we will see surface everywhere. And then October 28th the ego is realigned as it were to the cosmos, when the Sun takes over at the lunar eclipse, and new ways of living can potentially start. 

Just like the polls, astrologers are divided in their views of who the next President will be. And the charts to look at may not be entirely conclusive and may also be contradictory to one another. So let's look at some of them to see what possible could be the outcome of the US elections.  

I'm going to start with the chart which is set for the closing of the election at 11:00 pm EST for Washington and 8.00 pm PST for California, but will set it for Washington: 


Saturn is the dominant planet, it exactly squares the midheaven, and is trine to Mercury at 27 degrees, which could well indicate that one of the two parties will receive 270 plus votes. The Moon at 18 degrees could well denote that the other party will get 180 votes. (Hm yes, astrology can be that simple at times:-))  But does Saturn in the 12th mean that the status quo party will win? Does Moon in the 12th mean Kerry? It could be. This closing chart resembles the chart of Bush who also has Leo rising but the degree of the Ascendant is exactly conjunct Pluto in the chart of Kerry. Uranus is the only retrograde planet and near the 8th house cusp & thus it could also mean that a new president breaking open the current status quo is not happening as yet. So here we have the first contradiction as to what the eclipses could at least potentially:-) signify. 

The chart of the Democrat Party: Mercury has just entered their 4th house Nov 2, it denotes the daily agenda of the Democrats and at the time of the closing of the polls, it signifies a new start for them, but very much out of the limelight...  However, a stronger indication is Saturn which is in the 11th house: it is in a favourable place for support. At the time of the previous election they had Saturn transiting in the 10th and were suffering a blow. This time however the Republics have Saturn transiting in the 10th (see chart below) 

In itself it is highly interesting to see the Sun-Pluto square in the chart of the Democrats square the Moon in Scorpio from the Republicans.  If these charts are correct the Republicans quite often rule by economic power and fight mean with Mars in the 12th. Mars in the 12th in Virgo would do well to be of service to the whole, but the Moon is likely to often be triggered in ego-states, when security is attacked and that mean fights could happen (and of course have happened:-)  Saturn t in the 10th could mean a blow, HOWEVER, the Midheaven of the closing poll for Washington is conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune of the Democrats which is not good for the democrats and the Ascendant is conjunct Mercury of the Republicans who could cry out loud its victory. This Mercury is also exactly conjunct Mercury in Bush;'chart btw.  It would mean that Saturn in the 10th in the chart of the republicans is going to fight like hell to keep the status quo intact.  But it is not common to win elections with such a transit.

And now, let's have a look at the charts of Kerry and Bush and their spouses: because ´m still not sure:- )

With Saturn t in the 8th house, it looks too early for Kerry to have a victory and with Pluto coming up to an opposition with Saturn next year,  his relationship with others could be under great stress. Interestingly enough his midheaven is the same as  Clinton's Ascendant. Why does't this degree show up better in the chart of the democrats I wonder?  (The charts of the democratric and republican parties could be a little fishy because they are both given for noon) 

Teresa Heinz┤chart looks very strong though, her Moon is conjunct the Moon of the chart of America (and thus the American people), she is just starting a new cycle of destiny with Saturn t conjunct the IC and moving fits in nicely (if she will become America's First Lady by January 20 2005 she will have to move, also a time when Jupiter transits her descendant) 

In the composite with Kerry Saturn stays in the 6th house for quite a long time still , so there is a lot of timepressure in their conjoined lives to get things done and this would also be fitting of the work of a new president and his wife. 

Bush is having his 2nd Saturn return and shouldn't win. Somewhere in 2005 Saturn will cross his ascendant and he needs to find himself back as a person with Saturn t crossing the Ascendant next year. This is one of the strongest indications to me that Bush could loose. However, the chart of John Kerry is not convincing enough for victory right now to me and one thus wonders whether some people could be re-elected whilst being on their 2nd Saturn-return?  When the polls close Mars is at 24+ Libra, conjunct Bush' IC. Preparing for a new cycle of activity and that points to the other  outcome of loosing again. 

And finally, the chart of Laura Bush and that does it for me. She is actually finishing an entire cycle of destiny, Saturn is at the most difficult point in her life, right before the IC (a subject my new book, unfortunately for you, in Dutch, deals with:-) (but you may order tapes from various conferences on talks on this subject or attend the Faculty's Summerschool in August 2005 for more on this:-) , The Ascendant of the closing of the polls sits right on her Saturn. 

In sum, it is from the charts of the contender's wives that I now feel Kerry will win! Ah, what is a man in politics without a woman behind him:-)  And how fitting of a Libra timeframe it would be, to glean from the charts of the spouses who will win:-) 

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ę Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2004

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