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Update Dec 30 / Vol. 343 /BREAK OUT
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December 30,  2004 - January 5, 2005

Nobody expected the inferno at the Full Moon boxing day with the trembling (Uranus) sea (Pisces): this is the birthchart if that seaquake at the epicenter: 

 Of course it is quite difficult to find this disaster in the planetary positions of this day. The "formula" needs looking at midpoints. The midpoint of Uranus /Pluto is at 28.05 Capricorn, and with that one, there is the following planetary picture: 

Saturn = Uranus/Pluto = Ascendant, square MC 

As you can see, the Moon wasn't even in Cancer yet at the time of the quake. In Asia hardly anybody uses Western astrology, it could be that this picture says more about our Western view of things. The attention in Europe was very much geared towards the tourists in the area. And indeed, we might be nearing the end of the travelling and touristboom with Pluto over the middle of Sagittarius and nearing its end. 

The symbolism (Mandala/Rudhyar)  of the 22nd degree of Capricon (the Ascendant representing the place) speaks about totally lost nations in the past such as Germany and Japan who came out stronger rising from its ashes, and about the ever present possibility to transform outer defeat into inner strength. 

The most busy day(s)  next week seems to be January 3 pm and January 4, when Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto. It simply means that the principle of Pluto in Sagittarius comes to the fore again. Mars will conjunct it later this month, January 27th. All of these planets in the sign of Sagittarius bring this idea of the world-at-large- into our minds, and international relationships, but since boxing day in quite a different manner than fighting foreign terrorists. On the contrary, all of a sudden we are no longer occupied so much with polarization, but with unity between all the nations. It often takes great disasters to realize we are all one on this planet. So let's enter the new year with the hope for a future for all. And all of you who read this column I wish a very healthy and useful 2005, in the knowledge that most of you are united also in the spirit of good will for the planet. 

The first little part of chapter 2 of the forthcoming book on transitcycles is now translated (unedited still) on this page, it replaces the previous piece, which is now edited but that's for the book:-)

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