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January 15-20, 2005

The most important aspect can be felt already : an inconjunct between Saturn and Pluto January 20th. In natal work I don't use inconjuncts too often, but as far as the cycle of Saturn and Pluto is concerned, we really are in a next phase of these two planets: in September 2001 and thereabouts they were in oposition and the world changed 180 degrees. Now we are in the next phase of the inconjunct and are still licking our wounds, That Bush starts his second term January 20 again indicates the rather grim character of his rule, and in this inconjunct phase he appoints a Ministry of Security. (Saturn is about ruling, Pluto about power, and there is quite a lot of struggle going on as far as this goes with an inconjunct of course).

In our own lives we can also experience heavy weather, giving us situations of powerlessness. Life just has become a lot more serious for a little while.  

But there are good things to report as well. The entire Neptune-in-Libra generation is going through a 12 year cycle of Jupiter conjunct Neptune: expanding hope and giving new confidence. And maybe we enter into a new mindset about spiritualty. In January and Februari Jupiter will conjunct the Neptune of those born early and late 1950. But the whole Neptune in Libra generation (from 9 degrees onwards) will experience this aspect this year till october! 

On Christmasday spaceprobe Huygens separated itself from Cassini and today (January 14) it will reach Titan at 10:13 UT. Titan is a Moon of Saturn, which was discovered first by Huygens. The whole astronomyworld has great expectations of this landing. And the only aspect I could find in the launchchart of Cassini was a progressed Sun square Neptune.... 

On this page of NASA you can find some information as to how each day now lasts a few nanoseconds less because the Earth is spinning faster since the mega tsunami. It is however only calculated to be so and has yet to be established. 

The data of earlier Tsunami's below come from a site which I made website of the month on my linkspage, for those of you who wish to study charts of Tsunami's.

Famous tsunamis - mega tsunamis

June 15, 1896, 10:30 UT, 34N36, 144E12: Sanriku on the island of Honshu on
Japan's Pacific seaboard - An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale
unleashed a tsunami causing a death toll of more than 27,000.

Jan 31, 1906, 15:36 UT, 1N00, 81W30: Ecuador - an earthquake registering
8.8 on the Richter scale off the coasts of Colombia and Ecuador produced a
tsunami claiming about 1,000 lives.

March 2, 1933, 17:30 UT, 39N12, 144E30: Japan - At Sanriku on the island of
Honshu, a quake measuring 8.3 followed by a tsunami caused more than 3,000

Nov 4, 1952, 16:58 UT, 52N42, 159E30: USSR - The Kamchatka Peninsula on the
country's Pacific seaboard experienced one of its worst earthquakes,
measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale and causing a massive tsunami felt all
the way across the Pacific as far as Chile and Peru. More than 2,300 people

May 22, 1960, 19:11 UT, Southern Chile, 39S30, 74W30: A 9.5 strong
earthquake was followed by a devastating tsunami affecting Pacific rim
countries including the Philippines and Japan. The death toll was 5,700 in
Chile, 61 in Hawaii and 130 in Japan.

Aug 16, 1976, 16:11 UT, 7.9, Mindinao, Philippines, 6N12, 124E00:
Philippines - a tremor caused a tsunami >which left 5,000 dead on the
Filipino island of Mindanao.

Dec 12, 1992, Flores, Indonesia, 5:29 UT, 8S31, 121E54: Indonesia - a
tremor touched off several tsunamis, swamping the island of Flores with
2,000 deaths.

July 17, 1998, 8:49 UT, 2S54, 142E12: Papua New Guinea - following two
quakes each >measuring 7.0, a tsunami ravaged 30 kilometres of northern
coastline, sweeping away seven villages with a loss of more than 2,000
lives, according to official statistics. Local sources put the death toll
at between 6,000 and 8,000.

Aug 17, 1999, 0:01:38 UT, 40N38.4, 29E49.8 - Turkey - a 7.6 tremor struck
the northwest and centre of the country claiming some 17,000 lives and
causing a devastating tsunami.

December 26 2004, 0:58:50 UT, 3N19, 95E46: Asia - An earthquake in the
Indian Ocean measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale set off a tsunami that
struck at 10 Asian and three African countries, leaving at least 130,000
people dead.


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