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Update June 2, 2005 / Vol. 364 /BREAK OUT
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June 3-10, 2005

A New Moon, Monday June 6, with Jupiter Direct (from May 5 at 07.09 am GMT onwards). Jupiter retrograde gives me somewhat of a reflective mood this weekahead for a change (which in view of the last weekahead may be the best to focus on and wait with further predictions until Jupiter goes D:-) 

Astrologers are inclined to stress the enormous history of their art, a history as old as mankind itself. But that does not alter the fact, that there are developments in astrology. Science and thus also astrology for a long time was only practiced in the convents or in esoteric circles (through which a lot has been saved fortunately) and almost solely by men, not women. So the world has changed enormously already, and thus has astrology. Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) reformulated its principles and gave astrology a much more holistic basis. Rudhyar was a great thinker, a philosopher (Jupiter), and his influence affected astrology in America primarily in the 20th century. Because in Europe we stuck to our segmented black-and-white thinking in astrology for a long time still,  for each astrology is a reflection of the culture it is practiced in. But our culture is changing drastically, astrology lies on the streets to call it that, with the possibilities the internet provided us with.

Since the early days astrology was incredibly popular on the internet, as was porn. The two oldest professions on the planet both conquered the internet. We are creating a world full of people whose literary capacities amount to one liners on their cellphones, who were brought up zapping between 50 television channels, and who demand information with a push on a button. A world full of fast consumers, and a vast amount of nonsensical spam in one's email, costing time and money for all, created by a world governed by money and the greed for it. An upside down world. A world with many profiteers of those who without or only minor commercial interest provide information for all. And those same profiteers don't even realize that by their demanding behavior without giving something themselves, they keep a world full of greed and stupidity going. But, that is their world. For in between all the madness there are developments which are a blessing to the practice of astrology.

Between al the superficiality, the law of resonance works as it always did, only on a much larger scale now. For kindred souls meet, and also this in a fast and immediate manner! And the possibilities of these connections are almost limitless. next to a curse, the internet also proves to be a blessing. Not only do we have quicker access to data, but together in groups we can give meaning to those data, and a group can always do more than an individual by itself. There is a restriction here, for the group needs to be a group of friends, because science develops through friendship and sharing in a spirit of openness for each other's ideas. Not by polarization, or trying to be first, or trying to convert others to one's own opinion on the contrary, knowledge becomes meaningless in that way, and lowers itself.

The fact that we can share information freely, respecting each other's copyrights, and truly share, not just consume, indeed is an enormous step forward in the development of astrology. Imagine a life as an astrologer in the 19th century-- in the first place you may have practiced in secret and in the second place it would have cost you days to get the accurate calculations alone, without even starting its interpretation. And more than once publicized horoscope in older works are full of calculation mistakes... In this manner it would have taken you simply ages and maybe lifetimes-) to gain enough experience for truly having insight in the way a horoscope works. Personally I thus don't understand at all why there is such a tendency for Classical Astrology, although it is explainable in the light of the fact that it started in America, a culture collectively seeking its roots. (For each astrology is a reflection of the culture it is practiced in). Dane Rudhyar was French, and emigrated consciously and on purpose to America to help form a new world. And for astrology this is exactly what he has done. He pulled astrology out of the middle ages, and gave it a new foundation, a new level, a level which was the foundation for the post war generation of astrologers, who called forth modern astrology. Modern astrology only just got born! And is in full development. Admittedly, it takes years to grasp it fully, but based on the method of old,  studying on your own, it creates a lot of confusion and costs a lot of extra years. Rudhyar did not have as much information at his disposal as we do today. And it is certainly not a law that access to a lot of information means deep understanding, sometimes on the contrary so. For you have to know how to look. But if you can, then having the access to a lot of information is a blessing for gaining knowledge. And communication with friends a blessing for objectivity. If people help one another we can see where we go wrong by being too subjective and by basing our work on too few in depth horoscope examples.

And thus this weekahead is a kind of an ode to a world full of cooperation, a world with an astrological language, which by the way transcends politics, and only serves mankind and consciousness itself.

Have a great New Mo(o)n(th)!

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2005

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