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This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles, 


September 2 - September 10

Mercury is the breath of the human being, 
Uranus is the breath of the sky.

But when Pluto is stationary, and thus the strongest force, and when it combines with Uranus, it is not just the breath of the sky as in wind, but entire storms can happen, true to its reputation of total destruction, after which a totally new beginning will emerge, even if we and certainly the people in New Orleans can't see it yet. 

Apparently New Orleans has a chart, and Pluto is situated at 8 degrees of Pisces in that chart, (info from Bil Tierney in the next ISAR emailletter, from "horoscopes of the USA"  by Carolyn Dodgson), precisely the spot where Uranus was transiting. I never work with asteroids but the strange phenomena of naming all these hurricanes with names of people made me search for an asteroid with a name like that. And an asteroid with the name of Katrinaminck was indeed taken along, as it also was at 8 degrees of Pisces: 

Ephemeris for Katrinaminsk for the last 10 days of August 2005: 

Date     |Katrinaminck |
21 Aug 2005  |  8 pi 57 Rx |
22 Aug 2005  |  8 pi 43 Rx |
23 Aug 2005  |  8 pi 28 Rx |
24 Aug 2005  |  8 pi 13 Rx |
25 Aug 2005  |  7 pi 59 Rx |
26 Aug 2005  |  7 pi 44 Rx |
27 Aug 2005  |  7 pi 29 Rx |
28 Aug 2005  |  7 pi 13 Rx |
29 Aug 2005  |  6 pi 58 Rx |
30 Aug 2005  |  6 pi 43 Rx |
31 Aug 2005  |  6 pi 28 Rx |

In the chart of the USA we see Pluto transit in opposition to Mars natally square Neptune. (Military force trying to do something about the floods) . 

And all this happened prior to Pluto's turning around and prior to the New Moon opposite Uranus. Let's hope that things will change for the better this weekend. 

At the ISAR conference Astrid Fallon spoke of the Grand Neptune/Pluto/Jupiter parallel coming up next year (i.e. Neptune and Pluto being at the same declination). Neptune is water, and Pluto is enormous.... Neptune is chaos and Pluto is enormous...  but she did also mention how virusses may come out of nowhere, and the danger of cholera and typhus in New Orleans is one of the things which made me think of her observation immediately. 

There is another side to Neptune/Pluto, and that is an inner side: a true resolve to REALLY go for an inner connection, for a spiritual life, for a more elevated life, and go deep in meditation. What is the purpose of life after all? Nature shows us the impermanency of things continuously,  if not in this country, than in that country...

Well as far as next week goes: Pluto will be Direct... and Saturn is transiting the North Node in the chart of the USA in the 8th house.. (Thursday September 8)  Venus will then have entered Scorpio, never a good sign for the financial markets, and will move towards a square with Saturn by the end of the week ahead. 

As far as my coffeetable astrology tale of last week goes: Charles J. Sven sent me an email  that the idea of looking at the planets after the MOON can be found in "All Over the Earth Astrologically" by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson (1963), pages 90-93, chapter entitled "The Moon's first Conjunction". (Thanks for this info!) 



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