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March 4-11,  2006 

March 4 Jupiter goes Retrograde at 18.51'36" Scorpio.  He will move back until 8.58'49" Scorpio to go D again July 5 and to return on this 18th degree early October. The entire Jupiter-in-Scorpio time lasts until November 25, and is appropriate to really commit to something in your life and make real choices, to look deep within and to have true conversations with someone else about it. Jupiter being stationary now means we will have a few quite Jupiterian days! The next eclipse season starts March 14 with a solar eclipse March 29 on the day Pluto goes retrograde, so enjoy the next week first under the rays of the benefits from Jupiter! 

 At the same time 

Mercury will go retrograde March 2 at 20.24 pm GMT, until March 25, signifying a kind of break in our daily rhythms. Mercury is in Pisces and feels very relaxed. When it goes retrograde things relax even more although we usually need to adjust during the 24 hours after Mercury goes Rx. It will be a great week to get in touch with your feelings again, not so much your emotions, we-re talking Pisces here - but to retrace a few steps and tune in better via your intuition rather than your mental logic. Mistakes and errors in communication systems often just are man-made: if your computer starts doing weird things, relax and do not push the wrong buttons too fast, as our braincircuits criss-cross their messages to our hands:-)  during Mercury Rx times, but it certainly can be a good time to repair some things which were already wrong.  The most interesting thing is to know in which house Mercury is transiting right now, because with the retrograde timeframe it means Mercury is taking its time through that house, and as he signifies our daily agenda and in fact is our appointmentcalendar you are in a prolonged timeframe to do with the house Mercury is in. For instance, 
if it is in your 1st house, it is time to speak out and when retrograde, to speak out on things you didn't do for a long time, 

if it is in your 2nd house, you need to focus on your finances and may need to settle some old bills in the retrograde timeframe (or get them settled by others in your favour), 
if it is in your 3rd house, you're probably running to and fro with many visits, and in the retrograde time frame, maybe deciding that you need to end certain businessrelationships, if it is in your 4th house, enjoy some time by yourself, especially in the rx phase, 
if it is in your 5th house, you're having a great time doing things you want to do, and may return to old hobbies (such as pasting in photographs, digitally or not,  from the past:_) in the rx phase,  
if it is in your 6th house, you are really busy, and may need to redo things, arghh, in the rx phase,  and if your system has enough of it, it will get the flue and you will go "retrograde" and stay home for a few days.. 
if it is in your 7th house, you're being very social at this time and may meet friends of the past in the retrograde timeframe, 
if it is in your 8th house, watch out for speedingtickets, and generally don't expect anything from bureaucratic institutions, on the contrary, you are being challenged. Close yourself off and set your self to writing projects you wanted to do for a long time in the Rx phase. 
If it is in your 9th house, you might make a lot of travelplans or publish something, and reconsider them in the Rx phase:-) 
if it is in your 10th house, again you're being very busy, and things may go nicely haywire in the Rx phase, making you even more busy. 
if in your 11th house, friends are in the picture continuously, and of course friends from the past and having a good talk with them to touch base again are likely in the Rx phase. 
if in your 12th house, close yourself off from the world, otherwise a flue will make you do that:-)  So just relax in the Rx phase. 

Of course the same goes for the house Jupiter is retrograding in, I mean, that's the house where you are reaping benefits this year! 

Enjoy the next week! 


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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2006

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