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April 8-15,   2006  

After the opposition between Mars and Pluto this Saturday (check the houses where 26 degrees of Gemini (Mars) and 26 degrees of Sagittarius (Pluto) fall, we slowly but surely will enter a more relaxed timeframe. Venus is in Pisces meantime,  but the stationary effects from Saturn are still upon us. 

We will also be quite busy so just before Easter, as it will be Full Moon on Thursday April 14 (at 16.41 UT time) at 23.37 Libra. And then on Saturday one can expect the weather to change, as Mars will change sign from Gemini to Cancer. Cancer is a "warm" sign, but also a "Water-sign" :-)  The most sacred moment of the week could well be the Full Moon itself. 

Easter always takes place during the first weekend after the first Full Moon in spring. And that is a practical matter, for in reality it ought to be the Full Moon.  

Since Mars is still in Gemini, let me recommend a book for those of you interested in gardening with the Moon. It is a book which deals with the Moon in the tropical zodiac, rather than the sidereal zodiac, so for us western astrologers  who also have a  garden a much easier guide! 

A little extract from the book  (See bottom of the page for the book) to celebrate the fertile Moon (the original idea of the Full Moon in the Spring replaced by Easter by the Church) : 

Watering of plants: 
With the Moon in Watersigns. It is not necessary to water plants on other days... watering plants with the Moon in airsigns are a fertile breedingground for plantlice even. 

During the waxing Moon, preferably when it is in Virgo. In the Fall however use the Waning Moon with the Moon in Virgo. 

Creating a path in the garden with flagstones
During the Waning Moon

Getting rid of weeds
On June 18 during the morning: these weeds will never return... next to this: during the waning Moon, preferably when it is in Capricorn. 

Preferably during the Full Moon or thereafter during the waning Moon. (Fertilize flowers with the Moon in Watersigns, and fertilize grain, vegetables and fruit with the Moon in Aries or Sagittarius, during Full Moon or the waning Moon). Never fertilize when the Moon is in Leo: it burns the soil. 

Harvesting grains, vegetables and potatoes
Moon in Aries. Never harvest with the Moon in Virgo or Cancer.

Picking and frying of herbs
During the waning Moon

In the waning phase or when the Moon is in the signs Cancer till Capricorn). With the exception of fruittrees, which need trimming during the waning phase with the Moon in the firesigns. Dreadfully unfavorable is trimming during the waxing phase with the Moon in a watersign. Do not trim either during the Full Moon. 

Sowing and planting of lettuce, cabbage and spinach
During the Waning Moon, with Moon in Cancer

The Moon is in Virgo and waxing from March until September and waning from September till March. 
* great for sowing and planting. Place geraniums in new pots. Sowing in of a lawn. Do not plant lettuce.
* good for fertilizing.

Moon in Libra
* relatively favorable for sowing of flowers and herbs, also for fertilization of plants which don't flower anymore. 

Moon in Scorpio
*Great for medicinal herbs: sowing, planting, harvesting and drying.
*Sowing of green vegetables such as lettuce, mowing the grass, watering plants. Very unfavorable for cutting trees.

Moon in Sagittarius
*Great for planting or sowing of fruits and high growing plants. Unfavorable for weeding, and planting of lettuce. 

Moon in Capricorn
*Great for weeding (during the Waning Moon). Good for planting and sowing of carrots and wintervegetables, for creating a compostheap, and for conserving carrots during the Waning phase. 

Moon in Aquarius
Great for weeding and let the cut off weeds stay on the ground to rot.  Do not re-pot plants or place them elsewhere. 

Moon in Pisces
Harvesting anything means you need to use it immediately, you cannot conserve it. A good time for sowing of green leafed plants, watering plants, mowing the grass, fertilizing flowers, planting potatoes (during the Waning Phase, and especially when the Moon in Pisces falls on the 3rd day after the Full Moon, which is by the way not this year in 2006:-) 

Moon in Aries
Great for sowing and planting of anything which needs to grow fast (radishes for instance) and good for harvesting and stocking of grain. 

Moon in Taurus
Great for sowing and planting of trees, shrubs, hedges and root-vegetables. Also good for building up the compost heap (during the waning Moon), and for conserving potatoes and carrots. 

Moon in Gemini
Great for planting and sowing anything which needs to grow upwards. Also good for sowing of flowers. 

Moon in Cancer
Great for sowing of green leafed vegetables (during the waning phase). Good for mowing the grass (during the waxing phase), and watering and fertilizing plants and flowers. Unfavourable for the sowing of plants which need to grow upward. Very unfavorable for the conserving of vegetables or fruits. 

Moon in Leo 
Great for collecting medicinal herbs. Also god for sowing fruits (except for those plants which need a lot of water, such as tomatoes or potatoes). Very unfavorable for fertilization. Good for trimming of fruittrees (during the waning Phase, the winter trimmings).

Excerpted from: 

. Paungger-Poppe
This book has been translated from German and was published already earlier in Dutch and is the best book on the subject of the Moon and daily life that I have ever read.     $ 9,72  14,15


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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2006

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