Update June 24  2006 / Vol. 414/BREAK OUT
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June 24 - 30 , 2006
-The Times Ahead & The Astrology of Tulips...- 


Above is the New Moon chart (drawn up for Western-Europe approx). The New Moon takes place tomorrow (Sunday June 25th) at 16:06 pm GMT time (or 4.06 pm UT time). It means we can enjoy a fantastic weekend, because we are in the "balsamic Moon phase". a phase full of inner peace with having the time to at rest finish off a few tasks, or just relax and unconsciously become enriched with something new implanted in us which will take on a more concrete form after the New Moon. 

Just as I was about to change the chart for this websitepage and take off the aspectarium on the left hand lower side, I noticed that the Moon was at 28N22! It means it is OOB (Out of Bounds) during the NM! The Moon RULES, rather than giving in to the inner and outer true ruler of our universe, the Source of light itself, which is the normal situation for a NM. It is the EGO which is leading, or, what is also possible, it is feeling that there is NO connection with any inner guidance at all. A third, and more fruitful option, is that in the coming month the feminine aspect will lead and take on an important role, the more softer and emotional aspect of life. So let's choose this option:-) 

But there is another reason why I want to bring the signatures of the NM chart to your attention, because there are some important signatures ahead of us. The most important one is that the Moon's nodes, which now changed sign, will be in square with Pluto soon (in fact, Pluto will be square the nodal axis, is the proper way of expressing it).

"Soon" means by the way, to be exact, October 25th, on the 24th degree of Sagittarius/Pisces  and at that time Pluto has been changing from Rx to D already. It again is near the Galactic Centre (which is at 26 Sagittarius). What it means is, that after the turning around of Pluto in September , we can expect mega-changes in the political scene, somewhere on the planet. Each transit of Pluto with the Nodal Axis has, in my experience of it anyway, brought enormous changes on a mundane level somewhere around the world. Outworn ideas of rulership may surface to be processed quicker than usual to make way for a new future. In my view transits between Pluto and the Moon's nodes are the most important transits in one's life in the first place, also in our own charts and lives. One's entire lifepath is changing dramatically and wondrously quite often when this occurs: we will in such situations, in this case a square between Pluto to both Nodes, run into the past to speed up evolution and live it out quickly, to alter our path towards the future, i.e. knots in our consciousness are untied:-)  Well, now it takes place on a mundane level, later this year. We will see what happens! Are there elections in the US? Is there a feminine candidate for the Presidency? (Sorry about my ignorance, I don't follow politics currently too much:-)) 


So here I was, thinking that the Tulip was almost a Dutch invention. But then this week I read a brochure of a Tulip exhibition (art and real tulips) in Antwerp which took place in the past spring and in it I read, that it was a salesman from Antwerp who discovered some bulbs in a shipment of cloth which came from Constantinople back in 1562. He ate a few of them, thinking they were onions, and planted the rest of them in his garden. The following spring he all of a sudden discovered these incredibly beautiful flowers in his garden!  And with this the invasion of the tulip in Western - Europe started. Now remember, it was an incredible craze in those ages, tulips were sold for sheer fortunes and they were meddled with to try and create a Black Tulip:-)  So in the spring of 1563 the first tulip flowered in Belgium, in 1578 they were noticed in London for the first time, and in Holland they only appeared in 1593!   I decided to have a look at the planets in the spring of 1563 and made a chart for April 1 1563. And lo and behold, what do I find?  Venus was retrograde, to start with (and Venus rules "flowers" and isn't retrograde that often). But  Venus wasn't "just retrograde", it was also hitting Pluto, at 13+ Pisces, they were in conjunction that Spring! Pluto meaning 'mega-power", for instance.  In the two centuries thereafter the tulip quickly became a very exotic and costly flower, people must have been enormously (Pluto) inspired (Pisces), because also in art (Pisces) the tulip turned up abundantly.  And some must have had visions (Pisces) of making large sums of money  or having discovered something really big (Pluto)  as people started to manipulate (Pluto) its color and even tried to create a Black Tulip.  So, in other words, the tulip is ruled by Venus in Pisces:-) And today we use them because they adorn our living rooms and make them nicer (Pisces). 

Uranus was conjunct this same placement at 13+ Pisces earlier this year and thus in Antwerp the tulip was re-discovered. (Pluto's position April 1 1563 was 13.35 Pisces to be precise). 

-Have a great New Moon(th) and weekend just now first!-



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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2006

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