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November 3-10,  2006 

USA Elections



As far as the election results November 7 for the USA are concerned, this time I'm going to restrict myself solely to the horoscopes of the Republicans and the Democrats. 

The Republicans have Saturn transit square the Moon on election day indicating that the public at large is wrestling with the general set of assumptions of the Republican Party. However, Jupiter transit is EXACTLY conjunct their Moon ruling the Midheaven.... they will FEEL confirmed in their norms and values and project the same outwardly. Uranus transit will soon be in the 6th house, indicating reform in their work attitude (or in the field of employment). (Whatever that may mean).  2007 will see Pluto square Mars which is not going to be fun for the Republicans, things will come into the open which will make them quite angry, most likely, their warlike attitude could be reformed under that aspect though... (as its highest potential....) Of course, precisely the opposite could also occur.... 


The Democrats also have a heavy aspect: with Saturn in the 12th squaring the Sun/Mercury conjunction (square Pluto), but with Jupiter sitting right on the IC, exact.  I would imagine this means they will do better in the upcoming elections November 7 than last time;  however, the Republicans and the Democrats share this 24+ Scorpio degree with Jupiter aligning it beneficially for both parties.... . Mercury is retrograde, so it could mean once again that the election results are not entirely what they seem....  but I expect a 50-50 win for both (or something of that nature).

We will know in a week's time:-) 

For those of you also versed in Dutch: the Dutch elections are discussed from an astrological point of view in the Dutch version of this weekahead.  They will take place when Mercury has turned D again (November 22).

November 8:

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is already doing the weirdest things where computers, information, appointments and traffic are concerned, simultaneously in repair- and in frustrationmode. . Watch out for not digging up too many emotions from the past and  use the transit instead to touch base on an intimate basis with your loved ones again ("again" being the word for re-trograde). I'm seeing many clients I've seen before, and those who are entirely new, well, I mess up with the recordings and such...:-)   Mercury will become more and more important in the upcoming week as there is a Mercury Occultation, or astronomical Transit conjunct the Sun (the next one will be in ten years). See this page of NASA, indicating the start of a new Mercury-Sun cycle. 

In celebration of the 350.000 visits to this site: Pluto in Capricorn, (  article about 2008 and beyond with regard to the shifting of signs of Pluto. 



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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2006

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