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March 27, 2007

-Astrology & Natural Science-

Whatever happened to quantum physics in astrology?

There are a number of  ways to explain astrology; all depend on our world-view. A 'physically causative" model implies that objects in the sky influence one another, for instance due to gravity, or to cosmic radiation. This principle is based on a linear worldview which can be summed up as the principle of 'cause and effect'. Something happens BECAUSE and AFTER something else happened. It is a principle which also views the phenomenon of "Time" in a linear way, instead as for instance something cyclical.

Scientists with such views of the world for instance say that it is nonsensical to view Pluto, which is so small, and so distant,as something which could cause anything on Earth and will as a consequence reject astrology as a whole. Maybe there will come a time when astrology can be explained in a physically-causative manner. In this respect it was interesting to read about an experiment carried out by Prof. Josť Delgado with electromagnetic waves, in which he demonstrates, that electromagnetic waves have no need of matter to assert any influence at all.  At first Prof. Delgado carried out  some experiments with animals, then later with people, where he demonstrated that the behaviour of human beings and animals can be influenced by implanting electrodes in the brain. In a later stage however he tested the influence of electromagnetic waves which can not be implanted physically. By one push on a button changing the electromagnetic field in a room, he could for instance get a bull to come to a stage of utter fury  .  .  . and by pushing the button again and changing the electromagnetic waves he could get the bull to come to a halt and a state of calmness ensued, just by simply changing the frequency. The notable thing here is that he had enormous results with just a mere few electromagnetic waves. (It was astrologer Carol Stokes who reported this in "Mercury Hour", no. 54, 1987, page 41).

So, taking this a few steps further we may in the end come to the conclusion that the zodiacal influence is like an "aura" around the Earth, in other words, the electromagnetic field around the earth, and maybe we will discover sometime a physical-causative explanation for astrology in such a way.

In his book "A New Model in Healing", Dr. Larry Dossy gives a summary about developments in natural science which confirm an entirely different worldview; one of holism. The biochemical matter which has developed itself in our bodies is the product of elements of physics; these elements are a gift of the stars (primary matter). We are the conception of the stars, says Dossy, we are rooted in the stars.

Our daily experiences with even the smallest detail point towards a close connection with the grandiose qualities of the firmament, so much so, that it is virtually impossible to think of the two as being separate. In the new developments in natural science cause and effect no longer have a linear connection to one another. Today for instance, there is hardly a disease which can be explained away with a simple cause.

19th Century physicist Ernst Mach said that the inclination of a body to resist acceleration (called inertia) is not an intrinsical quality of the body itself, but a consequence of its interaction with the rest of matter in the firmament. (So, it is relational). From this it follows that the removal of even the slightest quantity of skymatter could cause a change in the inertia of the restmatter. (This is called the Principle of Mach). (Let alone the added matter, satellites, space-ship debris, etc by the way). Einstein continued with the Principle of Mach: his suggestion is that the working element of the physical universe is interactional: the qualities of all physical objects can only be known in terms of insight into their interaction with all other physical objects. This means that from the viewpoint of modern natural science all objects are always connected with their surroundings.

This idea has far-reaching consequences for for example statistical research.

Objective statistical research becomes a phenomenon that is not in synch with reality! Prigorine's "dissipative structural theory" saus that our nature is rooted in the fundamental processes of the universe. We are ONE with nature. Bell's theorem says that the human being participates in a seamless existence which is holistically interwoven with his surrounding world (John S. Bell, 1972). They are incredible conclusions which our logical (and not cosmically-oriented) mind can hardly grasp.

Together with Nathan Rosen and Boris Podolsky Einstein developed a reasoning which is essential for the astrological viewpoint, a reasoning which is meant as a reductio ad absurdum of the theory of quantummechanics: with irrefutable mathematical reasoning they stated, that that if the theory of quantum mechanics was correct, it would mean that "a change in the rotational direction of 1 particle ought to influence at the same time the 2nd particle of a system consisting of 2 particles, even when  the two would have removed themselves from one another at a great distance." Later the natural physicist Jack Sarfatti posited that this mutual interaction didn't comprise so much a signal which carried energy between the two divorced objects as that it was "information" .

DNA-theory has shown that the lifepattern of every human being is written in the genes of the sperm and ovum. The totality is comprised in the parts. Austrian born Gregor Mendel showed how each green pea has enough information for its reproduction, and these Mendelian principles can be continued: each particle of the universe comprises all the information present in the whole cosmos. From which follows that each green pea has the genetic information of the cosmos contained in itself!

Also physicist David Bohm postulated that all information about the totality of the universe lies hidden in its single parts, but he did state that the order and unity of our universe lies beyond our sensual perception.

Summed up briefly quantum theoretics lead to the conclusion that there is also a non-causal and not locally defined relationship between two moments separated in time. This means for instance for our daily reality that taken together, any patient and therapist, or astrologer and client, or researcher and research-object, form an organic whole by the processes which unites all living beings. A client-oriented therapy is for instance a boomerang which also hits the astrologer. From the viewpoint of the modern healer patienttherapy is equal to self-therapy: those who heal others, heal themselves.

From all of this we can conclude that objectivity does not exist as such in the human mind, who is after all the perceiver of the universe and not the doer. The word 'subjective' has gotten a somewhat negative tone to it, as a consequence of our mechanistical-causal view of the world. Objectivity can be combined with words such as quantity and subjectivity with quality.

The quality of our life is not objectively measurable as such. So why is it that academic scientists, I ask myself, and other critics still use the outdated beliefsystem that astrology is nonsense because it has not been proven "objectively" if there is no such thing as objective proof of anything! ? 

Theodor Landscheidt answers this in his book "We are Children of Light" (1987). It is entirely possible by the way that this title was only published in German as "Wir sind Kinder des Lichts", and that the English version is called "Sun, Earth, Man". 

Just like greater economical cycles (the socalled cycles of Kondratiev), waves of renewal vis-a-vis for example scientific or nature-philosophical paradigms, have a 50-year duration. (One Cheiron-return).  That is how long it really took before Einstein's Theory of Relativity entered the mindset of natural physicists.

So just imagine how long it really took before Einstein's Theory of Relativity entered the mindset of "normal" (or academic) phycisists, let alone the world at large who is still driven by the mechanistical  cause- and- effect principle without any fantasy as to what may be really possible if the thery of quantum physics came to live in a holistic way in our own personal subjective lives. We would form wonderful Aquarian mindset groups which are oganic wholes and thereby automatically sustained by the universe if we would but feel part of it. 

Many of our ideas stem from our educators, and from how our parents taught us explaining the world to us. Very few of us think for themselves. That's why the already outdated philosophy of mechanistic materialism of the 19th Century still seems to determine the worldview of probably 70% of the people on the planet (70% of the Earth is composed of water, symbol of collectivity and non-individualization in this connection). 

Other than that, we need to realize, that logical thinking is a proces to which we turn when we try to understand things in our lives, even if we are of the opinion that insight ultimately can only be gotten through in time, not logical means on itself only.

Thus the history of science is the account of a painful process of adaptation of the healthy mind to scientific facts which continuously are outdated. Truth is ultimately subjective and objective at the same time.

Astrology, both the collectivity of it as wel as its individual worth are not statistically measurable units without a relationship to the rest of the universe. It rather is something infinitely larger. 

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