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May 19-25, 2007

The Uranus Personare Chart

In the past weeks I have researched the URANUS personare chart for many astrologers and astrology-students to see the correlation with how we practice astrology. The Uranus personare chart is the chart of that moment in your life when the Sun transits Uranus for the very first time in your first year of life. It is very easy to calculate with Pathfinder. Otherwise you can make personare charts on Make sure you use KOCH houses however, for it turns out that Pluto transits on any angle or housecusp give the greatest impulses in your astrologylife when it occurs in such a Uranus personare chart. Besides that you can see the Saturn-transit cycle at work through the houses in the Uranus personare chart. 

The Sun will always be conjunct Uranus and the house it is in, or the house which it rules tells a lot about how you practice astrology or what astrology means for you. For instance: 

Aquarius on the first or Uranus in the first house : astrology will have totally altered your way of being in relationships, you have "become yourself" because of astrology.

Aquarius in the 2nd or Uranus in the 2nd: astrology can most certainly be a source of income.

Aquarius in the 3rd or Uranus in the 3rd: you will have probably read yourself silly or are still doing that and maybe also write about astrology.

Aquarius in the 4th or Uranus in the 4th: astrology will have meant a path of liberation from your roots (and awareness of such).

Aquarius in the 5th or Uranus in the 5th: astrology will be a passion (a hobby).

Aquarius in the 6th or Uranus in the 6th: astrology can be part of your daily work.

Aquarius in the 7th or Uranus in the 7th: your relationships may have changed incredibly because of astrology and you may even have found a new partner because of it. Doing consultations in astrology also fits with these positions.

Aquarius in the 8th or Uranus in the 8th: you may either be more of a researching astrologer or an indepth-psychological one.

Aquarius in the 9th or Uranus in the 9th: you may like to do p.r. for astrology but also have found astrology to be a path to self knowledge and wisdom ever more. You may teach it. You may publish. And your view of life has certainly changed totally because of astrology.

Aquarius in the 10th or Uranus in the 10th: you may be a leader in the astrological community or practice astrology professionally.

Aquarius in the 11th or Uranus in the 11th: group-situations, learning astrology in groups, finding friends with astrology or creating groups or organizing events could be your cup of tea in astrology.

Aquarius in the 12th or Uranus in the 12th: astrology may truly have become a spiritual path, you may also practice astrology in solitude or isolation (Liz Greene has Uranus in the 12th in her Uranus personare chart). (And so have I:-) 

If Uranus is not in the 10th house nor Aquarius, it does not mean that astrology can not be practiced professionally, for that you have to look at the totality of your own Uranus personare chart and see what (for instance) the 10th house DOES mention. 

Newly published on this site: a fun but also insightful page on archetypes of Ascendants and how you may give consultations. On this page.  


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007, e-mail chta @

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007

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