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July 1-7

What would it mean if someone born with Saturn in Leo in the 11th house would have a Saturn-return? Issues belonging to the 11th house are issues to do with the community. Leo deals with leadership. Saturn deals with focussing, with authority (and for an individual with having to learn to be less insecure about his or her role in larger groups of the community.)  Any Saturn return means a new cycle in life is starting. But what does it mean if a whole country has a chart with Saturn in the 11th house in Leo undergoing a Saturn return (in a timeframe where Saturn opposes Neptune as well). This is the case with the chart of the UK. You can find the chart here:

The current carbombattack-situation in the UK started with the discovery of the car in Piccadilly circus, and this is the chart thereof: 

Mars is dominant, semisquare Uranus (the terrorist(s) in hiding (12th house), square the Moon, touching off this semisquare at this moment in time.  Mars'position is relevant looking at the chart of the UK itself: it is almost conjunct its 8th house cusp. On July 2 it will enter the 8th house of the UK (Koch cusps) and after Mercury has gone Direct (July 10) the chart of the UK will have a Mars return, i.e. Mars conjunct its own position in the 8th house (July 11). It signifies a new Mars cycle is in the making, apart from the greater Saturn-in-the-11th-house cycle of 30 years which is now taking place with new leadership in the UK.  The Saturn return may involve questions such as: "are we on our own in the larger world?" , "Where do we belong as a group amongst groups?" "As a nation amongst nations?"  Changes may be apparent here in the forthcoming months.

And the smaller Mars cycle which is now occurring may indicate either two things (or both): the period of heightened alertness and security may be entirely necessary all throughout  Mars' passage in the 8th house  which is until August 14, or new security measures are in place anyway.  

The chart of the Glasgow car into Glasgow's airport suggests clearly that there is "failure", i.e. the attack did not work, which is similar to the above chart. The ruler of Mars is Venus, and it 1) opposes Neptune (the failure) and 2) bumped into Saturn (leadership, the authorities, the police in other words). 

The Glasgow airport attack took place immediately after the Full Moon. And this Full Moon is highlighted for the UK as it is almost conjunct the IC/MC axis of the UK.  It did aspect the Saturn/Neptune opposition with Venus  closing in on Saturn. Again Venus was the first house ruler. Venus in Leo suggest in both charts something about the attackers.

In itself both of the charts do not really look too dangerous (the attempts failed thanks to Venus closing in on Saturn and opposing Neptune), It is in reality the position of Mars which is important as it transits the 8th house of the UK.  It did so two years ago as well in the summer.  

For the rest the remainder of the Mercury Retro timeframe this week indicates nothing specific other than that Mercury will feel more and more retrograde, i.e. things changing around in travelschedules, meetings you planned changing, or just being on holiday. It is interesting n your own life to notice the shift of some things Mercurial this week and after July 10, when Mercury will be Direct again. This could have to do with news you are waiting for (which may not come until July 10), or changes that you make yourself in an undecisive time. It may actually be best to not make too many plans until after Mercury has gone D... :-) 



Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007, e-mail chta @

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007

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