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 Vol. 459
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,

The Progressed Lunar Node & The American Ephemeris

Prior to the availability of the American Ephemeris, the position of the Moon's Nodes were always given in their "mean positions". This was because astronomers really didn't have any use for any true positions of the nodes, and only needed the mean ones for their calculations. All computer programmes and ephemerisses these days will give you the True Node and so much the better. (It can sometimes vary up to 2 degrees with the mean positions). 

We all know that the Lunar Nodes go backward through the zodiac, but there are days when the Moon's Nodes actually reverse position and are direct. This week we have a longer period where the Moon's Node is Direct (between August 14 and 20). A "real" astrologer will always have an ephemeris at hand to view the planetary positions. Many people who read these columns think they can make do with ephemerisses generated by either computer programmes or which can be found on the internet, but they miss a lot of information. 

There has never been a lot of research into the difference of a Rx or a D motion of the nodes. "Normally" the Nodes go retrograde through the zodiac. This indicates that they deal with things spiritual. In theory it is logical that days on which the Node goes counter to its normal position, i.e. direct, we are inclined to meet up more with things "of the world" going against our best spiritual interest. But again, no research has really been done in this field. What we with the CHTA group did investigate however, was the meaning of a directional change (i.e. from Rx to D and vice versa) by progression. For this you need the American Ephemeris of 1900-2000, because all of us were born in the previous century, and we need to scan the three months after our birthdate in the ephemeris to note the days the Node changes direction. If for instance we see that on the 14th, 21st and 35th day after our birth, the Node changes direction, then rest assured that our 14th, 21st and 35th year of life will be full of changes, oftentimes in regard to relationships. 

Last year a new American Ephemeris has been published, for this entire new century (i.e. from 2000-2100!)  (See this page on the right hand side on the top)  .  The "red" ephemeris from 1900-2000 can be ordered still second hand from Amazon (just click on the icon for it on the same page). 

The new American ephemeris, for this century, has added the position of Ceres in between the columns of Mars and Jupiter for those people who also all of a sudden regard Ceres as a (small) planet...

On another note, did you notice how the news both in Europe and America talks about big debts and troubles with banks in this timeframe of Venus retrograde? Venus does not only rule "love" but also money, and Venus retrograde, well, it is about a karmic clean up of things left undone in the past so to speak.

The chart of Peru 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007, e-mail chta @

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007

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