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This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

14-30 September highlights 
& a long article for astrologers

There have been many transitions in the first two weeks of September, Venus is Direct again, Pluto as well, and Saturn all of a sudden is in the sign of Virgo. It keeps our collective consciousness busy with health issues, in as far as we have time for that, that is, because Virgo also means a deep feeling of the holiday season being over, and work needs to be done. 

Fall starts this year September 23 f0r the Northern Hemisphere, and we are probably already feeling it, since Saturn is out of the sign of the summer itself.

We had a workshop with astrology students on the day that Saturn moved from Leo to Virgo entitled "from play to work" with astrology. At the exact moment of entry though, it appeared that the welfare of animals is probably going to be one of the larger issues of Saturn in Virgo. (All we did was noticing what happened around us at that time and true enough, animals, especially those around the house, are ruled by Virgo). 

The eclipse season is behind us meantime and we may have to wait until the next Full Moon (September 26) to see whether more earthquakes (emotional ones or literal ones) occur, but it looks like the previous eclipse season was more at work in our own private lives than in World-events. And b.t.w not even unpleasantly so in many cases! 

Friday September 21 Mars will opposite Pluto from Gemini, It will give energy, excitement, passion and aggression in some cases (verbally so). It may be wise to be careful on the roads. Later Venus will oppose Neptune that day which will give a sense of idealism, inspiration and music. Whatever, it looks like September 21 is the most interesting day of the remainder of this month.

Text of a speech for astrologystudents on the day Saturn went into Virgo

Astrologers have their own energy field from which they try to live in the world. It is the field of Uranus. On an inner level it is quite an attractive energy, but on an outer level it is often the realm of the outcast.  Ever since Uranus was discovered it has gone downhill with the status of astrology in the outside world. Astrology no longer was part of the academic curriculum in universities, and no longer part of the status quo. Prior to the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled Aquarius, and astrology simply was part and parcel of all scientific studies and of the status quo. (Saturn is the planet ruling the status quo / mainstream)  Those times will never come back, just like airplanes will never leave our world anymore. Because if we look at other Uranian professions, those who do "make it in the world", we arrive quickly at the aircraft industry or space-travel industry. The funny thing about this is that also these people move around hovering "above" the world, be it somewhat more literal than astrologers:-)

To live as an astrologer, to work as an astrologer, is to live in a tense field between Saturn and Uranus, between the mainstream and the freedom of individualization. That is the reason that it makes sense to start with astrology on a part time basis, and not throw the old shoes away so to speak, until the radical moment in life where you go entirely for astrology, a moment where you decide that rather than keeping in alignment with the needs of the establishment, you wish to live your own life, and are prepared to pay the price of "excommunication by the society" for that. Just like any authentic scientist who is no longer prepared to pay lipservice to the political games and unscientific selfprotecting behaviour of the academic field of science. The field of tension between Saturn and Uranus is the eternal tension of living life in this world with its necessities to take care of the worldly things in one's life, versus the need to be free and be oneself.

How is it possible that in the western world a new profession surged in alignment with Jupiter in Sagittarius by the way, called "a personal coach" or a "life coach" in such tremendous quantities all of a sudden? It is a profession that is not recognized by "authorities" either like astrology. And we do the same kind of work as them. The question is however whether life coaches do it as well as astrologers, who always were life coaches anyway, but than in a manner fitting the individual person rather than the trend of the times. Why are these personal coaches a hype (Jupiter in Sagittarius:-), and why do astrologers barely survive in the world?

In the first place this is due to our techniques. We are burdened with a history where many of us seem to think we need to prepare 6 hours for a reading, and then spend 3 hours in conversation, in reality charging only 1 to 2 hours work (in Europe that is).  Thus today we start a course in "fast readingof a chart" (which is btw what the workshop was about this day).

But in the second place it is due to the fact that astrologers really have a Uranian profession and not Jupiter-like alone such as a"life-coach". Jupiter is freedom in the world. Uranus is freedom from the world.  Jupiter is success in the world, Uranus is evolution to the truths within. Jupiter/Uranus in combination is a good one for making it in the world as an astrologer:-)  So this real Uranian profession is a bit of a black sheep profession, which at least over here in Europe, for a long time was conducted by people who also did not make it in the world in another manner. If you don't make it in the world normally, why should you make it in astrology? So we see many people rummaging around in the margins with astrology, which is even more so the case with tarotreaders, numerologists and palmreaders, whose sole contribution to the world of business in the previous years was entertaining employees of companies at parties. A hype which also is on its return already. In any case all of this does not provide for a climate which is attractive for the current generations of people who are professional, businesslike and success-oriented (with Pluto in Sagittarius currently). I realize that in America situations are different. There is no social structure there for people who do not make it in the world, so everybody works over there the hardest way possible, just to survive, and also in astrology. It has  created more professionalism in astrology than elsewhere in the world, but on the other hand, they suffer as much from being outcasts as anywhere else, considering the fact that they always seem to busy themselves with the fact that there is no academic acceptance of their craft and in spite of the fact that we live in modern times, some of the states in America live in medieval times even where astrology is forbidden.... So we do have vast cultural differences) 

However, coming back to the Uranian nature of the profession of astrology, astrologers indeed do need to live and pay energy bills and taxes as well. Just like people who would like to forsake the world for their spiritual path, the tension between the Uranian and Saturnian fields remain.  The fact of the matter is, that as astrologers we hardly have any successful rolemodels of practicing this profession and making a decent living of it. Actually, this is the problem I have concerned myself with over the past ten years. To be succesful in a profession it is best to surround yourself with others who are successful in that profession. But astrologers hardly have rolemodels here, on a societal level, many of us are losers to be quite blunt.  Hardly anyone in astrology earns enough to share and give. So, much of our knowledge is kept for ourselves alone in a cramp and fear of surviving ourselves.  There are no places to learn the art and craft at another astrologer's business, or hardly.  With this we can ask ourselves the question, is astrology in reality a profession? Should we want to make a profession out of it? 

Now that Uranus is in Pisces, maybe it is time to make some choices, confronted with the fact that Uranus is now in the last part of  the zodiac above the horizon (symbolizing the world) and will retreat below the horizon from 2010 onwards (somewhere around , I think from an ISAR conference, there is a tape which can be bought from a lecture I did once on the recent history of astrology in the western world and the movement of Uranus around the horoscope, with Aries on the Ascendant).  Should we even want to practice astrology professionally or are there other ways? We then need to split up between the "world" with its demands and make our money a different way, and be astrologers on "the inside" only. Yet, with that, nothing has changed then from the previous century where astrology always was practiced like that and where we lead double lives.

In both cases however, and in as far as I can see it properly, something is needed that is very fitting for the upcoming Pluto in Capricorn trend, and now Saturn in Virgo. And that is the necessity to stop rummaging around in the margin, and take ourselves seriously. To stop having the world walk all over us now that Uranus is in Pisces. For that the world does so, is a fact. So we can do two things, retreat from the necessity to keep making it in the world, or turning within and rediscovering the inspiration and soul of astrology within somehow and then reinvent ourselves when Uranus gets into Aries from 2010 onwards.

Everyone will have to come to some decision for themselves, with how we want to live in the world as astrologers. My plea today is for the most part to whatever choice we make, take ourselves seriously and stop expecting the world to take ourselves seriously if we don't even do that ourselves. If we are after recognition from the mainstream, or after recognition from academic sciences, we keep weakening ourselves. We have not found our way within society and the question is whether we ever will, given the fact that we are determined by the energy of Uranus and therefor live a little "distant" from the world.  So it is useless to seek external recognition. How can we strengthen ourselves, stop giving authority away, take ourselves more seriously? By understanding that each time t hat we have a deep conversation with a client, we provide an amazing service, something unique, something that the client can't get anywhere else! We have to upgrade our selfrespect in other words, and stop having the world walk all over us or even allow them to do so by invoking it with all the cheap commercial websites with sunsigns and what have you alongside pornography sites so to speak. (And ps I am not even against sunsigncolumns as such).

I admit that much of these realizations have been strengthened by the fact that my computer got infiltrated earlier this year, I had a case of identity theft, and misuse (plagiarism) of my work. So I went into a revolt and took my website out of the air for some time. How fitting for Uranus (astrology) and Pisces (going on strike:-)  I'd rather work on an airport then....  I have a Uranian colleague with much of the same experiences be it in her own way who also reached the same conclusion and "gave up". So we are "giving up" now that Uranus is in Pisces, but this giving up, is a kind of silence before the storm, a silence before a new beginning, a new timeframe, where we will reinvent ourselves. Because if astrologers fall under Uranus, they now collectively are in the 12th house (equaling signs with houses), the house of imprisonment, the house of hospitals, the house of isolation... and if you are as a studying or even practising astrologer shocked by these statements then know that 1) this is all "in general" and you do have a birthchart of your own.... but 2) this conclusion is historically exact.

If I look at the dynamics of the Saturn transit cycle (described at length in my book which unfortunately has only been published in Dutch but is around on  various tapes from various conferences  in English) I can have a look at what it means when Saturn transits the Ascendant coming from the 12th house. It is also the phase where someone reinvents him-or herself. In the 12th house phase we unconsciously solve a lot of karma of an unknown and sometimes collective past, and more over, we come to the conclusion that our life no longer is our own, we are being lived instead. Because adjusting to external needs started with Saturn crossing the Descendant and is turning to a peak, as well as a final phase with Saturn leaving the hemisphere above the horizon soon in this 12th house.  From the moment Saturn hits the Ascendant (in zodiacal terms, the 0-Aries point), we become conscious of the fact that we have a personality of ourselves and start to reinforce that from that moment onwards.  Oftentimes I will say to someone who has Saturn nearing the Ascendant but still in the 12th house, and having relationship issues, that now the time is coming to stop twisting yourself to suit another one's needs and only accept relationships where you can be yourself.

If we apply this to astrology and the zodiacal transit of Uranus, then apparently (and as usual, grin) I am far ahead of my times, because only from 2010 onwards we will need this idea for us as astrologers. First comes the message to take ourselves more seriously. 

When Uranus entered Pisces in 2003 I lectured to a group of students on a boat (of course we specifically organized it on a boat:-)  that astrology would move into a direction completely different from mainstream expectations in astrology, because everybody thought that astrology now would make it in the world of academics (with Kepler college) and in the world of business. I saw these students looking very disappointed. Fortunately I could tell them that they have a chart of their own, as well.  And everything depends, in essence, on how much we are allowing the "world" to determine our lives. The "world" can adjust themselves to us in the near future:-)

Whatever, Saturn leaves Leo today and enters Virgo. We move from playing around to work...  but as usual it can only happen if we do not give Saturn (authority) away, and internalize it first.

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S () September 2,  2007. astrology bookstore! on this page


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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007

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