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 Vol. 464
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,


The next Full Moon is conjunct Mars, with an opposition to the a Jupiter-Sun-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn. The above chart is valid for West-Europe, where the Full Moon falls in the 9th / 3rd house. For large parts of the US the Moon is in the 12th and the Sun in the 6th house. (Data: December 24, 01.17 am UT)  - Not only is the Full Moon conjunct Mars, there is a Mars-occultation (like an eclipse of Mars) , a rarity which ,as the Astrological Association mentioned in their recent newsletter, occurred for the last time in the 17 th century (meaning, a Mars occultation simultaneously with a Full Moon). They did not mention what it will mean. Maybe, Mars eclipsed may indicate that war and strive is nicely forgotten for the Christmas season.  Or it may mean the opposite with stress in the family. For those areas where the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction falls indeed in the 3rd house, I would imagine it would be great to retreat with a good book and do some serious study:-)  Or, maybe, after all the emotional upheavals of the Mars Rx timeframe in Cancer, clear things up and converse logically about them, beyond anger. 

Two things will have changed by the time of the Full Moon: One is that Jupiter no longer is in Sagittarius thinking it is right all the time, but in Capricorn-mode. Some sense may enter our heads indeed:-) The other is that the nodal axis has changed from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. Have you seen anyone relax and take it easy during the timeframe of the South Node in Virgo?  We now enter Leo-mode. With Aquarius as a learning process. With all those planets in Capricorn and Aquarius under pressure, anything new may loose it from more conservative streams of thought, or behavior. Though I do think that the Pluto in Capricorn timeframe to come will see a female president in the US for the first time. If not already with the next elections, than the elections thereafter. For we are changing from yang (Sagittarius) to yin (Capricorn) with 2008 being a transitional timeframe.  And uh, it may be cold this winter.... not only are we in a solar sunspot-low (which at least over here means cold), but Jupiter in Capricorn, with Pluto to come.... the ice caps on the North Pole are likely to return.... Whatever, I wish all readers of this column a great holiday season. 


Mars remains retrograde in Cancer the rest of the year and even without it being the season for it already in November it turned out that indeed, many people were busy with redoing things like kitchens and so in their houses. It will depend of course on the horoscope-house which Mars is transiting in your own chart. The retrograde period means Mars is much longer than normal in any given house, and as Mars energizes the house it is transiting in, it keeps our activities geared towards specific things. I.e. House I : feeling highly energetic and being more assertive than normal in relationships. House II: spending a lot of energy on financial things, House III: writing more than normal (or quarreling with your neighbours about the noise they make in rebuilding their house..:-)  , House IV: redoing your own kitchen... (or something like that), House V: having lots of fun (for instance with your children), house VI: work, work, work, and lots of repairs..  House VII: spending more time than usual with relationship issues. House VIII: cleaning up emotions of the past, confrontations. House IX: getting your  views out in the world. House X: spending most of the time on your career, House XI: having lots of people around or going out a lot with friends. House XII: sitting on your relived anger and chewing on it in silence or writing it out in a diary... :-) or, feeling terribly tired. 

Basically, I don't think the holiday season will be so much fun this year. Mercury is in Capricorn but that is not unusual for this time of the year (it relates to why so many people often feel lonely during the Christmas season). But Jupiter will leave the sign of hypes and positivism, and will enter Capricorn as well on December 18 and moreover, one day later Saturn will turn retrograde. Any planet turning around always gives the entire week around it the flavor of that planet (as it is much slower to even standing still, and thereby imprinting the world much heavier so to speak, than at other times). Thus that week, just before Christmas will be "Saturnian" in flavor, and as Saturn is in Virgo, I expect many people to have umpteen things to clear up still, before the holiday season, with however a shift after the 18th: all of a sudden, from that weekend onwards, the pressure may be off (Saturn retrograde), However, with Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio, the mood may be somber or at best "realistic" for the remainder of the year. Or, it may just simply be a lot colder outside than we bargained for:-) 


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2007

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