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 Vol. 469 update, February 7, 2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

Although the "world" was more preoccupied with Super Tuesday and Joran van der Sloot, in view of the Pluto-in-Capricorn weekahead below it was certainly interesting that the Maharishi Yogi died just before the solar eclipse at 17 Aquarius. The chartdata I found on the internet for him shows Uranus conjunct the Ascendant, hit exactly by the current solar eclipse! It means the chart could well be correct...  January 12, 1917,  03.10 am UT time, Jabalpur, India).  For some people it must indeed mean a "light" has been eclipsed.  As to Joran van der Sloot, we have no chartdata of him over here  other than his DOB, but the transit Neptune position of the day that Natalee disappeared into the ocean was also 17+ Aquarius precisely conjunct today's solar eclipse!!  And as to the American presidential elections, I haven't looked into that as yet, but a new era with Pluto in Capricorn means indeed three things: i.e. power to the old (Capricorn), power to women (Capricorn, believe it or not, Capricorn is a FEMININE sign), or power to the suppressed of a half cycle back when Pluto was in Cancer, i.e. to the black people.... but since Pluto will be in Capricorn for years, all three might eventually be possible. 


One of the last news items of the Pluto-in-Sag-timeframe was that while someone in America was peeling potatoes, a very down-to-earth occupation, the image of Jesus appeared. (See the photograph above). I was watching the news items as Pluto went into Capricorn because in the beginning the seeds of what is to come can be seen and news items certainly sometimes have a wonderfully symbolical meaning, whether one believes this news item to be real or fake . How many of you still have the dreams and worldviews or even philosophies on life that you had in 1995? Certainly one of the things which was brought down to earth (as in appearing in potatoes..) has been the downfall of many, exceedingly many guru's, due to the information on the internet. Most gurus fell from their pedestals due to various kinds of abuses (Sai Baba, Sri Chimroy, Mansukh Patel, Muktananda, Maharaji Ji,  the TM movement, Andrew Cohen, etc etc etc). In other words it almost seems as if nothing is sacred anymore in our beliefsystems. Saints turned out to be very much of the earth, even India westernized and has gone materialistic,  and Jesus appeared in an earthy potato on the very last day of Pluto in Sagittarius.  Pluto in Sagittarius was about truth and not about manipulation of thoughts, such as the Secret, or being brainwashed in cults, yet is not everything cultish, as we are continuously being brainwashed by popular ideas which may not always be the truth? 

But now a very new era is upon us, the time of paying up debts, so it seems. Money is now turning out to be nothing but debt. What a Capricorn symbol!  What came down to earth in the news, immediately after Pluto went into Capricorn, was not a saint, but a manmade spy-satellite; the news broke that a dead satellite used for espionage (Pluto) will fall on the earth (Capricorn)  in February or March sometime. To me this was a major symbolic  news item immediately after Pluto went into Capricorn.  And I just sense it is symbolic for Pluto in Capricorn although exactly what it means, such a spying satellite gone dead and returning to Earth, eludes me maybe still. Probably, what it means is that all that we project into space or into the outer world, will eventually come back to us. Pluto is about evolutionary quickening, Capricorn in an oldfashioned way about karma and indeed accrued debt. Things we created, will come back to us. It may be good fortune, it may be difficult and maybe the more so for large institutions, structures and organizations, the things we thought to be secure (such as banks).  Pluto will surely let us know where our collective karma and debt lies in the near future. 

I decided to tackle Merc retro in Aquarius with correcting a few things on my site, if I have time for that at least, for busyness is upon us with Mars going direct now. In a weeks time a new eclipse season starts, widely conjunct the planet of the seas (Neptune), or maybe this time the planet of faith, we're on our own for a while, becoming conscious of how much we may need the light within to guide us, because only when it fails us do we become aware of its existence.  Maybe more in a weeks time (again, if I have time, in this month of busy-ness), oh and Venus conjuncts Jupiter tomorrow, on 9 + Capricorn. So enjoy a restoration of values and inner security first! 


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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