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 Vol. 470 update, February 21, 2008
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It feels as if the previous solar eclipse worked out in advance, and that the lunar eclipse conjunct Saturn did too. For it turned cold over here and ice-cold in some parts in Eastern Europe just this last week. And the weather is predicted to change tomorrow at least over here  when the Moon has been full and eclipsed (visible only in the US).  Mercury retrograde in astrological Aquarius is behind us now and wow did I notice how it affected my consultations (fortunately not my computer).  Many clients of old came to see me (which is typical for the "re-meeting, or rather meeting again, of the Mercury retrograde appointments timeframe),  but it was with new clients that wrong charts were interpreted,  appointments almost  forgotten or taping the sessions almost going wrong... but in nearly all cases things turned out nicely, as if the cosmos wanted it another way anyway. :-) 

The Sun entered the sign of Pisces meantime, Venus is happily sojourning in distant Aquarius, making us lean toward the more eccentric things of our lives (maybe),  Jupiter is speeding along in Capricorn and reaching the middle of it already, Mars is turning around newspages in Gemini quicker than that I can read them, Kosovo made itself independent meantime (February 17, 2008, Pristina, the signing of its independence occurred according to at 15.53 pm CET providing a chart which doesn't make any sense to me other than Saturn in the 2nd house (it is probably the poorest country in the region),  and Saturn will be opposite the Sun, Sunday February 24th, which might make for a depressing day. I have this feeling that many people are in depression these days but that may be my astrological prejudice for the timeframe of Capricorn is upon us now, with Pluto in it. 

There seems to be this sense of personal failure rather than personal success as was the case everywhere in the Pluto in Sagittarius timeframe,  but maybe I speak to too many people who have been undergoing Saturn transit conjunct Pluto in their natal charts . What does the sense of failure do to us? What good does it do? And is there such a thing as failure in reality?  Pluto in Capricorn: steadfast ambition and failure. Being oriented towards a definite goal and feeling that the world is larger than ourselves anyway, and not a thing can be accomplished.  The planet of power in the sign of karma as in things which need to be done still. Or is there light at the end of the tunnel? I sway between these morose thoughts and the hunch that Pluto in Capricorn may not be such a depressing timeframe at all, a faint sensing, a glimmer, and yet not being able to grasp it entirely yet. As most of the people I know have had problems with borders in their lives, as countries had no more borders either, borders are being made everywhere (a wall is being built between Mexico and the States for instance) , and time restrictions are borders as well.  Pluto in Capricorn could be great for better time-management. Astrology's future role in the years to come could maybe focus on time -management, it may do just great!  Anyway, I'm rambling on and the reason is that I really don't have time in February to write any weekaheads...   but a Saturn- inspired Lunar Eclipse and seeing astrology being used more as a time management tool by "the world at large", what a great idea!  

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MEANTIME,  I have received some more information on the "birth of independent Kosovo", and a chart which makes more sense. On this page


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