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 Vol. 476 update, May 1, 2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,

The month of May, 2008



The Month of May starts in a somewhat Saturnian fashion, with Saturn stationary. It will go Direct May 3 at 1.40 Virgo and will then leave the early degrees of Virgo. It is 7-8 months after Saturn's entry into Virgo and what we saw meantime, as I predicted months in advance, was that there would be a shortage of workers, unlike the previous time when Saturn was in Virgo, when there was a shortage of work. Pressures with work, but now the other way around. This whole millennium Saturn has been working opposite to fearful expectations, with exception of the Saturn in Gemini timeframe, when the whole IT market crashed.  In Holland we finally(finally) had some positive news re alternative medicine/healing on the television in these last few weeks, only to be vehemently opposed (of course) by Skeptical Groups claiming that to become whole and healthy (due to alternative medicine) is "Un-scientific" and should therefor be forbidden. I call that fascism.  I just loved this cartoon I saw on the internet today: 

Anyway, have a look in your own chart which (Koch-) house Saturn rules and note how those situations could currently be in a standstill, to change direction after May 3, when Saturn moves us into the future so to speak (it goes Direct).

It will be followed by stronger Jupiter influences as Jupiter turns retrograde and thus stations in the days thereafter. Jupiter will go retrograde May 9 and will also by the way make a lovely sextile to Uranus May 21. It is the signature that the UAC organizers picked to have their conference, a conference I will now not be attending for the simple reason that the entire hotel became smoke-free, after it changed ownership all of a sudden.  I don't mind those kind of regulations, I just would have liked to know in advance, because I also like to make my own choices... America is separating itself from the rest of the world with stronger and stronger security around it, and in this connection it is interesting to note that the previous time Uranus opposed Saturn, was in the sixties at the height of the "cold war". In 1988 Saturn conjuncted Uranus and a new timeframe started, opening up the countries behind the iron curtain but we  ended up with an invasion of yet another unknown culture in the western world, Islam. The world again is in division, with Uranus opposing Saturn coming up, only now Uranus is in the opposite sign as it was in the sixties, when young people claimed their freedom and individualism, and the "old" had to give way. Uranus in Pisces now means that the "free spirit" everywhere seems to be having to give way versus Saturn in Virgo, making ever more "efficient rules and regulations".

I am slightly concerned because Fascism was born the previous time Uranus was in Pisces (Uranus = freedom, Pisces is being snowed under) but maybe Uranus also can do it different just as Saturn in Virgo is doing it entirely different than it did the previous time some 30 years ago. 

Freedom may lie in the concept of the notion that in reality we are one world, we cannot really separate ourselves from others at all, we are all human beings with the same urges and drives, everywhere. We are one planet. But, Uranus will enter Aries in 2010:-)  

If you are regularly working with your computer, it may be a good idea to get your back-ups in place, in the weeks ahead,  for Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of communication May 26, and my computer is already doing funny... 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008

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