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 Vol. 478, May 16, 2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

The capacity to transcend negative emotions


Neptune is stationary at the 25th degree of Aquarius, a degree which symbolizes amongst others the capacity to leave old emotions behind by a higher consciousness which sees the unity in everything.  Neptune arrived here at the end of April, will turn retrograde May 26 and will go back to the 24th degree at the end of June. 

-discoverychart of Neptune-

Neptune was discovered the previous time he sojourned in Aquarius, September 24, 1846, in Berlin-Schoeneberg, at precisely 25.52 degrees of Aquarius. A planet which is discovered mirrors the discovery of new principles by humanity. In general astrologers correlate the Neptune discovery with: 

* the use of X-rays
* the discovery of poltergeists and the popularity of seances
* the use of gaslamps on streets (gas is an all pervasive substance, quite Neptunian)
* the beginning of Communism, based on materialistic principles as well as its spiritual counterpart: the Bahai Faith.  (Geared towards universalism). 
* the beginnings of discoveries of the techniques for photography (making pictures which freeze moments in time and space in a two dimensional virtual way long after the moment in time is gone already).  (In September 1846 Saturn conjuncted Neptune: fixating Neptunian things, but also, Saturn, becoming conscious of Neptunian principles, here in the 8th house: Connections to the afterlife). 

In 2009 Neptune will return to the same degree as its discoverydegree, and that means that at long last Neptune has since it was discovered travelled through the entire zodiac, taking 163 years to do so. Which equals 2 human lifes (2 Uranus cycles) and 6 Saturn cycles.  The first cycle meant a first implementation and discovery of Neptunian principles. Going through the zodiac a 2nd time may well mean the consolidation and taking within us the principles belonging to Neptune, no longer from the outside, but from within (uh potentially speaking, it may take a while for instance until Neptune gets into Taurus and makes a square to Aquarius). 

Neptune is wholly impersonal, yet functions quite often as a desire for personal connections to the Neptunian impulse. For "owning" it. We make personal images of God, we think the guru is a person, (for us only). We want special attention, where Neptune is considered (stemming from the inborn knowledge we are children of the One, however, we ALL are..)   If for instance I suggest to someone with Neptune in the 5th house that the fact that she is childless might have to do with an evolutionary impulse to consider all children as her children, she will usually say, yes but I want a child of MYSELF (i.e. I want to own it). (The desire of clinging).  If I see Neptune at work in the 7th house in a situation where it is necessary to let go of a loved one, the person will say: yes but I want him or her for MYSELF alone. (The desire of clinging).  if I see Neptune in the 2nd house where God will take care of one's income (or one's husband, grin). the person says, yes but I want an income OF MY OWN. Neptune is about giving, and tapping from a universal source, It belongs no one, only humanity at large. It comes and goes, and we cannot hold on to it. Will we learn this in the 2nd 165-year cycle of Neptune which will start next year? 

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