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 Vol. 479, June 3, ,2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

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The recipe for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde May 26 at 21.13 Gemini, square Uranus. Almost at least, for the square is not reached because Mercury will go retrograde just prior to its square with Uranus.  

June 7 Mercury is conjunct the Sun and starts a new "Mercury Phase" much like a new Mooncycle, but now of the mind, our thinking, and our communication-systems, and in the week thereafter most of the retrograde effects such as cancellations or so are likely to occur, although some have been happening already. Thursday June 19 Mercury goes direct again at 13 Gemini and will reach its square with Uranus at 22 Pisces Saturday July 5.  Currently I am without a phone in Holland and the new one is planned for around July 5. 

Gemini is the sign of communication. And things going wrong is a very well known feature when Mercury goes retrograde (such as whole fall outs of systems, appointments at another date, appointments forgotten, etcetera), and for astrologers is usually is just very funny, except once in the so many years that a Mercury in Aries retrograde makes the car stop on top of a busy bridge with a boiling motor.  Or the one time that Mercury in Gemini retrograde refuses to get your mail delivered. It depends a little really in which house in your own chart Mercury is transiting.  

But what is the meaning of Mercury retrograde? The easiest way to understand this is to compare each direct going planet with Aries , (as if everything starts to go forward with Aries (which it does of course:-), and each retrograde planet with Pisces, as if the 0 point Aries goes back into Pisces, into never never land.  We have two brain hemispheres, a rational one , on the go towards to future in the external world, and an intuitive one, linked to the inner world. It is a well known fact to astrologers that a child born with Mercury  retrograde can be a total dreamer in the class not paying any attention to the outside demands, the child "thinks" in pictures (and in wholes), not in rational pieces not even linked to one another ( such as is the case with academic science -- (but that as an aside). And then, when Mercury goes Direct (at the maximum age of 21 years)  the child all of a sudden communicates with the outside world just like every one else! 

So what happens with the collective mind of humanity when Mercury goes retrograde? We collectively switch from the rational to the intuitive side. We are being stopped in continuing with our business as usual. It is time for reconsideration of things, a time for a mental holiday, or a time for taking up those projects from the past which were left too long already. It is time to touch base with people you haven't seen in a while, and for astrologers: quite often clients from the past return. 

The recipe for Mercury retrograde

Realize that in most instances Mercury retrograde is not the problem but our own perception and consequent panick reaction. If you work a lot with computers for instance, and something seems to go wrong, rather than get into a panick reaction, stand still for a while and notice how your brain wants to touch the keyboard on the lefthand side, but your hands go to the right (or something like that). We often do it ourselves! Come to a full stop, take a deep breath, calm down, THINK (twice), and see what could be wrong with the connections. Our brainhalves give crosssignals during Mercury retrograde. As simple as that. Of course we could be victims of other people's panick in such times, such as internetbanking dropping out, and so on and so forth. The other day I was testing a Skype connection with a client who installed Skype just for the sake of the consultation. She could not hear me. Of course, Skype ALWAYS works fine here, so I presumed it was her problem. The next day I found out nobody could hear me on Skype, I put in a 2nd mike, things went fine and I almost ran out to buy a new mike for the computer to be in time for the consultation. Then I noticed something. The mike had a switch on it. It was on "off". 


Buying computers, cars, bikes, software, houses, whenever Mercury goes retrograde.

It makes sense in all of those cases where you considered buying these things a long time before already. For Mercury retrograde points to ideas already in our minds. Buying something new on impulse that you never thought of before, is NOT a good idea when Mercury goes retrograde, but buying something for repairs, or something which you considered already way back, there should not be a problem.  Actually, the Piscean quality of Mercury is such that the cosmos often helps... faults can be made, but it is not necessarily to your disadvantage if you are living in tune with your inner path.  Gifts can come your way too (to settle scores with the past, or something like that). 

Most of us are not used to using both brainhemispheres together at once. In fact, it is almost impossible to do so. If you are a student of astrology, and studying symbols, it is quite easy to pick up all the imagery that goes with it, you form pictures in your mind of  the assertive redheaded or hotheaded person with Sun in Aries, and think, yes, I get it. But then there comes a time when you need to translate all the imagery in plain language and your two brainhalves have not created dendrites (bridges) between the two hemispheres yet. That is the time which is the hardest for astrology students. Learning to verbalize in plain language what it is they "feel". The wonderful thing of studying astrology is, that we train ourselves in making these bridges between the two brainhalves. And it is even more interesting to become aware of the emphasis of one brainhemisphere over the other on the strange day of switching just after Mercury turns around! 

Anyway, Direct planets are great for getting things accomplished in the outer world. Retrograde planets are great for tuning in to our inner lives, they connect with the world of spirit.  Don't con-fuse the two, but maybe do the hardest thing of all, fuse them:-) 

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