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 Vol. 483, August 28, 2008
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-the Galactic Center - (center of the Milky Way) 

PLUTO and the Galactic Center revisited

The Oxford Summerschool of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies is behind us again, what a treat it is to be part of that! Fancy yourself amidst people from all countries over the world with nothing other than the study of astrology on your mind, in one of those wonderful colleges where you are catered for and can focus solely on your astrology study in an atmosphere of brilliance and true learning.  In the Bible it says " if two or three are gathered in my name", well, if many more are gathered in the name of Urania with the intent on learning, miracles of insight happen! I personally gained a miraculous insight which I have tested with every astrologer I met since then: 

Pluto is retrograde currently, and will turn direct September 9 on 28.30 Sagittarius. And Jupiter will turn Direct September 8 and I wonder whether that means that now that we are in the finals of a retrograde (revisiting) phase of Pluto in Sagittarius, and that we can finally maybe understand something (or at least, I can finally maybe understand something).  Something that started December 20, 2006, when there was a Full Moon at 28.33 Sagittarius, precisely the degree revisited now by Pluto. During that Full Moon Pluto itself was conjunct the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius). I remember that Full Moon very well because it was the starting point of everything that went wrong in my life, and which I tried to understand during the entire year of 2007 without succeeding. I had no answers (for one time in my life), I had no understanding. Now, the Galactic Center in reality is a Black Hole. A Black Hole that sucks up everything into non-existence. And for a Sagittarius kind of personality to no longer have answers or understand something, that is truly black...  however, we collectively  had a Sagittarius kind of personality, during the years Pluto went through it. 

In new Age circles the passage of Pluto over the Galactic Center was thought to be very special, it was thought to give an evolutionary jump. But in reality the opposite happened. The end of current growth and understanding.. it all ended into a giant Black Hole...  many people suffered a long time kind of depression and loss of meaning in the year after (2007) which may not even be entirely over yet! Astrologers think it has to do with Pluto in Capricorn, but I think it was Pluto conjuncting the Galactic Center... Pluto itself was even dethroned by the astronomy world just before it hit the Galactic Center (when it was at 24 Sagittarius) .. which to astrologers is a matter of non-understanding, because they know the incredibly and overruling force of Pluto in birthcharts. 

The Sagittarius bit in all of our charts comes to life through insight, through answers, through understanding, and most of all, through meaning. If things occur which are not understandable, which make everything meaningless, one can speak of a true Sagittarian Black Hole. In the meantime it is clear to me that my experiences were not only mine. Many colleagues have without that they knew so from one another, been having similar "black hole-experiences" of meaninglessness, without the answers as to the why of things. Everything which was tried to find answers ended up nowhere, sucked up in a giant black hole:-) 

One thing is certain, I personally am already for a long time no longer enthusiastic about the Galactic Center and its meaning in astrology, and have gained a deep respect for its Black Hole - like powers, for destroying everything that makes life worth living: meaning, and hope. I wrote this weekahead a few days ago in Dutch and since then many people have emailed me who resonated exactly with these experiences. Fortunately not all. And those of you who have felt like us, well maybe from September onwards we can start a new life, after Pluto went Direct and create our own new meaning in life!  


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008

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