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 Vol. 484,  September 24, 2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

November 4, 2008 - Election day in the USA

November 4 is an interesting date, because it is the exact date of the first of three Saturn-Uranus oppositions to come.  The previous opposition was in the sixties with Uranus in Virgo (now in Pisces) and Saturn in Pisces (now in Virgo). We are in "opposite" times as well with this reversal of Uranus and Saturn, for there is no hippy movement (Uranus), but a controlled environment (Saturn).  Tensions are normal for Uranus opposite Saturn. In this chart we see that Jupiter in Capricorn bridges the opposition beautifully. 

This same Jupiter  is trining Mars in the chart of the democrats on electionday and with Mars ruling the 9th house, this is good news for them! 

And in the chart of the Republicans we see no specific transits whatsoever.  Mars is almost near the Moon, which is probably upsetting news for the Republicans.

Based on these charts alone one would think that the democrats win. The Moon is in Aquarius on  election day, at least around the time of the closing of the polls, which probably means that a big shift will occur during the day, it starts with Capricorn, and ends with Aquarius: change.  At least, that is my guess, one of the million of astrologer predictions:-) 

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