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 Vol. 486,  October 30, 2008
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Obama: enormous changes in the USA, crisis or possibilities?

November 4 will see the first of a series of oppositions between Saturn and Uranus at 18.54 Pisces (Uranus) and Virgo (Saturn). This is almost conjunct the 2nd and 8th house cusp (Koch) of Barack Obama.  

If Obama wins, he will be in for a few very heavy years, with Saturn transit through his 8th house. It is almost in the 8th house currently. Some people experience a period like that as a kind of "emprisonment", where nothing progresses. What however is possible in such a timeframe is carrying out enormous reorganizations, and so that really is the only positive option for Obama.

Whether he can carry them through remains to be seen, for usually we do not see the results until Saturn leaves the 8th house which in his case will only be in 2012 .... it means that precisely during the 4 presidential years he will have Saturn transit in the 8th and the presidency may even feel like a kind of prison, though it also is a time of deep commitment to a cause.  People often experience powerstruggles in such a timeframe, trouble with money from others, and psychological confrontations.  And he may experience more than one death-threat or death may be around him or on his mind emotionally speaking.

Obama's chart is not the chart of someone who cooperates easily with others, but it does indicate someone who actually loves having influence (Scorpio on the 10th) and who also can carry "the burden of the world" (Saturn in the 12th). Because Saturn transit in the 8th is not the most favourable time for cooperation with others, it is likely that his biggest problem are with his advisors or other people around him during the next couple of years.

It is at any rate time for change, if only because Saturn and Uranus oppose and with a new "Zeitgeist" coming up, not easy for Ohama but also not for the rest of the world. The transformation of large institutes of power is probably even the intent of Pluto in Capricorn, and that does fit Obama's chart.


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