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 Vol. 487,  November 20, 2008
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles

The world of Barbie


Barbie was introduced for the first time March 9, 1959, when Pluto had just entered the sign of Virgo (the era of "perfectionism" was born).  Children, growing up with the"role model" of Barbie and Ken are now the grown ups in the world, and think nothing of Botox and plastic surgery (to stay looking like Barbie). Anorexia was the thing, and the world of fashion today is determined by the Barby model. Shoes of Prada, bags of Gucci, long slick hair, and first and foremost: "the perfect world of design". We spend an incredible amount of money on FORM, it is the outside form which has to be perfected. Perfectionism is the standard set by the entire Pluto in Virgo generation. Perfection of form.  The unconscious imprinting at an early age of how the perfect woman should look did not only have these shadow sides, the sixties were also the years where "the family" no longer was the cornerstone of society. The children born since then were not raised playing "father and mother" with their dolls, they were raised with Barbies to dress up and be fashionable, and with that maybe with the role model of the perfect career woman rather than the motherly types.  Dolls were adults (to be dressed up)  rather than baby-dolls for them. 

The "normal" family that once was, no longer exists. Children are being raised almost outside of the family and in more and more collective ways. the East tends towards individualism, the West towards collectivism these days. 

We live in a world of design and packaging.  The Pluto-in-Libra generation is the generation which invented the word "life-style" and they will be confronted in the years to come with a square from Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto may tend to uproot the outer forms of design and packaging.  November 27 Pluto will enter Capricorn to stay there for years.  Imaging will be pierced through, and a return to basics may be what is in store.  Change is truly upon us and not in the least because Jupiter will enter Aquarius next year! (Which for astrologers is not a bad sign!) 

And another "role model" for the age of Pisces also with Pluto in Virgo: 

the chart of Jesus of Nazareth: 

March 1, -0006BC, 1.21 am LMT, Bethlehem, source: Don Jacobs

Of all the thousands of charts of Jesus, this is the one I prefer).  I don't think there is an astrologer in the world who thinks that Jesus was born December 25th, which was the celebration of the return of the light after the Sun "stood still" for 3 days during the wintersolstice, but there are people on the planet who still seem to think that).  The V/C Moon in Pisces, placed dominantly around the IC is amongst others  a perfect expression of having been born by "immaculous conception". Apparently Don Jacobs knew about the birth of the Christ consciousness (by way of an "immaculous conception")  possible in every man or woman and said that if this happens to you, this chart is great to meditate upon.  The Pluto in Virgo bunch in the sixties was also born with Neptune in Scorpio, just like in this chart. In this chart  Neptune in the 11th house is a nice expression of the betrayal of one of his fisherman (Neptune) friends, so to speak.  The fact that Neptune is conjunct the South Node indicates that this was a left over experience of a previous life. The North Node ruler Venus in Pisces talks about the forgiving attitude. 

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