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 Vol. 489,  December 12, 2008
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The Full Moon & the Saturn-Uranus opposition

Friday December 12 is (or was) the Full Moon, with the Moon at 20 Gemini opposite the Sun at 20 Sagittarius, making up a grand Square with the current Saturn-Uranus opposition, respectively in Virgo (21 degrees) and Pisces (19 degrees). And that many people are in anxiety about their security (or job-position) currently is clear, and will not make for the most easy December month. Saturn equals security, Uranus upheavals it: sudden changes all around. Of course there are other possibilities for Saturn/Uranus to work out but on the level of the mundane world, I personally don't think anything is so structurally changing the world as Uranus and Saturn in conjunction (1988) or opposition (currently).  (Not even Pluto entering Capricorn:-)

Planetary positions need people to act through  (God needs people to act through) and thus currently many people are on opposite sides maybe even in your own life, and also changing sides! Because that is also what is happening. From the more Uranian to the more Saturnian and vice-versa.  Some people breaking through their own Saturn-barriers, and other Uranian people becoming more inclined to settle.  Uranus-Saturn will mean a new direction in our lives next year (especially when Jupiter gets into Aquarius in 2009 and will favour the changes).

December however will be pretty Saturnian, Saturn will retrograde December 31st, the very last day of this year, and it means it is going stationary and with this slowing down imprinting Saturnian things ever more. Maybe discipline and just organizing things well, might do the trick and keep you off the path of depression or fear.



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