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 Vol. 491,  December 18, 2008
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Light & Dark

There are those people who cannot wait for the wintersolstice to occur, and I am one of them.  Where I live it starts to get dark at half past three in the afternoon already, yikes, in this time our days are the shortest in length. During the wintersolstice the Sun stops moving  South all the time and further and further away from us here on the Northern Hemisphere, standing still as it were for three days to then turn around and finally come our way again. This point of return is called 0 degrees of Capricorn currently near the transit-Pluto. After the wintersolstice our days will slowly but surely gain in light again, thus Christmas, celebrated approx. 3 days after the wintersolstice originally is the celebration of the Return of the Light. Some shocking video's in this respect can be found on : go to the left where it says Religions are Astrology and the one above it.

The Wintersolstice is the same as the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn, and this year this will be on December 21 at 12.05 pm GMT.

I wish all readers of this column a wonderful Christmas, with much inner light, it is likely to be a very calm and quiet Christmas at the end of a lunar cycle (the New Moon thereafter occurring December 27th).


Gary Kasparov also has 0 degrees of Capricorn rising, currently with Pluto transit on it, coming from his 9th house: he suddenly is in the news for politics rather than for playing chess.  Gary Kasparov: April 13,1963,  08.45 pm GMT, Azerbedjan, 40N23, 49E51, Asc  0.42 Capricorn.

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